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by Seda Ward

We love the product. It tastes natural and has no artificial ingredients

Very Good
by Eric Forbes

My children absolutely love this product! At first they were nervous about taking this, but that changed once they put it in there mouth. My son told me it had almost a fruitful like flavor, not the bland kinds like others. My child has been on this for about a year. By him using this I am very happy that he is getting the important vitamins he needs!

by Corri

I love TwinLab products for myself, so when I saw these in the store for my children, I bought them right away. My children absolutely love the taste of these chewable vitamins. I love how they come in only natural flavors! None of that artificial stuff. They are a great source of calcium too and contain everything a growing child should need. I recommend this product to any parents who cares about their child's health!

Kids like it!
by rui

In a world where you need to get so many vitamins into a busy day, these pills help any family achieve the goal with the children. Fast food, candy, soda, etc. is everywhere and the nutrition is nowhere to be found in those items. The flavor isn't too bad going by the reaction of the kids, and they are easily chewed and swallowed. Not too pricey either!!!

Easy on the stomach
by Deborah

I love these vitamins! I don't have children, but I take these myself on days when I can't stand the stomach upset from my regular (adult) vitamins. Even when I take them with food, most other vitamins make me feel ill. Not the Animal Friends, though. The label says the iron and copper are specially coated to minimize gastric disturbance, and I can really tell the difference. I also like that they're more natural than a lot of vitamins, and don't have artificial color, flavor or preservatives. The only thing not totally great about them is that they do tend to be a bit chalky and crumbly when you chew them. Other than that, I would recommend these to anyone with children or anyone who has trouble taking regular vitamins.

Children's vitamins
by Albert

My children absolutely love this product. They love the way it tastes and it's easy to chew. They especially like different animal shapes it has to offer. Now I can be rest assured that my kids are getting calcium, vitamin C and other vitamins and nutrients as well. Good product which will have your kids coming back for more!

Vitamin Zoo
by Kara

The best thing about these vitamins are the many different animals there are. My 2 year has others that he likes the taste of better but these are by far the most fun!! They are a little chalky but I like that they only contain natural flavors.

by cooldan

These vitamins aren't the best out there, but they are fair. They don't taste that great, but my children liked them and said they were ok. I looked on the label and compared it to other multi-vitamins, and they couldn't compete with the other brands.

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