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by Krista

I also come from a family of high cholesterol, my mothers doctor recommended that she take this regularly, then my mom recommended this to me, she claims that it lowered her cholesterol after taking it for a long period of time. Also, my grandmother takes it to, you should combine it with exercise and a healthy diet.

Guggul and Red Rice Yeast
by Helga

Now I am really confused. One holistc Dr. told me to try both Guggul and Red Rice yeast, as well as cinnamon, separately for DIABETES, which seemed to be helpful in that respect.
I am entering a rating only because your site rejects my submission without one. I cannot rate the product since I haven't tried it.

by Greg Long

I take this for cholesterol. I have never seen the dramatic results some people talk about, but will stick with it for a while longer.

Decent Results
by Louis

My dad has been suffering from high cholesterol most of his life, so I decided to let him try out this product. He usually eats healthy and exercises, so when he tried the product out, we were expecting good results. Instead, his cholesterol levels were helped only minimally. I can't say if its the product or just my dad, but we were expecting more. However, it did work, so I still recommend it to anyone looking for another solution to lowering cholesterol.

As with all..
by collegegirl

As with all products that aim at lowering cholesterol, it just doesn't provide a miracle. My father who has been eating junk food all his life finally had to calm it down. He thought he could eat products like this and rely on a simple swallow of a pill to take care of his problem but it didn't. He didn't excercise all too much, and most importantly he still gulped down the $1 menu items from McDonalds and Burger King and the greasy fries from Tops, etc. But finally he realized he had to cut it out, or else he'd have to go through surgery to fix his health. If you're willing to take this product, make sure you excercise as well. Because pills aren't gods in a capsule, it won't save your health if you don't fix the problem from it's root.

I loved this product
by Lolly

I bought this product one month back in a drug store, and this works like a charm. I hail from a family of people having Diabetes and high cholesterol.
Initially it didn't taste so good, but after 3 uses I got used to this taste. I checked my cholesterol, and it surprisingly gave me satisfactory results.
My doctor was surprised too with my improvement. Without having to go to gym, I just take these pills and do not worry about the cholesterols.

Great product
by James Zitzmann

This was one of the first natural products I tried to lower my bad cholesterol, and I got lucky. Along with diet and exercise, this supplement has enabled me to lower my cholesterol several more points than I would have been able to normally.

Along with change in lifestyle, does lower lipids
by Noah H.

Both my uncle and I take this supplement as a way to help lower our lipid level and total cholesterol. We have a shared family history of high cholesterol, hardening of the arteries, and heart attacks, so he became interested in finding natural ways, herbals and plant based products mostly, that will lower cholesterol levels. He got me to start taking this Solaray product along with him as it he felt that Red Yeast Rice and Goggul, along with other supplements such as garlic and oil of oregano, was how he planned to start helping his heart and artery health. The product, over time, does lower your cholesterol levels although not by a great deal, but is enhanced by other life style changes and a change in diet. I would give it a thumbs up as the ingredients and quality are very good for the price and did bring down my lipids by around 10% or more.

Great product
by Janet

My husband has high cholesterol level and has a family history of heart attacks. My sister in law, who is a Japanese, recommended red yeast rice for my husband. She calls it Bheni koji. She loves eating the fermented rice on its own, but the taste/smell of it is a bit too strong for both my husband and I. The pills form seems more appealing, so we got it and have been taking it for about 1 year now. I highly recommend this product.

Interesting take on cholestorol tablets
by Gordy

Coming from a family with a history of high blood pressure and high cholesterol, I look for anything and everything to help me combat it. After getting a recommendation from a family friend (and doctor) to try some alternative supplements, I stumbled upon Guggul and Red Yeast Rice tablets by Solaray.

Basically, what you are getting is a tablet loaded with various ingredients that have been linked to the lowering of Cholesterol levels. Some of the key ingredients are:

*Guggul - Lower blood pressure and insulin levels; Anti-inflammatory
*Red Yeast Rice - Lower Cholesterol; Improve blood circulation
*Magnesium - Regulates blood sugar levels; Promotes normal blood pressure

These main ingredients along with others are supposed to help the body naturally lower Cholesterol if ingested daily. The scientific effect of guggul is widely debated, so the effectiveness is not a guarantee, although it will not hurt you in the very least if you use it. The directions say to take two capsules one or two times a day with meals or a glass of water.

I used this product by Solaray about six months ago, and continued using it for about 4 months. The pills are moderate to small sized and are easily swallowed. I took
it once daily and combined with a three times a week cardiovascular workout. The effectiveness of supplements such as this are hard to estimate because there are so many factors involved in determining your blood pressure and cholesterol.

My cholesterol levels did systematically lower over the 4 month period, but once I stopped taking the tablets and continued working out, my blood pressure and cholesterol remained low and healthy. Therefor, I can only surmise that there is a possibility the tablets attributed to decreasing levels, but I cannot 100% say that they were solely responsible. My doctor did tell me he was surprised at how fast I managed to lower my levels to acceptable levels, so I do endorse using products such as these as sort of an addition to a change in lifestyle, but not a substitute for exercising!

In closing, one bottle (120 tablets) consists of about a 2 month supply (60 servings) and will set you back roughly ~$15, If you are looking for a more natural approach to cholesterol management, and don't want to shell out the big bucks, I do recommend Solarays Guggul and Red Yeast Rice tablets.

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