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works for me!
by Anna

i took it for 1 month and my cholesterol was reduced by 12 points. i also lost 6 lbs. i intend to continue to use it a bit longer to see if it lowers my cholesterol yet some more

by meee changes

good product
by K Tabassum

One of my friends took Bios Life 2 for 2 1/2 months and it lowered her cholesterol by 15 points. She also noticed a big difference in her weight, she was not munching all the time as she used to in the past. Three meals a day and 2 snacks keeps her full. I would say its a good product to try if someone is struggling with lowering cholesterol and appetite issues.

Helped me drop my cholesterol 10 points!!
by Frank

I could not believe the effects of this product! I have really high cholesterol and have been on medication from my doctor for over a year now. I saw this product at the drug store and decided to give it a try, with my doctor's permission. I tried this and to my amazement, it helped me to drop my cholesterol by 10 points. I have been on the product now for about 2 months and have seen great things! My doctor was amazed at the results and is now recommending this product to other patients! If you have high cholesterol, you should definitely try this product!

Great for Cholesterol
by Victor

My son who is 19 HAD high cholesterol and after he took this, it helped him lower his cholesterol along with appetite. Therefore, I support this product since it helped my son both lose weight and lower his cholesterol. I would buy this product again.

bios Life 2
by nikki

My husband has high cholesterol that he must take medication for. He started to take this product and was able to reduce his cholesterol by 7 points. It did not make him feel like his appetite was reduced, so that's why I didn't give it 5 stars.

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