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by Rosetta Dunn

Cholest-Off did not work for me. I started taking the product to try and get off of Statins which are supposed to be to harmful to us. When I began Cholest-Off, my cholesterol was 195. I had my lab work and In 3 months, it went up to 305. My LDL was 120 and in 3 months it went up to 229. I am so disappointed and have gone back to Zocor (a statin). My doctor stated that the benefits of statins outweigh the risks. I have had heart surgery and sure don't want to experience that again.

Cholest-Off Worked for me
by Maryann McPhail

My total cholesterol on 12-10 was 242 on 12-11 it was 201 My LDL [bad cholesterol] on 12-10 was 151 on 12-11 it was 116. All numbers due to my taking Cholest- Off
My doctor is as pleased as I am. I will continue taking this product along with the 2 daily omega-3 fish oil 1200 mg's I take daily. Both Nature Made products.

by Barbara

Been using Cholestoff Complete for 3 months - my LDL's went down 27 points - to a very normal level. My question: does using this long term cause diarrhea? Don't see any side effects listed.

by Michael

I started using Cholest Off about three months ago. A blood test last week showed that my cholesterol has dropped from 195 to 169, and LDR from 138 to 115. I made no other substantial changes to my diet and exercise regime. I tried a statin a couple of years ago, but got a serious leg cramp within weeks, so I discontinued it.

back on it again
by terry

nt wait to tell ne doc Cholestoff brought it down as he doesnt beieve in natural things.

Success Story
by sparky25

Success Story

I lowered my cholesterol by 25% to 28% in one month with Cholest Off by Nature Made.

I took two tablets 15 min. to 30 min. before breakfast & two tablets 15 min. to 30 min. before dinner.

I also altered my diet significantly.
I ate oatmeal for breakfast each morning. Also I put a tablespoon of ground flax seed & a tablespoon of lecithen on my fruit each morning. I also added a teaspoon or two of cod liver oil to my morning orange juice.
I aimed for two dinners of chicken, two dinners of fish, two meatless dinners, & one beef meal each week.

My cholesterol went from 239 to 180, 25% lower,
My bad cholesterol (LDL) went from 172 to 124, 28% lower.
My good cholesterol (HDL) went from 49 to 44, 10% lower. Ratio = 2.8 to 1



good results
by TJ

My cholesterol was borderline, and the doctor wanted to put me on medication. I told him I would try to lower it myself thru diet first. I didn't change much in my diet, and kept right on eating whatever I ate normally.

Right before I went back for another test, I started using Cholest-Off. My results came back that my readings were lower, and that my doctor wanted me to stick with my (non-exsistant) diet, and to come back in 4 months. It must do something, especially if I'm still eating the wrong things and seeing better results.

by Jay

I have been on Cholest-off and red yeast rice since July 09 and have seen pretty good results.
7/09 Total cholest: 231 LDL: 153
12/09 Total cholest: 225 LDL: 148 HDL: 46 Tri: 154
08/10 Total choles: 220 LDL: 136 HDL: 48 Tri 182 (I had oatmeal before test)

I believe the Tric were up because I had a bowl of oatmeal 4 hr before test. I am it would have been much lower. My doctor is pleased. I have also been watching my diet, lost 15lb. Haven't exercised much due to a bad back but doing stretch exercises and lifting 2lb wt working up to 5lb eventually.

Very Happy With Results
by Roberta Baker

I was notified by my doctor several years a go that my cholesterol was high and was steadily climbing even higher. I did manage to lower it slightly through increased exercise and improved diet but my numbers were still undesirable. My doctor suggested writing me a prescription for a statin but I feared the possibility of liver damange so chose not to have a prescription. Then "great news"; I stumbled upon the over the counter product called Cholest Off and more than pleased with the results. In combination of taking Cholest Off, exercise and a low fat diet, I've lowered my LDL by 30%. Thankfully, I once again have within normal range cholesterol readings.

My doctor was amazed!!!!
by Lynette

Been trying to lower my Cholesterol naturally....After taking Cholestoff Complete and Fish Oil (both twice a day) for only a couple of months, here are the results of my blood test:
Recommended levels:
Lipid <200 Trigly<150 HDL>39 LDL<100 CHOL/HDL Ratio <3.5

Lipid Trigly HDL LDL Chol/HCL Rat
02/11/09 222 57 71 140 3.13
05/14/09 221 54 71 139 3.11
11/11/09 235 71 71 150 3.31
05/19/10 217 49 80 127 2.7

My doctor was amazed and I'm thrilled!!! No need to take Statins!

by James B

I have had borderline high cholesteral for about 3 years. My doctor started me on a statin medication, but my legs and joints became very painful and week. Blood tests revealed that my CPK was very high, and an EMG (electric needles in my legs) revealed I had a Statin-induced muscle myopathy. My doctor suggested CHOLESTOFF, but in almost 2 years, there has been no chage in my LDL or HDL levels.

Pleased WIth Product
by J Fox

Back in October, my cholesterol was 215. I did not want to take prescription drugs due to side effects so I tried Cholest-Off. Had my cholesterol re-tested and it's down to 184. It worked for me.

B Jones M.T.
by Barbara Jones

I had a total Choesterol of 290, LDL 197,HDL 63
The Doc. wanted to start me on Cholesterol lowering drugs.Being a Med Tech I would not take any drug that affects the liver.He gave me 3 months. My Total Cholesterol is now 170,LDL 109 HDL 65. I took 2 Cholestoff complete every mornin. Had to go back for a 3 month check. Results are the same. My next tests will be next year.
Trilycerides are 83

just started
by c.w.

I have high cholestrol. The prescription drugs made me sick and my joints hurt really bad. So I stopped taking the drugs and just started taking "CholestOff" yesterday. I will report back on this product (and if it does work with a healthy diet and excersice).

by Mary

I'm a believer! In the three months since I began using Cholestoff, my total cholesterol dropped by 50 points. Since the majority of my cholesterol is probably genetic (it runs high on my mom's side of the family), I plan on trying Cholestoff Complete to try to bring down my LDL and triglycerides.

by Jeff Gose

I didn't change my diet and went from 225 overall cholesterol level to 197 in three months. No side effects.

by Herb

Have had many side effects from statins and saw this product at Sams Club. Started taking it about a week ago and will get back when I get retested in around a month or so. Sure hope it works because I'm tired of the aching muscles and loss of strength in my shoulders and arms. See ya....



by Terry Fansler

I started taking Cholest-Off Complete a year ago due to consistently high cholesterol counts. I just had my Cholesterol tested and I dropped 48 points from a year ago. My count was at 263 and I'm now at 215. My LDL dropped 30 points and my triglicerides dropped from 178 to 106! I'm estatic! I'm telling everyone about Cholest-Off Complete!

by Sam Blank

I was on perscription cholesterol pills...wanted to get off them because of side effects. Looking through the vitamine section, I found and bought cholest-off. It lowered my count from 229 to 189. I have been on it for years and have recommenced it to several people.

by Jim K

I can not speak for the product's effectiveness as I used it for only 21 days. In that time, I developed what I would call an unusual side effect: Hot feet at night syndrome. It occured about the third week of use. The problem went away within 48 hours of my ceasing to use the product. Whether Cholest Off caused the problem or its use merely exposed some hidden tendency, I don't know.

Success Story
by adepaor

My doctor wanted me to go on a prescription cholesterol lowering drug but since my good cholesterol was very good and my overall cholesterol was not that bad, I resisted. I tried cholestoff for 3 months and my cholesterol went from 230 to 196 with no changes in diet (I was already careful with my diet). I'm a believer.

by carole

my cholesterol has dropped 45 pts on 3/4 dose. my
triglycerides dropped 40 pts. my B/P is once again
normal @ 120/84 .. I am telling everyone I know about
my results and Wal Mart has had to increae their order
to keep up with the demand!!!

this product did help cholesterol

My husband has high cholesterol and does not want to take prescription meds for it because of all the side effects. He tried this product, and when he went back to have his cholesterol checked, it had gone down quite a bit so he continues to take it.

by Krista

This product works like other products, if you want to lower your cholesterol then you have to combine this or red yeast rice, or other cholesterol reducing products with good diet and exercise.

office manager
by M Little

I absolutely love this product. I lowered my cholesterol from 220 to 166 in 4 months with a strict diet and Cholest-off.


This product works okay, My Doctor says that it performs like other supplement with similar ingredients.

by sharon malone

I have tried this product to lower my cholesterol. It works real well with diet and exercise and I was really pleased with the results.

Love it
by Margaret

Started eating oatmeal for breakfast and taking Cholest Off. Lowered my total cholesterol from 238 in January to 207 in April. Great product.

by grace

I have tried it but it really worked slow. But I am happy to say it take 20 points off my cholesterol level.

by carmanmm

My best friend was always feeling bad, we changed his diet and starting taking these and he feels a world of difference, doc says it's going down, probably will get off the pills.

Cholestoff better than Lipitor
by Mona Espinosa

I started taking CholestOff in February 2009. My cholesterol level was at 269, I am 58. After breaking my knee it was impossible for me to exercise. In March, about 40 days after, my cholesterol level was at 207. I am recommending it to my family members and friends. Thank you so much!

great stuff
by Nanette

I have been using cholest off I love the stuff my cholesterol was high and now has gotten very good and my doctor is happy with the way things are going I still go by a diet which helps too.

80 points down in just 6 months
by nello - atlanta

I always watched my diet and worked out so i was shocked when my total cholesterol showed up at 240 at age 35. Since then i refused "real" drugs and used cholest-off for 6 months while maintaining pretty much same low carb-low fat diet with lots of fiber and omega 3...the results after six months - total cholesterol - 160. Both my doctor and I were pleasantly surprised. I am chollest-off fan for life.

by Anne

I have always followed a healthy diet. I eat very little red meat, and my diet consists of mostly organic vegetables, grains, poultry and seafood. I have also always exercised at least 5 times a week. After menopause, even though I was eating and exercising the way I do, my cholesterol increased. My number was at 224. I continued eating healthy and used Cholestoff for one year. My total cholesterol went down 35 points and is now 189. Also, my HDL stayed high at 78! I would recommend this product to everyone.

Must Also Consume Low Fat/Chol Diet
by Dave C.

I've been on an ultra lowfat (<10%), low GI, whole foods vegan diet now for 30 years. It lowered my total chol from 204 to 95 in about 2 months. No supplements were used at all. This was back in 1978, when doctors were still trying to tell everyone that diet didn't affect cholesterol levels despite decades of research proving otherwise, even back then. So, I fired my doctor promptly!

Back then, the diet was called The Pritikin Reversal Diet. In the 80's, it was called The McDougall Plan and from the 90's on, The Ornish Reversal Diet. Same diet, same miraculous results, slightly different perspectives and tweaks.

In any case, Dr. Ornish proved conclusively in the late 80's/early 90's that this diet alone can reverse athersclerosis (as well as many other diseases/disorders) without any supplementation whatsoever.

More recently, it has been shown that combining this ultra-lowfat vegan diet with plant sterols/stanols will speed up the process, but ultimately arrive at the same desirable endpoint. the stricter the underlying diet, the better the results. Plant sterols/stanols ONLY work if the diet is low enough in fat and cholesterol already. (Actually says so on the bottle too!) You can't use them as a magic bullet to make up for bad habits! Doesn't work that way, my friends!

You can easily overwhelm the ability of sterols/stanols to block cholesterol absorption/reabsorption by eating too much fat and cholesterol. And, THAT is eactly what I suspect is happening above for those folks who claim no benefit from this product. You gotta' dramatically reduce fat/chol in your diet for plant sterols/stanols to work....OR, you can dramatically reduce fat/chol in your diet and just wait a few weeks longer and get the same results. Either way, you need to attack the diet- first and foremost! By doing so, you not only dramatically reduce risk of CHD, but also many other diseases as well, such as cancer, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, stroke, arthritis, etc, etc, etc.

by Louise

In 5 months since using cholest off twice a day and maintaining a low carb and low fat diet that I have been required to do for several years now - I have decreased cholestrol level 15 points and will continue using natural product - it's great in my opinion. I am a registered nurse and have seen problems that some prescribed medicines can cause esp., med for high cholestrol.

by Nanners

My Doc highly recommend this product. I've been taking it for 6 months and my cholesterol went up! Though it is important to note my good cholesterol improved. THe science is behind this product and I continue to take it. I hope it kicks in

This product really does work
by Mo Bellio

A year ago, I had a heart attack at 45 depsite being in good shape and eating reasonably. It runs in my family (my mom died at 46). Lipitor got my LDL cholesterol down to 80-90, but not low enough (for a heart attack victim). I started taking CholestOff Complete two and a half months ago - expensive but I was recently able to buy 2 for 1 at Walgreens - bought 8 bottles. Got my blood test back today - My LDL is now 60! I have changed nothing else but adding CholestOff to my diet - follow the directions and good luck. I am a fan for life.

by Deralee Scanlon, RD

I am a registered dietitian who also happens to work for Pharmavite, the maker of Nature Made brand of dietary supplements. My reason for writing is to provide some clarification regarding phosphates, especially calcium phosphate. As many people know, calcium is an essential mineral that is found naturally in foods and is required for many bodily functions including bone and tooth formation and proper muscle contraction and relaxation. As a mineral, calcium is also able to bind with other minerals such as phosphate and can be used in this form to help ensure adequate calcium levels in the body. You might find it interesting to note that the teeth and skeletons of vertebrate animals (that includes humans) are composed of calcium phosphate, primarily as a chemical compound known as hydroxyapatite. The powdered hydroxyapatite that is available in the marketplace is frequently found in the form of "tricalcium phosphate," which is used in many dietary supplements. Here's another tip: it is best to take most calcium supplements with meals to aid in their absorption by the body.
One last thought: Anyone with parathyroid disease, kidney stones, taking antacids or other calcium supplements or prescription antibiotics should discuss the use of calcium phosphate with their doctor for proper dosage recommendations. Calcium phosphate is considered to be a relatively nontoxic mineral.
As a registered dietitian, I recommend Cholestoff to my family members and also happen to use it myself because I believe in its effectiveness. I prefer a more natural approach such as using plant stanols and sterols to help maintain healthy blood lipid (fat) levels in the body.

by LMur

I do not eat a high-cholesterol diet but my total cholesterol was 241. I used this product for 2 months straight hoping that my count will lower naturally and my cholesterol count went from 241 to 259. I cannot reccommend this product. I have switched to Omega 3, hopefully that will work. I am extremely dissapointed.

by Jeanne Berger

My name is Jeanne and I wanted to share my success story with everyone. I had blood work done and my cholesterol was high (316) I was given medication which I refused to take because I don't want to get hooked on medication. I friend at my gym told me about this product so I decided I had nothing to loose except me high cholesterol. After 2 months of taking 3 times a day I had taken another blood work up. To all our surprise my cholesterol had dropped to (205). My doctor said what ever I was doing keep it up! Thank you very much for this product, I have been telling everyone!!!!

Good product
by Greg Henry

Great product. This product has helped me. It does not contain anything really interesting. In fact, I have been told that oatmeal will do the same thing but you would have to eat a lot every day. But, this is a good alternative.

by John F.

So I get the Cholestoff in and guess what? The first added ingredient is a PHOSPHATE. I'm already being treated for osteoporosis, having to take a shot a day for the next two years. At age 52, and after years of phosphate ingestion, I by a "natural" product filled with poison.

Bad form, Nature Made.

by JohnK

Good product and good results. By the way, I ordered from Vitabase, and I recommend them too. They actually made a mistake on the order and ended up giving it to me for free. Real customer service is refreshing these days.

Cholest-Off great
by Kyle

Cholest-Off is a wonderful product. I bought it 5 months ago, and I have already gone down almost 50 points. I would recommend this to everyone with high cholesterol because it works wonders. This product is awesome.

It works!!!
by Dustin

I have never had high cholesterol problems until my last trip to the doctor 4 months. He said that I needed to bring it down or I might have to get a prescription. I began taking Cholest-Off about a day after I left his office and just went back for a test last week and my cholesterol level dropped almost 10 points. I could not be happier.

by Arvinder

This is a trustworthy product. My mom tried it as she was tired of her prescription medicines. Later she found that her cholesterol levels have reduced in a very short time. As the name indicates it is a real choles-off product. This is a recommended product for everyone with high cholesterol levels.

Good Product
by Afrit

I suffer from high cholesterol and this product brought it down four points in one month! It has worked much better than other products I've tried. The only drawback is it is a bit expensive. One bottle lasts only about a month.

It really works
by toddm

My mom has been taking prescribed drugs for years to lower her cholesterol. I wanted to find an all natural alternative and Cholest-Off has been great. I have lowered my cholesterol and it's great to know I am doing it without prescribed drugs.

Works Great
by jCarr

I suffer from High cholesterol and wanted to try something natural before resorting to an expensive prescription. This worked very well and I was impressed with the results. This product is the best.

Works as fast as lightning
by pianogoosie

This is the best supplement for cholesterol. My whole family uses it and loves it. I bought this brand since I trust Nature Made vitamins. Yes, this product lived up to it's claims. I liked how fast this product worked. I would definitely buy this product again.

Really knocks back the cholesterol
by Nichole Kuhns

My cholesterol level was up to 204 and my doctor told me I had to lower this level. I Bought Cholest-Off to add to my diet and exercise and within roughly 30 days it knocked my level back to 176. It also brought my bad cholesterol back down below the acceptable level along with increasing the good cholesterol. Cholest-Off is wonderful!

This Works!
by Cady

My husband suffers from high cholesterol. This product helped his bad cholesterol go down 5 points in one month! His doctor was impressed! I recommend this product to anyone suffering from high cholesterol!

Worked Wonders
by Stacy

Cholest-Off has really helped me lower my cholesterol count. I was astounded at the dramatic results. I was also thrilled at the fact that it started working almost immediately.

Very helpful product
by Natalia

My boyfriend suffers from bad cholesterol since he was a teenager. Although he eats a healthy diet and exercises regularly, nothing seems to make it come down. Since he doesn't have health insurance, he can't afford prescription medication. A doctor recommended this product, and in 6 months it lowered his cholesterol by more than 50 points. We are both really happy for it.

Really works!
by Nikkiev

I started buying this for my husband as soon as I saw it on the market. We lost his dad 2 years ago to a massive heart attack and it prompted him to go to the doctor to get checked out. Since starting this product his bad cholesterol has dropped dramatically and just 2 days ago he went for a check up and he is dropping one of the 2 prescription medications per his doctor. When his doctor asked what other things he was taking, the doctor was impressed and will be recommending it to other patients!

It worked for me
by Bethany

I went to the docs and she told me I had high cholesterol. I am youngish (31) and I thought, OK downhill from here. She told me about Cholest-Off. I have been using it since. About 3 months.

Used this with other things.
by Shreyas Patel

Using Cholest-Off is not enough, I had to remember to watch my intake of butter and other oils that would block my arteries. I think this was the best supplement I could find in the end though.

This is Great
by Susan S

This product is great product. My cholesterol level was 250 and in 4 months it brought it down to 200. It's a good thing that it did go down, because it stopped my doctor from prescribing statins. This product is awesome.

by Sudie

CHOLEST-Off is a wonderful product. I bought it six months ago, and I have already gone down almost 50 points. I would recommend this to every one with high cholesterol because it works wonders.

I Can't Believe It Works
by Annalisa

My cholesterol used to be about 200 and my doctor kept telling me I had to bring it down. I had tried everything but nothing worked. I happened to see this product at the store one day and bought it as a last hope. Within a month it brought my cholesterol down almost 30 points. I can't believe it worked!!!

Down with Cholesterol
by Robert

I've been taking this for about four months. I just had my annual physical and my cholesterol was down 22 points! My LDL was down significantly. The medical community has more or less accepted the use of plant sterols and stanols as a legitimate way to lower cholesterol.

Natural cholesterol/lipid lowering formula
by Jenny

Finding out that I have a hereditary liver disorder that causes my body to produce excess cholesterol was a shock and caused me to rethink my diet and start a change in lifestyle so as to prevent further buildup of plaque in the arteries which may have played a part in a previous MI (heart attack). I could not take prescription statins which are detrimental to the liver, so wanted to try an all natural product. This formula, Cholest-Off, is perfect for me as it prevents the absorption of cholesterol without further hepatic problems. I added it almost 4 months ago, along with a garlic supplement and also changed my diet to include oatmeal or Cheerios for breakfast which are both known for their cholesterol lowering benefits. In December, my lipid levels were down, as well as total cholesterol. Cholest-Off caplets are easy to swallow and have not caused me any side effects such as stomach discomfort. I would recommend this formula for anyone who wants to take a more active roll in the care of their heart and artery health with a more natural approach. A 30 day supply is also very reasonably priced. Excellent product from a well-known brand.

Excellent natural alternative
by NTReviewer

For many years, my aunt suffered from very high cholesterol. Her doctor said that he was concerned for her health and told her that she better make some serious lifestyle changes. My aunt wanted to try to reduce her cholesterol naturally so she opted to try Cholest-Off, began a high fiber diet, and re-incorporated exercise into her life. I'm so happy to say that my aunt's cholesterol has dropped due to this new routine. Our family is happy with our Cholest-Off results.

by Sylvia Brewer

I have had high cholestrol for about 15 years now and I got tired of taking medications. I decided to take something natural and I found Cholest-off. So far, it has taken my cholestrol down 6 points.

5 Customer Opinions

suddenly unhappy
by navjo

I've been taking this product for about three weeks now and had to stop cold turkey because I noticed that I was getting bloated, and having gas everyday I look like I've gained 10pds since I've been on this product the benefit is no longer worth the risk to me.

Operations Coordinator
by Cheryl H.

Borderline high for 10 years. Stopped statins due to body soreness. Couple of surgerys later Cholesterol jumped to 330. Did not want to take more drugs so I tried Cholestoff Complete and watched my diet. Dropped 59 points in three months. My doc was amazed and told me to keep up what I was doing and see him next year. Great Product

General Manager / Newspaper
by Steve Harbison

I've had cholesterol levels of 290 for 12 to 15 years. I took stantons occasional, but had problems filling the prescriptions. My reading last year was 319. Upon hearing about Cholest-Off, I took it for three months and my latest reading was down 20%, from 310 to 253. I'm a believer, and so is my doctor. He said to keep up wtih what I was doing and he did NOT recommend any prescription drugs.

Thanks, Cholest-Off!!

Steve Harbison
Greeneville, Tennessee

by liz kimble

I tried cholest-off without thinking much about it. When my doctor checked my cholesterol, it had dropped almost 20 points!

VERY Disappointed
by John D.

I had borderline high cholesterol a few months ago and took Cholestoff for about a month, along with a healthier diet and lots of oatmeal, blueberries, fruits and veggies etc. My total cholesterol actually went UP 20 points and I'm now at 220. I'm extremely unhappy and will stop taking Cholestoff. It didn't work for me at all.