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For teens
by can

It's not often you see a vitamin marketed towards teens. Kudos for the idea. And, important with the eating habits of most teens. They taste good, and I hear no complaints. However, note that the recommended daily amount is three per day. Too bad they couldn't fill all those nutrients in a once per day vitamin.

excellent product!
by tiff

Mega Vita Min for Teens Is the best teen vitamin that I could find for my 13 year old daughter. She is into a lot of sports and always on the run. I tried a couple other vitamins and she says these are the best. It makes it easier on the run, these vitamins give her all her nutritional needs on the go. I try to give her well balanced meals but sometimes it's hard when were on the go so the vitamins work excellent. I would recommend them to anyone in a heart beat! She was too old for the children vitamins and too young for adults, so I found these and she loves them.

Not Impressed
by Josh

My kids didn't particular enjoy taking this. After forcing them to take it for a couple of months, I saw no difference at all. There are better multi-vitamins out there. The generic multivitamins at the supermarket will do just fine for the fraction of the cost. I recommend finding something better to spend your hard earned money on.

A Vitamin Just for Teens
by SierraK

This is an excellent product for teens. The rapid growth and changes that happen in the teen years do have special nutritional requirements. They're not adults yet, but not children anymore either so the standard 'Flintstones Vitamins' aren't going to suit them anymore. Besides, good luck trying to get them to take any children's vitamin as they feel they're too 'grown up' for those kid shapes and colors!
It's still best not to switch them to adult formulas, as some of those contain too much of the fat-soluble vitamins that can be harmful if taken in excess, particularly Vitamin A. This product is the only one I know that is specifically made for the nutritional needs of teenagers and it's certainly long overdue!

My child takes this product
by Gb

My kids wouldn't take vitamins for many years. I gave this to them one day and they loved them. They ask me to take it every day and I give them four. These are cheaper than some of the other ones I have bought and taste great. I have had them and I also like them. They taste great, and it was a smart idea to make these for teens.

What a Relief
by jud655

I am raising two teenaged grandchildren and constantly worrying about their nutritional needs.. They are both active in sports and school activities, on the run constantly. No matter how hard I try to see that they have balanced meals, I find it an impossibility on some days. They were too old for children's vitamins, too young for adults. Then I came across Mega Vita Min! What a relief! Now I can relax when they eat on the run, knowing they are still meeting and exceeding their nutritional needs.

Now Teens have their own vitamin
by Kathy

My teens had gotten where they refused to take vitamins saying they weren't babies anymore and they weren't going to take old fogies ones. What a great relief to find vitamins made just for teens. They keep me from worrying when my two teens may not be eating right that I have the security of knowing that Mega via min for teens take up the slack. Very highly recommended. Now one less thing to worry about.

Good balance
by Cara

I took these as a teenager because I was a vegetarian and ate a lot of junk to fill me up. It was nice because my mom always put the vitamin with my food so it was like a part of my meal so I didn't forget to take it. When I stopped taking the vitamins (aka I went to college) I noticed my iron dropping while I ate the same stuff. It's nice to have a product to enhance your nutrients that you need.

Great for those in-between years
by Candice

Not wanting to give my teenage daughter adult vitamins, I wanted to cover all my bases especially when she thinks she's too old to be given "children" vitamins. I don't have to worry about the junk she eats at school or after school because I know she's getting vitamins geared just for her age group! I have noticed a difference in her energy as well as her lack of school days missed to being sick! Wonderful!

when they're too old for Flinstones
by Kelly Morris

This is a good choice. Teens have different nutritional needs than young children, and these vitamins meet their special needs. It's what my sister gives her kids ,and what I'll give mine as soon as they outgrow chewable vitamins.

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