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Worked without diet change
by Greg

Cholestasys looked good so I purchased three bottles.I took the Cholestasys as directed. Within six months my cholesterol improved. I did not change my diet in any way. This was done so I knew that if any changes took place it would be due to the capsules being taken.

This was all I had to take
by Harold

After a lengthy search, I found MicroNutra and Cholestasys. I ordered 2 bottles and a free bottle, and it was the only thing I took. My daily amount was three capsules. I have been using Cholestasys for 10 months now and this week I had blood tests for cholesterol and sugar. All parts of the tests were satisfactory as tested.

I tell everyone about this product
by Jon

I have been using Cholestasys for a long time and absolutely love it. It helps me maintain my healthy cholesterol. I tell everyone about the product.

Impressed my doctor
by Dixie

For my weight, I took two Cholestasys daily at 12 hours apart. It took a couple of months before I could really tell any difference; I felt better, had more energy and greater flexibility. My next annual physical report was much better.

My numbers were below 200 with the LDL dropping 21 points. My doctor told me to continue taking the Cholestasys because she felt the small diet change alone would not have made this much of a difference.

Didn't work for me
by Carol

My high cholesterol is genetic. Unfortunately, this product didn't help me because of me genetic make-up.

great for a high triglyceride count
by Helen D

Five years ago my doctor told me my triglyceride count was too high. My weight was ok so my doctor opted to put me on medication. They worked but the side effects were unbearable. After 3 years of struggle I started looking for an alternative. I found Cholestasys and after a year my triglyceride count is down and I am working on getting it exactly when it needs to be. This product worked wonders for me and was an answer to my prayer.

34 point drop for me with this product
by Brian P

For the past several years I have had problems with my cholesterol. In March 2007 it was up to 242. My doctor insisted on a medication but I tried Cholestasys instead. After six months of taking Cholestasys I was at 208, a 34 point drop. I was surprised and amazed. I feel better overall and I am happy to be using something natural for my cholesterol.

Natural product that actually works
by Sheree G

I started looking for something natural when I found out my triglycerides and cholesterol needed some attention. I found and tried Cholestasys and my triglycerides went from 376 to 174 and my cholesterol went from 247 to 207. This product truly works.

I use Cholestasys
by Robert M

For the past 2 years I have been using Cholestasys and my cholesterol levels have dropped dramatically. They went from 242 to 208 in about 6 months. I highly recommend Cholestasys to anyone looking for a way to healthy cholesterol.

Cholestasys truly works
by Cheryl T

3 months ago I started taking Cholestasys. It raised my HDLs from 113 to 140 and dropped my LDLs 40 points. Cholestasys does work.

Cholestasys worked wonders for me
by George S

Before Cholestasys my cholesterol was always 210-220. 3-6 months after I started taking Cholestasys my cholesterol dropped below 200. My cholesterol levels are consistently 186-190 after a year taking Cholestasys.

Go to the Doctor for Meds Instead!
by Jane M.

Thinking I would take my cholesterol regulation in my own hands, I decided to use these. What was I thinking? A doctor's prescription is much better than taking your health into your own hands. I spent a great amount on these, with no results. Spend the money on a prescription instead!

Doesn't work
by Phil Young

I expected this product to lower my cholesterol signifigantly since it costs almost $60. I used one whole bottle and went back to the doctor and he said my cholestrol didn't change at all and in fact it went up. This is an expensive and defective product. Do not use it.

Stay Away!
by Stephen E.

This product is expensive and ineffective. With the price rivaling insurance copays for prescription medication, you would think that it'd work, but it does not. I took the 2 pills per day for 30 days (full bottle) and saw only 2 points lower for my cholesterol. I would not recommend this product for anyone because it fails to do its job. For the price, I would go for a prescription drug recommended by a doctor. If you are weary about prescription drugs, there are also much better (and cheaper) natural alternatives.

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