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Cloth Diaper Sprayer

Cloth Diaper Sprayer - Great for rinsing off soiled cloth diapers in the toilet instead of dunking and soaking. The easy to handle, multi-hole, jet spray is perfect for rinsing even the most heavily stuck-on soiled diapers.
Product: Cloth Diaper Sprayer
Brand: Mini Shower (More Products)
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3 Customer Reviews

by sandgc

I bought this before my babe was born in anticipation of cloth diapering. I had heard so many good reviews on the diaper sprayer that i just had to have one. This thing has paid for itself over and over again!!! it makes clean up so much easier. Plus it's also good for mama's sore bottom. The cool water (on a gentle spray) helps swollen and sore bottoms! My dh also uses it to clean things (the garbage disposal, various buckets and trash cans) when it's too dark to go out and use the waterhose.

by Carolyn

We use our sprayer on most messy diapers, it works great to rinse everything off. It's very easy to spray and the toilet seat usually gets wet and sometimes the floor as well!

by diapermama

I really like my diaper sprayer. It works great for cleaning messy diapers off before washing and it is great for washing out Diva cups too! You can't go wrong with this sprayer :) Purchased at: http://www.loli-poli.com/