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Snap AIO

A unique all-in-one diaper design that combines the convenience of an all-in-one diaper while providing the absorbency adjustability of a pocket diaper. Made with a waterproof outer layer of PUL, 3 sewn in layers of high quality microfiber terry, a layer of microfleece, and a full layer of cotton velour next to baby's skin. Microfiber terry is used as the soaker pad for its ability to absorb wetness fast. A layer of microfleece is used to provide a dry barrier between the velour top layer and the soaker pad. Cotton velour is used as the top layer of the diaper for its non-allergenic properties. Natural cotton is one of the least allergenic materials known to man. It is also one of the most moisture absorbent materials there is. The result is a diaper that quickly absorbs moisture and wicks it from the baby's body to hold it away in the microfiber terry soaker layers. The fact that microfleece or suedecloth is not directly in contact with the baby?s skin enables those who are sensitive to those materials to use this diaper and still get the stay dry effect. And because of the cotton?s inherent absorbent qualities, should the microfleece layer ever experience buildup, liquid will be absorbed first by the cotton velour layer instead of just rolling off the sides and immediately causing leaks. In cases where additional absorbency is needed, a doubler or insert may be added through the opening at the back of the diaper.
Product: Snap AIO
Brand: Swaddlebees (More Products)
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5 Customer Reviews

Day time diaper
by Shawn Grabulis

As with the pockets, they are nice and trim, they take quite a bit longer to line dry, which takes away the conveinance of not having to stuff them. To me they look as though it is just a pocket with the stuffer sewn in. I am sticking with the pockets for the faster drying time.

Moderately absorbent, but slow to dry
by Lauren

These are a nice trim diaper (not as unbelievably trim as the pockets, but this is good as it offers a bit more protection). I find there isn't enough absorbency with this alone, you do need to put an additional insert in the back, this is a bit of a challenge due to the narrowness of the diaper and many inserts do not fit. Also, with the sewn in micro-fiber, I find they take way too long to dry. I hang dry everything and these were absolutely the last to dry every time. That alone frustrated me and put me off using these diapers.

by sandgc

i've tried this diaper multiple times and it just doesn't work for us. it's nice and trim (not as trim as a pocket) but it does fit well under clothes. we have leaks if DD pees in it more than once. it just doesn't hold alot and my hand is too big to stuff more into it. it also takes a super long time to dry (one full dryer cycle then hanging to dry overnight).

by brookesmom

I did not like this diaper. Everytime I put it on my daughter we had leaks.

by Jenlexnick

These dipes are great! she can wear them for a couple hours and still no problems! They also fit great under clothes.