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This is a big no no
by Andrew

My uncle used this stuff to try and lower his cholesterol for 2 months and it has done very little. He almost had to be hospitalized because his cholesterol was too high. This product gets an F in my book and I will never ever recommend this to anyone. Do not purchase if you value your life. Even sugar pills are more effective than this stuff and they are cheaper as well. One more time, do not buy....

No Go
by Ali

My fiance was taking Lipitor for his Diabetes to help lower his Cholesterol. He decided to try GarliCare Red Yeast Rice for 3 months to see if he could stop taking Lipotor and try a more natural approach. He went to the doctor for his check up and there was no improvement on his Cholesterol while using this. With there being no impact, he said he would not try this again since with Lipitor at least he knows it's working.

No effect
by RUdy

My cholesterol has been under control with Lipitor for a couple of years. I got off the Lipitor and tried this product for a month. After a month on this product, my cholesterol was high. I told my doctor what I was doing and he got upset and told me to stay on the Lipitor. Product did nothing for me.

Didn't Work
by Stacy

GarliCare Red Yeast Rice had absolutely no effect on my cholesterol. These pills matched with a healthy diet didn’t help me at all. I tried other pills and got wonderful affects, but these did not work for me.

Highly recommended
by mar438

I have tried and am still using this product to lower my cholesterol. I highly recommend to anyone that is wanting help lowering their cholesterol level. I have tried other products in the past with no visible difference.

Pass on this
by Tony

Like many other people, I too desire the quick fix to having high cholesterol. I have given many products a try, including this one for several months. The truth of the matter is, that this does not work. I've had much more success with a balanced diet and exercise than these pills.

by Stephen E.

I have tried other alternatives in the past to decrease my cholesterol, and none of them worked. This product lowered my cholesterol, though not significantly. I can't complain too much, though, as it decreased it enough to make me temporarily happy. Definitely a good product because of it's effectiveness combined with price!

Great product for a healthy lifestyle
by Bharat Parameswaran

I consider this product to be one of the best that I have used simply because it does the job it is supposed to do. I am a big garlic fan. I am not sure everyone would like to come close to me for that reason, but who cares? As long as it provides health benefits, I am willing to compromise on other aspects. Try this product and you will never regret it.

Healthy lifestyle
by Adam Paul

I eat garlic and rice on almost a nightly basis for the health benefits. Unfortunately when I travel, I can't usually get my preferred intake. This is where Garlicare comes in. I get what I need and will fortunately stay healthy

Garlicare Good For Cholesterol
by Janet Higdon

The combination of garlic and red yeast rice has helped bring down my cholesterol levels by preventing the fats from being absorbed. This prevents the placque build-up in my arteries, thus reducing the chance of a heart attack.

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