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Smells wonderful but...
by Faith

I love the smell of dreft. It's so clean and baby-like. It's one of the only detergents that doesn't irritate my daughter's eczema. It's a bit pricey though.

by nikki

My son has very sensitive skin and often develops a rash if I wash his clothes in regular detergent. A friend of mine recommend that I try Dreft detergent instead. I used the detergent but did not hold much hope that I would have any better results with this new product. I was very pleasantly surprised to see that not only did my son stop scratching, but there was no sign of a rash. I still use this product to wash his clothes and have never had a flair up again.

by Kim Esler

I first purchased this in 1987! Great stuff! I washed everything before it ever came into my sons room. I used Dreft for the first 5 years of his life.

My mother told me it was alright to start using different detergents on my sons clothing since he was an active outside child. I gave in. But still washed his bedding and towels in it for years to come. I liked the sent and softness.

Like it!
by Antoinette

I have also used Dreft on my babies clothing. I was completely satisfied with the cleanliness and smell.

by Tammy Harrison

I used this product when my children were babies back in the 80's! I loved the smell! A bit pricey though.

Gentle For Baby, Not on Price
by christine

This detergent is excellent for babies and children with sensitive skin, although it is expensive. A good product, but not a great value.

by mom of 5

I love the smell of dreft! I do believe it is a good product, but I've found it's still to irritating. The price is a bit high as well.

by April Arceneaux

I used Dreft only for my first child. Really there weren't any of my three children that had problems with the regular detergent I used, so instead of spending money on two separate washing detergents, I figured I would use my regular detergent and switch if necessary, but they never had a problem.

by missynall

I have used this for YEARS.... even still use it and my babies are getting bigger and bigger. My daughter has eczema and this doesn't irritate her at all. My son has psoriasis and if I forget to use this I can immediately tell by his itching! I recommend it for both families with babies AND families with skin issues.

loved it
by carmanmm

I used this with my 2 babies all the time, no irritants or allergic reactions, gentle for the babies, and clothes were smelling fresh and clean every time I washed them would use it again.

Baby Tested, Mommy Approved
by Leah

I have 3 daughters and a new grandson on the way and I have used Dreft for each of them and my expectiong daughter has already purchased a Box for her new arrival coming in July. It's the best thing you can do for you child.

Love it
by Lyn

I used these detergent when my children were small. It smells great and got alot of the stains out. The only problem with it is the price. If it was less expensive, I would still be using it.

by cynthia

Dreft is really a great detergent. My mom uses this due to my dad being very sensitive to most detergents. It cost more, but sometimes you can't put a price on comfort and NOT ITCHING.


I have used Dreft with all three of my daughters. I love the smell of it too.

Reliable product
by Jena

After my first baby, my mother suggested I try Dreft as that's what she used on all of her children. My son has sensitive skin so I was a bit concerned at first but did a small load and tested the clothes on him. He didn't get a rash and seemed to tolerate it very well. Its a bit expensive compared to other detergents but its the only one I trust with my little one.

Nostalgic product
by Carol

My mom used this stuff. I just love the smell and the memories. Yah, it is a little more expensive, but I am willing to pay.

by Jessie

I always felt better when I washed the kids clothes in this when they were little. I'm honestly not sure that it was really necessary though. It costs more than most laundry soaps, and certainly doesn't work as well as Tide, especially on baby spit up.

by kim2728

great product

Nice detergent, but
by happymomto4

I really like this detergent, but I think the price is a little too high.

by brookesmom

Leaves clothes soft and smelling great! Not good for cloth diapers though.

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loved it
by Diania

I loved the smell of this product. It was gentle on my baby's skin, and all his clothes smelled great.

by rita

I love Dreft because everything is so clean & no buildup but it is so costly.

That Great New Baby Smell
by Rebekah

I associate Dreft with that great new baby smell since I washed everything for my first child in it. It was gentle on his skin and gave me a peace of mind. I do agree that it is rather pricey.