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Helped me
by Paula Richardson

I have used Cholesterol Care for about a year now. I also still take a fish oil supplement. My chlesterol has dropped from 220 to 190. I have tried other supplements but never got results, I am very happy with Cholesterol care and will continue to use it.

Helped me
by Paula Richardson

I have used Cholesterol Care for about a year now. I also still take a fish oil supplement. My chlesterol has dropped from 220 to 190. I have tried other supplements but never got results, I am very happy with Cholesterol care and will continue to use it.

my krutch
by cheryl

My cholesterol was 279 when I first learned about cholestrol care. I took it for 6 months and my cholesterol came down to 249. Six months later, I had it down to 216. My doctor was so impressed that I told her what I was taking. She told me to keep on doing what I was doing. I was watching what I was eating but not with great concern. Diet is a very important factor with the lowering of your cholesterol. This is a great product, with a healthy diet, thank you Cholesterol Care.

by Caroline

I was very delighted with the results of taking Cholesterol Care for two months. My total cholesterol was 298 and my bad cholesterol was 204. After taking Cholesterol Care my total was 270 and my bad cholesterol was 180. I plan on continue Cholesterol Care and look forward to my counts dropping even more without taking a prescription from my doctor

Works great
by mom23cuties

My husband has been on Cholesterol Care for about a year now. He had bloodwork 3 months after he started taking it and his cholesterol counts had dropped right away! He did report mild diahrea but nothing like some of the side effects from all the statin drugs he was on before that- horrible, all of them! So, yes, we would definitely recommend this product because it is effective in bringing cholesterol down and has very minor side effects compared to statin drugs.
To the lady who said that it didn't work for her and complained that it cost $30/month:
- first of all the company that sells it has a 100% money back guarantee for 90 days if you are not completely satisfied- you can just return the empty bottles and they will give you a full refund;
- secondly, it is $27 if you buy one bottle each month but if you order 3 bottles together, it is $20/month, 6 bottles in one order, $18.50/month, etc. We usually buy a 6-months supply
- thirdly, Healthy Choice Naturals y always, always have coupons- for either $10 off, or $15 off, or free shipping, etc- I signed up for their e-mail newsletter and they send me these special discounts all the time.
So, no, it is not $30/month and yes, it does work. Give it a try!

from 223 to 179 in 5 months
by mike

tried fish oil and diet first, helped some but not enuff so I tought id give this a try. so far so good, I did increase my exercise some too. also added pantothenic acid too, gonna drop the acid and see if it stays low.

cholesterol care
by Run DMc

I have been using Cholesterol Care for about 6 months in conjunction with a high grade fish oil supplement. I was forced to look for a substitute for Red Yeast Rice after the Feds ruled that Red Yeast Rice as a supplement could not be sold OTC.

I had the best blood work report I ever had 3 months after begining the use of Cholesterol Care in conjunction with the fish oil pills. I was very pleased with this as an option because I am convinced that many of the statin drugs pose some form of side effect risk over long term
use. My PCP was so impressed that he is using it as a possible alternative to prescribed medication. My PCP is a firm believer in fish oil and other supplements to control high levels of cholesterol and triglyserides

Didn't work for me
by Cynthia

I bought this supplement when I first found out that I had high cholesterol because it sounded promising. I took it regularly for 3 months and got my blood tested again, but it didn't really show any changes in my cholesterol. It may have been because I did not exercise enough or really change my diet. Also, it was pretty expensive ($30 each month! my insurance copay is less than that for prescription medication!); so I was fairly disappointed. I prefer taking fish oil supplements instead.

Affordable cholesterol help
by DomZ

I originally told my brother to look on Nutrional Tree for something to help his cholesterol after he got news from his doctor that he was in trouble. Well, two months later he is approaching normal cholesterol levels! I wouldn't say this product did it entirely but it definitely helped.

Works for my mom
by momof2

My mom has always had high cholesterol, never high enough to require a prescription medicine, but high enough for her doctor to tell her to watch her diet. After taking this supplement for 3 months, and watching her diet, her cholesterol levels have dropped to normal! This is the first time in several years her cholesterol was normal. I recommend this to anyone with high cholesterol.

Nothing but positive
by Bharat Parameswaran

I have got nothing but positive things to say about this product. It is so effective that I would recommend this for all. I have a given a rating of 4 because I think its price is a bit steep, but it is one of the most effective products in the market.

Cholesterol Care
by Albert

This product does what it says. On my recent trip to the doctor she told me my cholesterol was too high. I wasn't too sure what to do since I currently attend college and have no time. So I was recommended this by my doctor and it has worked wonders. I feel like I have much more energy and with my recent check up showed that this product has been really working. This product is just the right price to keep your body healthy. I recommend this to everyone--you won't regret it.

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