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Excellent product, inexpensive
by Deborah

This has worked better than anything else at lowering cholesterol and triglycerides. I had to laugh (sadly) when I read Michelle's post who said her husband tried it once and it didn't work. I can't image what he expected by taking a medication once. In 2 months my triglycerides went from 123 to 67 without any other dietary changes. I gradually went from 500mg to 1500mg per day. I take the sustained release which prevents the flushing and I only have very minimal itchy skin. Since large medical studies are only funded by pharmaceutical companies why would they spend $$$ studying a cheap method that works? Just like they don't spend money on funding studies to show how low-carb diets work better than drugs to lower glucose levels for diabetics they rather spend $$ on 'proving' their meds are the only thing that works.

by Brian S Edwards MD

In my practice I gave up starting high dose or moderate dose statin in the statin naive patient.
I have received too many referrals to see patients who are convinced that they can't take statins because of muscle pain with starting high dose statin.
I usually give samples of crestor 5 mg a day or every other day. In six weeks I check their LDL-P or their non-HDL cholesterol depending on their insurance.
Individual patients respond very differently to statins and the first dose often has an amazing effect.
In practice I have found that Niacin is the second drug of choice.

1- Arbiter 6, 3 and 2 CIMT studies
2- Coronary Drug Project - decreased Total Mortality by 11% after 15 years.
3-Clas I and Clas II Angio studies
4- FATS First major study to document regression with Angios
6-Compell study - only 1,000 mg of niacin needed with crestor.
7-FDA indication for regression of plaque in combination with clofibrate
8-Stockholm Ischemic Trial- Positive primary and secondary trial with clofibrate

ADA/ACC Consensus statement April 2008 p818
"The preferred agent to use in combination with a statin is nicotinic acid because there is somewhat better evidence for reduction in CVD event with niacin, as monotherapy or in combination, than there is for fibrates."

I was extolling the virtues of niacin with statin to a cardiologist when he told me it made him nauseous to hear it because he could never get his patients to ever stay on niaspan because of side effects.

I told him I had the same experience until I began using OTC sustained release niacin. I only use 500 mg bid with a low dose statin to avoid side-effects.

With a total nicotinic acid of 1,000 mg the patient gets the best bang for the buck with HDL-C.
At this dose elevated HgbA1C rarely occurs even in diabetic patients.
Liver enzyme elevation is quite rare.
The Compell trial showed Crestor 40 mg lowered ApoB by 39%, while Crestor 20/Niacin ER 1,000 lowered ApoB by 42%.
The Seacoast trial also shows a better benefit adding niacin than doubling the statin.
Why take Niaspan when Endur-acin costs only $70 for !,000 tablets when purchased over the internet.
I never have needed to switch to Niaspan to use high dose nicotinic acid because I will use zetia as a third drug rather than risk flushing with high dose Niaspan.
often come back to tell me they can't afford the crestor. I put them on simvastatin 10 to 40 mg for only $10 for 3 months therapy.
Thus many of my patients have done very well on simvastatin/endur-acin for $90 a year.
is documented in spreadsheets in my book: The Tubby Theory from Topeka.

by Brian Edwards MD

I am a Board Certified Lipidologist. I have used endur-acin extensively with my patients for the last two years. I have documented this experience in my book, The Tubby Theory from Topeka published on 1-25-10 by Xlibris.
In combination with simvastatin I have had excellent results and show this in my book.

by John C.

Good product.

Works for my mom
by K. Persaud

My mom has been battling her cholesterol for a while now and she has tried tons of things from flax seed to fish oil and this seems to work. You will need to take it for a couple of weeks before the results make themselves visible. Also, it is very, very affordable. One bottle can last for months on end and one bottle is really cheap. Some products cost twice as much, have half the amount of tablets, and less of a result. This one works and is reasonably priced.

endur acin
by michelle

Our family's been taking fish oil for lowering our cholesterol, this product seems less effective and over priced. We purchased it once and my husband and I didn't like it. It's still there in kitchen.

by Albert

After taking the tablets for a couple of weeks I started to notice a change in my cholesterol level. When I went to the doctor's he was quite pleased to see my cholesterol level go down a little bit. The price is excellent as it offers 200 tablets and is easy to take. Highly recommend and am still waiting to see more results in the near future. Enjoy!

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