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Centrum is great
by BA

As a parent, I have tried to give my kids many different types of vitamins. Getting my children to take them was very difficult sometimes as they can have quite the fighting spirit. One vitamin that was never ever an issue was Centrum. I loved the brand (and use the adult version myself) and my kids loved the taste. They are chewable and the kids don't even know that they are taking vitamins. Excellent product.

Daughter Loves Them!!!
by Melissa

My daughter is very picky when it comes to taking vitamins. It has always been a struggle to get her to take a vitamin without her throwing a fit and spitting it out. Now, with Rugrats vitamins, she wants to take one all the time. We have to put them on a high shelf where she can't reach them. I am so grateful that there is finally a vitamin that tastes good and gives her the nutrients she needs. Thanks Centrum Kids!!

Better than other children's vitamins.
by David Conway

I have given my children other vitamins, such as the Flinstones chewables, and they haven't really enjoyed them. They claimed that there was a bad aftertaste, so I decided to go with a less chalky product, and they really enjoyed it. It has the same essentials that the other brands have with better taste. I would highly suggest other parents give these to their children.

3 Cheers
by Dustin

My son is very picky with everything he eats. I think he gets it from his Mom. [wink] He didn't even like the Flintstones vitamins that I took when I was a kid. He will take one of these every morning with breakfast. I highly recommend these for parents that want to make sure their sons or daughters are getting the vitamins they need.

by Kevin

Well I just knew that my daughter was going to love these because she is a huge rug rat fan. At breakfast time, I eagerly give her a vitamin to take after she is done and she eats it without fighting me on it. As she was chewing up the vitamin, she started making the worst faces I had ever seen and started gagging. I told her that they could not possibly be that bad and she could drink something after she was done chewing it up. She said mom you try one and see what you think so I did. It was a mistake I picked one of the purple ones and it was the foulest tasting vitamin I have ever tasted. I ended up spitting it out and getting something to drink to get the horrible taste out of my mouth. I thought that it was just the purple ones, but no, they all taste really bad. I know that it has to be the iron in them since that is what I smell when I open the bottle.

I love that this vitamin has everything my daughter needs in it, but just can not recommend it when I myself can not even stomach the taste of these vitamins. It was money wasted since no one will take them and they just sit on top of my fridge collecting dust.

by Garrett

These are awesome. My kids love them. They say that the vitamins taste great. They don't leave an aftertaste. They are also pretty cheap for the amount you get. They have used them for at least 5 years!

Great product
by Heather

My son loves these! I do have to put them on the top shelf, however, so that he only gets one a day. We have no problems with him taking his vitamins at all. He has taken this product for about a year. We will continue to purchase this as long as he will take them, which I suspect will be quite a while. Healthy and fun to take!

Love them
by CN

Every kid loves the Rugrats. It's no problem getting them to take these. They love the taste, and actually look forward to taking the vitamin. And, a parent is assured they are getting the extras they need with their picky eating. Cheers for a no hassle vitamin!

by sarai

This product has everything my nephew anticipates on putting in his mouth. First of all, it's at an affordable price. Second, it has a great physical appearance so children can't resist. Last but not least, the kids enjoy taking it. It honestly makes the job easier for the two of us. This is a great product, I recommend it to all the parents who needs their children to obtain the vitamins they need daily without hassles.

My son loves these!
by Jennifer

My son has trouble swallowing pills, so he has to take chewable vitamins. Most have a flavor that did not appeal to him, but he actually likes these. They taste good to him, so I do not have to fight him to take his vitamins. Great product and I am glad that I found them.

Great brand, great product
by drew

This product has everything my nephew anticipates on putting in his mouth. First of all, it's at an affordable price. Secondly, it has a great physical appearance so children can't resist. Lastly but not least, the kids enjoy taking it, I do not have to cram it down his mouth. It honestly makes the job easier for the two of us. This is a great product, I recommend it to all the parents who need their children to take daily vitamins without hassles.

We tried them all
by Patti

When my kids were old enough to get chewable vitamins we tried all the cartoon characters. This is the ones they like the best. They think they are cool and every now and then we go back to the Flintstone's or the Scooby-Do ones too. They like variety in their vitamins and I feel that they are getting all the nutrients they need with vitamins and the regular food they eat.

Great shapes, Great taste
by mdrummer88

In terms of vitamins, most children's vitamins have similar contents and it mostly goes by what shapes kids enjoy playing with. These did the trick! Step aside Finstones, Rugrats are here! and with Centrum, you know you are getting a quality vitamin. The taste was great and the kids enjoyed them every time! I will continue to buy this brand until they no longer want to eat their favorite television characters.

My kids loved them!
by Amy

My kids love Rugrats and love these vitamins. It's fun for them to see which character they get and make getting their daily vitamin fun. I love them because Centrum is a brand of vitamins I trust and I know that they're getting all the vitamins they need to grow.

Yummy taste vitamin
by Pauline

My daughter is quite picky, but when she likes something, I know it. She definitely likes this vitamin. I don't need to force her to take it. After having breakfast, I say "Here is your vitamin ...", and she comes to get it right away. It definitely helps to keep my daughter healthy.

My kids love them
by Theresa

I bought Centrumkids vitamins because Spongebob is a very eye catching attraction. My kids love Spongebob. In the past I bought generic brand vitamins for my kids and they hated taking vitamins. Now with Centrum my kids don't mind taking vitamins. They even remind me when I forget. We have been taking this vitamin now for about 4weeks. I will definiely buy this vitamin again because my children enjoy them as much as I enjoy that they are taking vitamins.

The best of the best
by pianogoosie

My little cousin would never take his vitamins without a fight. We tried all different kinds including Flintstones. He just would not take anything. These vitamins were our last hope. When we said he was getting a new vitamin he decided he wanted to give them a try. Now he loves them. I would definitely recommend these and buy these again.

Couldn't get kids to take them
by Denise

My kids went through a rugrats phase and I thought these were the perfect cure for a dry spell of Scooby Doo 1-a-days in our area. The kids liked the shapes and recognized their favorite characters, but for whatever reason, they didn't like the taste. Personally, I liked the taste of these more than the Scooby Doos...but the littlest jury decided to lock these away in the cabinet for life.

Good taste and good for you
by Cydney

My sister buys these vitamins for my two nephews. They like them so much that they remind her every day when it is time to take them. She likes them because they are so complete with what children need and might not get in the food they eat.

Daughter took them everyday!
by briggsy13

We bought these for my daughter when she was younger (she's 10 now). She was really into Rugrats, so it fit her style. She never fought me on taking them, and would actually remind me after dinner that it was time for her vitamin. I think that says something when your child reminds you!! She would just chew them up, after of course seeing which character she got!!

These are Great
by cindy

My kids always took these. They enjoyed the taste. They outgrew the Flintstones shapes on the other brand and wanted something different. I feel these are just as good as any vitamin and pretty reasonably priced.

Childhood favorite!
by Tom

As a child I loved the Rugrats so my parents bought these vitamins for my sister and I. They are very comparable to the Flintstones vitamins as they taste the same and work just as well. Both my sister and I were healthy children with the help of these vitamins.

Kid Tested: Bad Taste
by Kyle

Since my kids love the Rugrats, I decided to buy these for them. They hated them! My son even complained of having an unusual aftertaste in his mouth. They would much rather have the Flintstone vitamins, which are better for them at about the same cost.

great product
by Lynn Lacas

My son always chooses Centrum Kids Complete Vitamins when he sees them on the drugstore shelf. He loves the taste and he loves the shapes of his favorite characters. I am happy to buy them for him because he will put up no arguments about taking one every morning. I also feel good that Centrum is a trusted brand that provides all the required vitamins my son needs since he is such a picky eater and will eat very few vegetables.

by Jessica D

My kids love these, not as much as Flintstones vitamins, though. I like that they come in different varities though, and aren't half as chalky as the Flintstones ones are.

Best vitamins ever!!Not just for kids
by Laura H.

Centrum Complete has the highest recommended dosage in a chewable tablet. I had Problems in the past with pill taking and my doctor recommended this brand to take once a day because I needed vitamins. Now I don't take them because I don't have problems with swallowing pills any longer. Great product!

Five kids in family, we use them!
by karen

This is the brand of vitamin my kids take. They like the taste and remember to take them because they are attracted to the bottle. My kids that are a bit older take them too. Good value.

Centrum Kids are good
by kvantol

So, my kids are real Spongebob fanatics, especially my soon to be 3 year old. So, what better way to get them to take their vitamins than with Centrum Kids Complete Spongebob Squarepants Vitamins?! A bottle of 60 chewable tablets cost me $6.34 at Wal-Mart. These vitamins are oval shaped, and have pictures of Spongebob, Sandy, & Patrick. The flavors of them are cherry, orange, and fruit punch. These vitamins are housed in a child proof bottle, with a picture of Spongebob on the front.

My main concern with my daughters as far as vitamins is to make sure that they are getting a vitamin with calcium and iron. I myself am rather anemic, so I took these on occasion myself, like when I ran out of my own vitamins.


Ok, so the hardcore Spongebob fan only needs to take a half a vitamin, so today she took Spongebob’s pants, and tomorrow she gets to take his head. So, she never really gets the point that Spongebob is on them. Plus, to half these tablets is a little hard, I find sometimes if you don’t cut them just so, they will crumble up so much that there is nothing left to take. I have to cut them with a knife, but I may invest in a pill splitter. She really did not want to chew them up, but if I give them to her with food, and stand over her while she eats them, she will eat them.

My 5 year old does realize that they are Spongebob, but I never really had a problem with her taking vitamins, so she just eats them with no problem.

I took one myself just to let you know the taste/texture and what not, and to me, these things taste terrible. I took a purple one, I guess it was supposed to be fruit punch, but it was chalky like Tums and had an aftertaste of those liquid vitamins. It must be the iron in them. There was nothing fruity about that vitamin. But, there again, I am a real weirdo when it comes to stuff like this and medicine, I don’t want to taste it, I’d rather just swallow the thing- I can never take liquid medicine, and I have a hard time chewing Tums in the first place.

But, usually those things that are healthy for you taste bad- look at Brussels sprouts. My main thing is that these vitamins are much more complete than others we have used in the past, and that is the important thing, so I’ll give up taste for good health.

Here’s a link:

Bad Taste
by Phil Young

These are the worst tasting vitamins I've tried. I would not recommend these because my kids hate them, and prefer the Flintstones vitamins. Also, they are just a waste of money because you get less vitamins.

Quality Vites!
by Ben

Although they seem to be better quality vitamins than Gummy Vites they taste much worse. My little sister who I often have to take care of often refused to take them because of the taste. It took incentives to get her to eat them so after we finished the package we went back to the gummy bear vitamins that seemed to be a big hit!

Kid Friendly Vitamins
by Jennifer H.

Centrum Kids Complete Vitamins are the favorite in my family! Our pharmacist recommended them to us and my kids loved much so that my kids are now teenagers and still ask for them! The vitamins are manufactured by Wyeth, which is a very reputable firm. All it takes is 1 vitamin a day to get the daily recommended dosage of vitamins and minerals. It doesn't get much easier than the kids can chew them which makes it all the more fun! I totally recommend these vitamins to any family who has kids.

Centrum = Best
by Mike Huang

Centrum branded vitamin pills are one of the best out there whether it's for your children or not. If your kids need vitamins, these pills will definitely do the job. It provides all the natural vitamins that kids need in their younger years. My son took these vitamins and I noticed better performance in his daily life (movement, learning, communication).

Kids Love Them!
by Dorene

My kids love to take these because they love the taste and the characters they are shaped like. I have taken Centrum brand vitamins myself for many years so I know they are great and I feel good about giving them to my kids!

Not the best tasting
by Kelly

These were recommended by the pharmacist as really good vitamins so I bought them. I still have the bottle because my kids would not eat them. They spit them out, and just hated the taste. It became too much of a hassle battling with them every night to take these vitamins so I stopped trying. I'm sure they are very good vitamins, but if the kids won't eat them, they are no good to me. If they made them taste better, I would try again.

I would buy these again
by KM

We have tried many vitamins and these were good. My kids took them without many problems. They liked the characters and the flavors. Have also taken them from time to time myself. I would buy them again.

Pretty good, but Rugrats?
by T. Danger

My kids take vitamins each morning. At the store they get a choice of 3 different vitamins and they will pick Centrum about 5 times out of ten. I guess the taste is the best-- personally, I like the list of included vitamins. I trust Centrum, so when they choose it I never feel like they are getting something sub-par. When will new cartoons be on the bottle? We'd probably pick it more often if it featured Sponge Bob!

Good for kids
by Annie

This was a good way to get kids to eat their vitamins without any fuss. The kids were happy to eat this because it tastes like candy and their favorite cartoon characters are on each tablet making it fun for them. The tablets are chewable but note that they do not dissolve if left in your child's mouth so make sure they chew!

Great product for the $
by J Dittmer

I have recently switched over to Centrum Kids vitamins because of the great reputation it's name carries. I know it's a name I can trust to help and keep my four active children on the go.

A good alternative
by Mindy

After purchasing the Flinstone Vitamins for years, I decided to give Centrum a try. I take Centrum vitamins myself, so wanted to find the same for the kids to try. They liked the taste, and were excited to take them every day. I will be buying these again. The price isn't too bad either, and that's a plus for us.

The Cartoon Vitamin You Can Feel Good About Giving Your Kids!
by Sarah

There are a lot of cartoon character themed multi vitamins on the market today. Many of these companies have taken their mediocre vitamins and plastered them with characters, fun flavors, and shapes to make them appeal to kids, however; very few of these character vitamins contain the vitamins that children actually need on a day to day basis. Centrum Kids Complete Vitamins breaks the mediocre multivitamin stereotype that children’s character vitamins have developed. With characters like the Rugrats, Spongebob SquarePants, Dora The Explorer, and a Nickelodeon Variety Pack which includes Jimmy Neutron, Spongebob SquarePants, and Rugrats, it’s easy to see how Centrum Kids Complete Vitamins are a fan favorite among kids of all ages. They can quickly become a parent favorite as well. Children 4 and older only need to take 1 Centrum Kids Complete Vitamin a day, while 2-3 year olds need a ½ tablet a day. In addition, these vitamins are very affordable compared to other character vitamins marketed toward children. Centrum wins on taste as well with flavors like cherry, fruit punch, and orange that almost every kid will love. So, what’s the downside to Centrum Kids Complete Vitamins? There are a few downsides; the first is the very small amount of Vitamin K, Biotin, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Manganese, Chromium, and Molybdenum contained in these vitamins. Centrum Kids Complete Vitamins will not give your child the daily value of any of those vitamins mentioned. On every other vitamin included in this multivitamin, the daily values are wonderful, and your child will receive exactly what they need from the vitamin. One word of warning however, these vitamins contain 18 milligrams of iron, and for some children, and many adults, that is enough iron to constipate you pretty easily. Make sure that you monitor your child’s bowel movements while your child is taking this vitamin, or you might be in for worse problems than your child not meeting his/her daily recommended values of vitamins. Last, but certainly not least, these vitamins contain Aspartame, a sweetener that I would prefer not to expose myself, or my family to.

No More Pulling Teeth!
by Annalisa

After trying a few other brands of vitamins, I was relieved to finally find these! They were the first vitamins that my kids would actually eat. When I had them eat a vitamin, they have so much fun looking at and playing with the character before they eat it -- that they forget they're eating a vitamin at all! No more pulling teeth to get kids to take vitamins!

by carolyn

I have always used this vitamin for my little relatives. They happen to love them and like the shape of the Rugrats they have on them. This makes them use their immagination and gets them to eat them rather than the normal kind, that has no shape and aren't very tastey. This is one delicious vitamin.

Who loves Tommy
by Nikolas M

Centrum has always been know for their great products, this is the kids version of what they have to offer. The kids loved the taste, although to me I preferred the Flintstones. For a kid's vitamin in chew form this is the way to go!!

by NTReviewer

We've given these to the kids and they've taken them with minimum hassle. There are other cartoon characters that they prefer, but these vitamins work well and are highly recommended by their doctor.

Best of all
by CG

Centrum is the only multi-vitamins I had for years. When we had a baby several years ago, I started shopping for her and luckily I found Centrum had a series of Vitamins for kids. My daughter really likes it a lot. It is really the brand you can trust, highest rating!

Great for Kids!
by Betty D.

My family has used Centrum products for years, so it is a trusted brand for us. So we have tried this one for my grandson because we knew it would give him all the vitamins he needs. He really likes the taste, so it is a good choice because there aren't any problems getting him to take them.

A good product for a good price
by Dawnaic

This was the second vitamin I used as a child and up to my early 20's (because I can not swallow pills). They have a very good taste and provide a wide range of vitamins. The taste was so good, I looked forward to having them in the morning. A great choice for children.

Children's vitamins I trust
by Candice

I have always bought Centrum kids for my children. I feel confident in this brand and what they provide my kids. The Rugrats characters are a fun change of pace. My kids love them, they are 5 and 3 and have no problems taking their vitamins everyday. I have even taken these as well when I have run out of my own. I must admit I really liked them!

The one I trust the most
by Carol Skurzewski

Our pediatrician highly recommends this product and we have found this to be one product that the children like to take and that is half the battle. Centrum is a good name and a great quality product and I can feel confident as a parent that I am giving my children the best.

These are great!
by Laura Frost

My kids love so many different cartoons so to give them a variety when we go to the store between cartoons is even better

My Kids Love These!
by V Rose

Having picky kids, it's so hard to find a vitamin that they ALL like. Centrum Kids Vitamins is a hit in my family, and makes our daily vitamin-taking easy. Great flavor, reasonable price, and from a name that I trust!

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good value
by Diania

My kids took these vitamins just like any other vitamin...forcefully...The smell was not as strong as other brands so I think that was great. The odor didn't "knock you down" when you opened the container to give them to the children.