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24 Customer Reviews

Love love love it
by rebecca

this is the best dish soap ever!!!

by angela


Dawn is Awesome!
by Dawn

I have washed dishes with Dawn dish liquid for many years. This cuts grease very well and even cleans hard to wash dishes too. I have tried other products to save a little and its not worth it!!

Works great
by Antoinette

I have been using dawn for years. I have never been disappointed in the proformance. Grease comes off everytime:)

by Cindy Sparks

Dawn is my all time favorite dishwashing soap. It really does cut the grease. Dishes are so much easier to clean with little or no soaking. It also doesn't take much liquid to do my dishes. Last twice as long as other dishwashing liquid

by lindy turner

I love Dawn! It works really well on grease - it's great!

Dawn UltraDish detergent
by Donna Albright

I do not know how I ever got along with out it. I love the feel of it on my hands when I do the dishes. It lasts a very long time. I can do a couple of sink fulls with just a little drop the size of a quarter.

consumer reviewer
by Lynn Solberg

I love the original Dawn brand of dish detergent.. It gets the grease off better than any other I have used and it takes less detergent and water to clean a whole sink of dishes, including pots and pans..

Dawn has more then one use.
by Samantha

I love using dawn. I can clean more then my dishes with it. It helps me clean my sofa (from kids and pets). I just prefer Dawn over anything else.

Not juat for dishes
by Amy

It works well on dishes, but I've also used it on many clothes stains. Rub a little on a stain and wash.

Dawn is the best!
by Melissa

I prefer Dawn over any other dish liquid-it just does the better job.

dishwashing soap
by Jalanea Briggs

This is the only dishwashing liquid that I will use. It is the only one that I trust to get my dishes truely clean. It will get all the grease off of the dishes even plastics. Other soaps just do not clean as well as Dawn soap.

by April Arceneaux

Love it! Love it! Definitely worth buying over store brand. You don't need much liquid to get clean, sudsy water!

Always works well!
by Lauren

This is one dish detergent the consistently works well. It gets the grease off the dishes and is a reasonable price compared to many detergents.

Another use is for stripping laundry detergent build-up on cloth diapers. A lot of laundry detergents build-up reducing the absorbency and causing smelly diapers. A small amount of dawn in the load of diapers works great to help get it all off!

my favorite
by carmanmm

I have been using this soap for years, it gets your dishes super clean and rinses off easy unlike the other brands I have tried.

Good for dishes, great for clothing stains
by Amy T

My favorite use for this product is getting baby stains out of baby clothes. Dawn is formulated to break up proteins and fats in food, so it works great on spit up, baby food and messy diaper stains! Just pretreat and rinse before washing. You won't believe what it will get out!

it works
by eneida

I love this dish washing liquid. It really washes the dishes and keep foam when I'm washing the dishes. I don't use out the detergent. it also keeps my hands soft and doesn't dry out my hands after doing many washes.

dawn ultra
by fabmomof5

This is my FAVORITE dish soap! It is reasonably priced, and it has many uses beyond doing the dishes. It is especially helpful in removing tough stains on baby clothes!

by carole adams

I first tried dawn ultra after I had all the family in laws and all over for Thanksgiving dinner WOW it really did wonders on the whole mess of dishes I was amazed how it handled the greasy, baked, dried on mess we had after we was done eating. we was ablw to breeze right through those dishes.

Works Great
by Jessie

Dawn is great, you can clean just about anything with it! It's also priced very reasonably.

by Tammy Karns

It is great dish soap, it really works and gets dishes clean. That is all that needs to be said.

Dawn Ultra
by Tammeria S. Lewis

This product serves a double purpose for me. It not only works good th help clean children's diapers, but it does just as great on dishwashing as well. I just love it!!

by DK Mom

I had some old diapers that seemed to smell of amonia after baby wet them, Dawn helped to bring an end to stinky diapers! :)

by sandgc

I started using Dawn after I kept getting detergent build up on my diapers. I had been using it on my dishes for years. I put a little squirt in the washer and it really gets my diapers clean. it rinses out easily and doesn't leave build up. It's also gentle enough to not cause rashes on my little one. The only thing i don't like is that it doesn't have a great smell. The smell is ok, but i like a little more of a girly smell! It is good that it doesn't have a smell though because my diapers smell clean regardless.

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by dawn

Okay so my mom used this product when I was little and she still uses it and now that im grown and out of the house I use it too and its the best ever.