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Cholesterol Support
by Kay

I had high cholesterol and sometimes it was difficult to keep my numbers down when eating foods that weren't not good for me. So, my doctor recommended that I start exercising, eat healthier meals and take Cholesterol Support.

not so good
by Carol

I dont know, this did not do anything for my cholesterol. Mine is probably genetic. Is that why ?

great #'s
by mark luikart

6 months on the supplement along with 9 lbs of weight loss, serious exercise, and change of diet my total cholesterol is down over 30%, and bad cholesterol is down over 40%. Dr. was impressed and I have avoided a prescription!

90 Tablets by Vitabase
  • Combination of effective natural supplements
  • Policosanol from sugar cane is a recent, highly effective discovery for lowering cholesterol
  • Gugulipids from Ayurvedic medicine work to lower LDL and total cholesterol
by Fran

I love this product. I have been able to avoid medicine because of it and my doctor is now referring a lot of people to it.

Good product
by Jimmy Whitten

I have taken this product now for six months. My doctor wants to know more about the product because he is amazed at my lower cholesterol level. I am thrilled!

by Tiff

Cholesterol Support worked great for my grandfather. He has had cholesterol problems since before I was born. He has been on every diet there is out there, and tried more medications then anyone could imagine. He was talking to his buddy one day and he suggested him to try Cholesterol Support. It worked wonders and is showing great results. At his last couple of doctor appointments they told him he is back at a reasonable level and he just needs to maintain it. His personality and physical difference is very noticeable. I would highly recommend this product to anyone and everyone that has Cholesterol problems. It costs around 34.00 but it is way worth it. This is an A+ product!!!

Cholesterol down
by Alma

Recently I went to my doctor and he informed me that my cholesterol was a little high but not high enough that warrranted medications to lower it. I did some research on my own and decided to try different techniques to lower it on my own. This brand actually worked. When I was taking them for about six weeks I went back to my doctor and there was some improvement in my cholesterol levels. I will continue to take them and also excercise which I also was doing. I think a combination of the two were a powerful combination.

Effective Reduction
by NRK

My father has had cholesterol problems since I can remember. He has been on every diet out there, and tried more than his share of medicines. His doctor recommend this after many prescriptions, and it finally seems to be showing results. At his last doctor's visit, they told him that he is back down to a reasonable level that he just needs to maintain. I can tell the difference in him physically and with his personality!

Cholesterol Support
by Sandy

My family has a long history of high cholesterol so I was searching for a product to help lower the LDL cholesterol and this product is seeming to achieve what it advertises. It is a little pricey.

Gets rid of the bad cholesterol.
by Shreyas Patel

I had high cholesterol since I was a kid, and since then I have been trying different cholesterol pills to reduce the LDL cholesterol, which is the bad stuff. This was one of the best ones, however I found another brand that is better for me.

Lose your Cholesterol
by Mike Huang

Cholesterol Support has been working well on my high levels of cholesterol. My doctor said I needed treatment quickly, and he recommended these pills to me. After couple months of using it, I went back to my doctor, and he noticed a significant amount of cholesterol lowered. I do recommend this to people, but you'll need months to see it work.

Cholesterol Support
by pamela

I have had high cholesterol for over a year now and it never seemed to go down, so the doctors upped the milligrams, but let me tell you, since using Cholesterol Support , it has come down quite a bit! I highly recommend this product!

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