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by Lynn D

I uses Nialor as directed for 3 months. My triglicerides did not go down, they actually went up a little. I suffered through the flashing and the itching for 3 months and when I tried to get the $100 money back guarentee nobody responded, either by e-mail or by phone. I would NOT recommend this product to anyone.

by Milada B

In only 1 MONTH Nialor lowered my Triglycerides from 1499 mg/dl to 297, and my Total Cholesterol from 331 to 176. My Doc adviced me to keep taking it 3x a day.
I did wach what I am eating since, and I lost 8 pounds
I did not experiencing any flashes like I used to using Niaspan.I am very happy that I found this lifesaving product.

by Getting Better

I have been taking the product for 3 weeks now & as the instruction state "Take half a pill untill the flushing goes away" I still take half a pill after every meal & notice a bit of flushing in the moring but thats about it. I am feeling great & have lost about 5 pounds. Has anyone else experienced weight loss?

Gregory Kludac
by GregK

About 2-3 years ago my cardiologist put me on Crestor because my cholesterol was around 200; however, my triglycerides were around 300. After a year and one-half, I started to develop severe back/flank pain. He immediately took me off the Crestor and tried me on ALL the old and newer drugs. I was ok for 1-2 weeks and then the pain came back. I read an article about Nialor and he told me to give it a try as there were no harmful drugs listed. Being a pharmacist myself, I thought I would give it a 3 months supply. My Cholesterol went down, my HDL went up and my LDL went down.
Now the surprising news: my triglycerides were around 300 and immediately dropped to below 150. I now recommend your product to my customers and have them ask their doctors. I believe I am ordering my 4th refill. Thank you for a SAFE and EFFECTIVE product.

by Bob

Just started taking Nialor and if you take a baby aspirin before dinner then eat then take the pill the flush is not very strong. The trouble for me comes in the am unless you plan on eating a large breakfast expect the flush. Doesn't really create any problems makes you look like you were in the tanning booth a bit longer then usual. If it lowers my try's 886 I will let you know in two months when my next blood test is scheduled.

New User in Lake Forest CA
by Ms Katie

I have just started using this product & am wondering if the results are worth the 'flushing'. Flushing is an understatement. My whole body burns & itches & has a rash, my arms, chest & face is deep red; I can not be seen in public. My child was shocked by how bad I looked & this is happening 3 times a day! Granted the side effects go away after about 45 minutes to an hour, but it is almost impossible to have a normal day since you do not know exactly how long after taking the pill that 'it' will start. So far I am not happy with this product, however I am going to continue using it for 2 weeks or until I can no longer take the side effects in an attemp to see if my tolerance to the product increases.

Nialor use
by Craig

I found this product via the net about a year ago and I remember reading the reviews and thinking is this a bunch of bs or what. I tried it anyway because I could not use many of the pills my doctor prescribed due to allergic reactions, mostly, and one prescription that simply did not work.
There is a flush and it started out harsh, but the more I used the product the less I noticed the flush. Some days I don't have a flush at all. Others I do and still at times it is intense. I'm guessing it depends upon what I eat. Sometimes it shows up within 30 minutes of taking the tablet, sometimes not for a few hours. The first time I used it I thought I was going to pass out, so you might want to be prepared when you first use it (wouldn't go for a drive or anything).
The results have been nothing short of amazing. For years I have been unable to get my triglicerides under control with little success. This time I combined a decent diet (more veggies), running, and Nialor and my bloodwork came back within a normal range. My trigs have been as high at 2000 in the past (set a record in the dr.s office) and my cholesteral has been up to 270. I had a blood test after six months and my cholesteral was 138 and my trigs were 159.
I am ordering the product again and my doctor has been surprised although he said I should just keep running. I'm sure the running and a better diet (my diet was never bad, just short on veggies and fruits, and long on beer) helped out but I know that the Nailor did much of the heavy lifting.

As good as advertised
by Christie

I started taking Nialor after I had been told that my Cholesterol was 365 and my triglycerides were 980. I have been taking it for 9 weeks now and I have noticed a HUGE difference in the way I feel. I just had my cholesterol levels re-tested last week and just found out that my total cholesterol levels have dropped to 229 and my triglycerides have dropped to 273. WOW!!! I also found out that my good cholesterol has risen from 37 to 52. I have heriditary high cholesterol and have never been able to lower it before now. I now recommend this medicine to everyone I know if I find out they have problems with their cholesterol.

The only negative I can think of with Nialor is the flushing effect that it has. I think that anyone that uses this medicine should give it at least a 4-6 week trial before stopping it because of the flushing effect. I have had pretty severe flushing effects at times and it can be rather uncomfortable. Just keep in mind that the flushing effect is a GOOD thing and that is how you know it is working. The thing I noticed that makes the flushing worse is if I eat something hot (like soup) within an hour before I take the medicine.

The good thing is that the flushing effects have decreased in severity the longer I take the medicine. Now that I'm used to them and have been on the mdicine so long, I rarely notice any flushing and when I do notice it, it is very mild.

This is a wonderful supplement that I will continue to take the rest of my life. It has not only changed my visible cholesterol levels but it has given me back the quality of life that I had when I was in my 20s.

Great results!
by Kevin

I've taken Nialor for 2 months, at just 1000mg dose (2 pills/day). My HDL was in the toilet for the last couple of years (22-30), now it's 63. My LDL has been 160-200- now it's 115. My Triglycerides have been 150-260- now it's 91.

While it dose take some getting used to the flushing sensation, it's definately worth the mild and temporary discomfort. Probably has saved my life, certainly has improved and extened it.

by Gary S

I agree with Jim; all these testimonials seem to be written by the same person. I also just started with Nialor so I can't really tell at this time if it is working or not. I will say that if you start off with a whole pill you might be in for a real flush of a time. It was so bad I couldn't go to work. I cut the pill in half and still got quite a redding but was able to function alright. Make sure you take it with enough food and I heard that an aspirin can help with the redness and the flushing. I too will write back in 3 months to update.

by Linda

I love this stuff! Not only does it reduce my cholesterol, it also helps my sinuses. Niacin is a natural anti-inflamatory. I take it on a regular basis.

by Jim

I bought this product over a month ago to reduce my cholesterol from a UK reading of 7.2 and although I cannot testify as to its efficacy at this time I was surprised to see that many of the reviews on this site use the same style of language as if written by the same person. Given these statements I am now suspect of the claims made and want to register my concerns.

I will write again in another two months (as this seems to be the magical 3 month period!) to let you know of my results

great product
by tiff

My neighbor has high cholesterol and her doctor recommended these pills for her. She started taking them about 4 months ago and her cholesterol has been normal since. She is very pleased with the results and recommends these pills to everyone. He is very pleased with them and tell everyone about them!

by melissa

My dad has high cholesterol and he saw a significant improvement from his last doctor's appointment. His step-daughter is a nurse and recommended it to him. He is very pleased with the results. He has been telling everybody about it. It is a lot cheaper than a prescription medicine and it actually works.

Difference of 25% in total seen quickly
by Ivy S.

While having some routine blood work done, I was told by my physician that I had dangerously high cholesterol levels! He was especially concerned with my lipid levels, and wanted to try conventional prescriptions as a matter of course. However, the lipid reducing products had some worrisome side effects and I feared liver problems if I had to resort to them. I preferred to first try diet, exercise and a natural product to help manage my cholesterol. After some research on my own, I chose Nialor and started the product, hoping only that I might see some small improvement in total cholesterol and triglycerides. However, afer only three months on the supplement, my doctor was pleased to see that after new testa were run, that my total cholesterol level had dropped by more than 25%!! There was a dramatic difference in both my HDL and LDL and as a bonus my high blood pressure had for some reason improved, too, which is such wonderful news for me, as I have had hypertension for many years. I believe the Niacin in the product not only helps decrease dangerous levels of fatty cholesterol in the blood but also benefits the arteries by providing better blood flow throughout the body, which reduces stress on the heart and may possibly help with hypertension and prevent later heart problems, as well.

Having a history of heart disease and blood clots in my family made me very aware of the long term benefits of keeping cholesterol levels in check to provide such problems from occuring. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product for anyone who either is hesitant about the side effects of prescription drugs used to lower lipid and total cholesterol levels, or those who have already found they can't take them.

Nialor is also much more reasonably priced than most natural cholesterol lowering supplements that contain similar ingredients, and the price comparison to prescription drugs traditionally used for the problem is almost unbelievable! A bottle of Nialor will last me more than a month and is less than one quarter of the price of even the generic prescription drug that my doctor wanted me to take!

I'm very excited about the possibility of even more long term improvements in my cholesterol levels with continued use of Nialor. I actually feel quite a bit better overall, as well, since taking charge of my health and turning to natural products such as this. I'm very relieved that a natural alternative such as this works so well for me, and is available at a price that is affordable, and feel that using Nialor is a like an investment in my future.

Cholesterol...Go Down!
by C Collins

I have suffered from high cholesterol for a long time...due to poor eating habits learned from childhood. Since I have changed my diet, my cholesterol has gone down, but not enough. I included taking Nialor, and I noticed a dramatic decrease in my cholesterol. This product is definitely worth a try.

I used Nialor...
by Dwight Brown

I used Nialor, the product containing 750 mg of niacin and 175 mg of milk thistle, for more than a year. I switched to this Nialor product to avoid paying $177 per month for the drug my cardiologist prescribed in his efforts to improve my cholesterol counts. After a year on his prescribed drug, when my cardiologist recommended increasing the dose of his prescription, I objected, asked him to consider my use of a far more reasonable alternative medication. I received no argument and, together, we began to see what Nialor could do for me. After another few months of testing, matters became clear enough; Nialor outperformed the prescription drug hands down with regard to my cholesterol counts.

However, I believe I have found another significant benefit from the use of Nialor. I’ve suffered for more than ten years with the problem of the blood in my legs not being easily returned to my upper body. The resulting leg swelling, vulnerable skin breaking, and long-term wound recovering appeared to baffle all of my doctors each of whom looked apologetic enough while suggesting there’s nothing that can be done for my leg problem. “You’ll have to learn to live with it.”

Well, niacin opens up the smaller blood veins and thus allows the blood to work far better. After more than a year on the above mentioned Nialor product, my lower leg condition has improved perceptively and my shins have recovered their flexibility to withstand the bumps and grinds common to my work. For me, this lower leg experience has been an unadvertised benefit of Nialor.

There’s more, though. Last time I reordered my four pack of Nialor, I received the newly-reformulated version of the product which lowered the amount of niacin per pill to 500 mg, added 6 gm of Policosanol and retained the same amount of milk thistle. This four pack arrived with suggestions of improved cholesterol counts. Let me tell you, this reformulated Nialor product has merit. It’s a ballbuster of a product, I’m believing.

I continued to take the Nialor product at the same dose level I had grown into with the older version. The results in my cholesterol counts proved to be somewhat astonishing. My general practicioner called me himself to say that my total cholesteroll had fallen to 88 and that I might consider saving some cholesterol just in case my brain might need it. He also said that I didn’t need to use Zocor anymore. Think dollars here. My HDL count jumped to my highest level yet and with every test since then, the HDL count has continued to rise.

There’s another however, though. Take this as a precaution if you will. When the new, reformulated version of Nialor arrived, there wasn’t anything said about blood pressure. I learned later that there is a synergism between Nialor and the battery of prescription-based blood pressure medications I’d been using for years. The effect of this synergism, in my case, caused a precipitous decline in my daily average of both my systolic and diastolic blood pressure. So, I recommend to any person beginning with Nialor now to watch your blood pressure like a hawk. If you don’t, you might wind up spending about $7,000 in the emergency room while the doctors there puzzle over why your blood pressure is suddenly so low.

My discharge instructions were to stop use of all prescribed blood pressure medications pending further review by my cardiologist. My blood pressure reconciled itself after several days of continuing Nialor use to a level of 140/70, a level which is a far cry lower than my earlier bp history reveals.

Subsequently, my cardiologist has prescribed Benicar-HCT at half the dosage I had been taking before I began using the reformulated Nialor. He permanently dropped the Toprol and Clonodine I had been taking. But, watch this; even with the half dosage of Benicar-HCT, my daily average blood pressure has begun to drop precipitously again. Like this: 147/73, 127/66, 122/65, 113/66, 109/63, and 97/57.

So, this newly-formulated version of Nialor is at least astonishing with regard to the effects it can produce. I recommend using it wisely, especially with regard to sharing the experience closely with your own medical professionals.

$400 a month versus $15 a month. Even the cost differences are astonishing.

Thirty or forty years ago, some medical people made the suggestion that a high niacin regimen can be an alternative to open heart surgery. I’m thinking this alternative is precisely the potential of this newly-formulated version of Nialor. You can work with your doctor to see for yourself.

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Informed Person
by John

This is a complete SCAM. It is simply NIACIN which is Vitamin B-3, sold almost anywhere (i.e. Walmart, Costco, etc) and SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper.... don't waste your money

by Hashema Shakib

I have high tryglicrid I saw this Nialor how safe it is and if there is any side effect can I find this prodect in the regular stors locally if not why not if it is so effectife why not so please give some feed email is (

too much
by samantha d

i have been on Nialor for 2 weeks and dnt wish to use it anymore the flushing is aweful it hurts and 3 times a day i have a 2 yr old its hard and then i started getting shortnest of breath so i decided not to use it anymore but too each i own !

by Bud Wilcox

I use 1000 mg niacin which is very cheap and yields the same results. I avoid flushing ny taking it with meals.i