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by dmj

Easy to use, affordable, but not that absorbant.
They last for a long time. Mine came from a friend who used them on one child, then mine, then another of mine and then her 2nd child and they still work great (just some staining).

size 0's
by Martha

I really like the softness of these, and the fit....and the umbilical cord snap down that lots of cloth diapers dont have...

by Ali

Fit my son well, not good for naps but great for day.

by Heidiliz

These diapers fit extremely well and are very soft. They are not nearly absorbant enough, though, and I always have to use a doubler with them.

by newuanda

We love the size 0's and even size 1's. After that though we couldn't use them b/c they didn't hold the amount of pee that we needed.

by brookesmom

I love the one that we have. I have not had a leak with my 2.7 year old daughter. It's great for at night and naps. Love the colors and the softness.

by KaiyaSue

I used the size "0" on my newborn from the beginning. I purchased some of these used on Ebay and some new ones as well. I found the fit perfect for holding in runny poo and fitting my boy's skinny legs. Now that he is peeing a little more, I need to use a doubler at night. All in all, I would highly recommend them for newborns.

by diapermama

I used these diapers on two newborns. They fit very well but they could be a bit more absorbent. The diaper and the colors are adorable though.

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