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Children's Multiple Spray

With the Children's Multiple formula, the quantities of nutrients have been adjusted to meet the needs of children. Your kids will have the correct amounts of vitamins A, C, D, E, B6, B12, thiamin, niacin and more.
Product: Children's Multiple Spray
Brand: Vitamist (More Products)
Size: 12 ml
Dosage: 8 Sprays
Retail: $19.95
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6 Customer Reviews

by Susan Cramer

This product is exceptional! Because it is a highly absorbable "spray vitamin", you, or your children derive the benefits very quickly. With a spray product such as this, it totally by passes the digestive system and then is absorbed completely where these nutrients are most needed by the body. The benefits of this product outweight the cost significantly!

Children's Multiple Spray ..Great Product
by littlecat

My son is 4 years old, and has Autism. Getting him to take a chewable vitamin, or even a tastily flavored liquid, is like wrestling a mountain lion!. This spray WORKS!. He absolutely HATES the taste..BUT..it's a spray, so he can't spit it out all over himself, like he does with liquids. It's expensive, but worth it. I think that it should be better flavored, and less expensive. I only wish, they would make medications avaliable in a spray form, like antibiotics, and allergy meds. I will definately try to keep this product around.

Dollars down the drain
by drew

For a product that cost so much, I would expect the product to at least taste good so the kids would get fooled in to thinking it was candy or some sort of junk. After I applied it to my brother, he threw up numerous times and said "I hate you". If you want a close relationship with your children, brothers or any one... please do not purchase this product.

Too Expensive

Like most parents out there, I had a problem getting my son to take his vitamins. I found Children's Multiple Spray. My son hated it and would run away whenever he'd see the spray after first try. He claimed the spray tasted awful; that I agree with after trying it myself. Plus it is very expensive for only 8 doses. The Children's Multiple Spray is not a good solution after all.

by tami

I purchased this to give to my little sister who hates taking any kind of chewables or pills. I thought that it would be a great alternative however she did not like the spray delivery method. It was kind of messy when she pulled away. She also complained of the test.

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