f Solaray Guggul & Red Yeast Rice Reviews and Information

Guggul & Red Yeast Rice

Combines two powerful products into one, synergistic formula.
Product: Guggul & Red Yeast Rice
Brand: Solaray (More Products)
Size: 60 Capsules
Dosage: 2 capsules 1-2 times daily
Retail: $13.99
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10 Customer Reviews

by Krista

I also come from a family of high cholesterol, my mothers doctor recommended that she take this regularly, then my mom recommended this to me, she claims that it lowered her cholesterol after taking it for a long period of time. Also, my grandmother takes it to, you should combine it with exercise and a healthy diet.

Guggul and Red Rice Yeast
by Helga

Now I am really confused. One holistc Dr. told me to try both Guggul and Red Rice yeast, as well as cinnamon, separately for DIABETES, which seemed to be helpful in that respect.
I am entering a rating only because your site rejects my submission without one. I cannot rate the product since I haven't tried it.

by Greg Long

I take this for cholesterol. I have never seen the dramatic results some people talk about, but will stick with it for a while longer.

Decent Results
by Louis

My dad has been suffering from high cholesterol most of his life, so I decided to let him try out this product. He usually eats healthy and exercises, so when he tried the product out, we were expecting good results. Instead, his cholesterol levels were helped only minimally. I can't say if its the product or just my dad, but we were expecting more. However, it did work, so I still recommend it to anyone looking for another solution to lowering cholesterol.

As with all..
by collegegirl

As with all products that aim at lowering cholesterol, it just doesn't provide a miracle. My father who has been eating junk food all his life finally had to calm it down. He thought he could eat products like this and rely on a simple swallow of a pill to take care of his problem but it didn't. He didn't excercise all too much, and most importantly he still gulped down the $1 menu items from McDonalds and Burger King and the greasy fries from Tops, etc. But finally he realized he had to cut it out, or else he'd have to go through surgery to fix his health. If you're willing to take this product, make sure you excercise as well. Because pills aren't gods in a capsule, it won't save your health if you don't fix the problem from it's root.

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