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Best Vitamin purchase ever
by Neena

In 2010 I was diagnosed with border line type 2 diabetes. At 38 years ago I was devastated. I just did not want to hear the doctor say anything about insulin or medication. Fortunately he recommended diet and exercise to improve my health.Although he had not mentioned anything about taking vitamins, I did my own research and determined that it would be to my best interest to take something and happened across Nature's Made diabetic pack and have loved it ever since. There was a period where i went about a month without it. CVS used to carry it, but after the started making their own version of a diabetic pack, they stopped carrying it. I've tried other companies' version of this packet and it did nothing for me. I am so glad I was able to find it again at my local grocery store.

by Linda Lawson

I take this for Type 2 diabetes...
just make sure you eat or drink fluids while taking...felt good though...would reccomend taking....

by kelly brown

I have been taking these for a couple of reasons. One is that they are fairly nutritionally complete, which is hard to achieve on your own, even if you watch your diet very carefully. The other is that they are convenient and all in one place and I know when I am running out of them, not oops I am out of 3 pills and then whenyou replace those 3, you are out of 3 more. I feel better with more enegy and sleep better without crashing at the end of the day trying to cook supper. I would recommend these to anyone. They have no unpleasant taste or smell and I havent seemed to have any stomach upset. Try can't hurt.

Nature Made is wonderful
by Tracy

I have been taking this product for about a week and it has already started to work. I am glad that I found it.

Tracy Beavers, RN

by Tonja H

I bought this for my mother, whom has a hard time controlling her sugars when using supplements... now she buys this product for herself all of the time, and has even recommended it to a couple of friends...I personally love Nature Made products, and trust their claims.

diabetes health pack supplements product to anyone with diabetes.
by sharon malone

This was a very good supplement to take to keep my blood sugars where they should be. I was very pleased with the results. I would reccomend this.

diabeste type 2
by mary lacombe

My husband had good help with these supplements he feels it helps his body get what he needs but diabetes ha deleted from his body a great product.

by cheryl miller

I have been using this product for about 4 years due to advice from my doctor for my
diabetes. I feel they have helped me nutrition wise and are easy to take when traveling,

Nature Made is the best
by Brandon

I am a type 2 diabetic and I've used nature made since november of last year and keeps me healthy and energized. My blood sugar is stable and my blood pressure is so perfect that I don't have to take my medication anymore, so this really works for me.

Mom loves them!
by Pattie

My mother was sick of buying so many different bottles of vitamins and came across these in the drug store. The first time she bought them, she wasn't sure if they were worth the expense, but after the first pack, she was thrilled. Just the fact of not having to take a pill out of all those other bottles saved a lot of time for her. She now has been taking them for months and has more energy than with all those other vitamins.

Works great!
by william

Thank you so much! I bought these vitamins for my mother, and she feels very good about taking them. Her doctor approved them so she feels comfortable and safe taking them. They are a good supplement for diabetes.

A Good Supplement!
by Pearl

My mom's family has a history of Diabetes. She has just been diagnosed as a border line diabetic. She has to exercise and watch what she eats so she doesn't have take do the insulin. We were at the store and we happened upon this supplement pack. She asked me what I thought and I told her that the vitamins I take are Nature Made and I love them and the price. She bought them and took them to her doctor and asked if she could start taking them. He agreed and she's doing so much better. He blood sugar stays in a healthy range and she even has more energy now to go walking everyday! She loves them and now she is a big fan of Nature Made.

Decent substitute
by Becky

I actually received a sample of these when I was pregnant. I was not sure of taking them, so I gave it to my dad to try. He was a type 2 diabetic, and on insulin. He tried the sample and decided to go buy a box. He noticed that his blood sugar was decreasing quite a bit. He asked his doctor if he could try these. He did allow him to try them, and they seemed to work for a couple of weeks for him. In the end, however, he ended up back on insulin. Good product for someone who is not on the high ratings of diabetes.

This Product Really Helps
by marilyn hicks

I have had a really hard time trying to keep my glucose level in line with what the guidelines are. It was really pretty erratic. Sometimes as high as 389 and down as low as 50.

My doctor and I tried different medications, but due to a lot of side effects, there were quite a few that I just couldn't take.

I decided to research and also asked a pharmacist his opinion. He recommended this type of vitamin combination. He had heard that other customers of his had some results with taking it along with the medications, exercise and really trying to watch the carb intake.

So, I went shopping around and found this particular product, which was a bit more reasonable in price than the others were. I wondered if they would be able to do the job properly. I proceeded to compare their ingredients with the more expensive ones, and lo and behold....they were very close! Decided to try them. Well, after taking them for about 9 days and of course, doing my best to watch the eating and actually not that much exercise, just walks here and there, I noticed that my glucose level began to hover in the 100 to 130-40's much more often. My doctor said she was pleased with the results and I was pleased with the price. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with type 2 diabetes. It saved me from having to go on insulin and for that I am very grateful.

Great product
by Angel

My Dad was just diagnosed with Diabetes, and he bought this item to see how it worked with him.
So far he is loving it. Seems to give him more energy and is a wonderful suppliment for him.
He will continue to take this, because he can't eat and excercise the way the doctor wants him to.

Better for type 2
by Laura

I purchased these to try and help with my Type 1 Diabetes. I noticed very little difference between this and the stuff I had before. So I gave the rest to my Dad who has Type 2, and he's really seen an improvement. The great thing is that each days worth is in a little pack, so my Dad who has bad eyesight doesn't have to worry about trying to figure out what to take from several different bottles. I say, give it a try for type 2, but it's not worth it for type 1.

Blood Glucose Under Control Again
by Michael L.

My Doctor expressed skepticism when I told him I was using a supplement to help control my Type II diabetes. He was however, pleased after getting my blood work back. I have been on this now for 3 weeks, more energy and I feel I have less fatigue. Reasonably priced.


My husband has type II diabetes. I needed to find a supplement out there that would help him. I chose the Diabetes Health Pack Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement. This heath pack has a complete package of the nutrients that my husband needs due to diabetes. He feels better and at least when he doesn't eat right, I know he is getting enough vitamins. This is a great product for the diabetic.

Great Find!
by dee

Diabetes Health Pack Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement works perfect for my Dad, since he always has problems dealing with his diabetes, bought this for him to try and it works fine.

I am very thankful that this multivitamins is helping my dad a lot since he's not eating a balanced diet.

Highly recommended!
by Corri

After my mother's doctor recommended this supplement to help control her diabetes, we were both a little leary. However, I must say that my mother has never been in more control of this disease! She's been taking this for several weeks now and has been recommending it to all of her friends around the nursing home. It's also more cost effective than purchasing another prescription per month. I would highly recommend this product to all!

Diabetes health pack
by Rashmi R

This is no cure for diabetes but it will help keep them in control. My husband takes them and he feels it has helped him. But he will have to continue with this for life. It also has vitamins, which gives him energy and makes him feel healthy.

Natural aid for the diabetic
by Gwendolyn Boyce

My husband has been diagnosed with type II diabetes for 2 years. Being a young man of 39 years of age, this product is a good supplement for him when he does not eat properly. It has also made him feel better and not sluggish all the time.

Diabetes Health Pack
by kvantol

I bought these vitamins for my mother, and she feels very good about taking them. Her doctor approved them so she feels comfortable and safe taking them. They are a good supplement for diabetes.

by sherry

I went to a woman's health expo and they were giving out samples of this product so I brought a few for my brother who is a diabetic. I was so glad I did because ever since I did, he has been hooked on this product. He actually looks and feels better than he has felt in a long time. He has much more energy and does seem to complain less of sicknesses and illnesses. It has been very beneficial to him. It is also inexpensive and can be found at your local drug store.

Great supplement
by Annie

This is a great way to get all the multivitamins you need without eating a completely balanced diet. There is very little sugar are these supplements are made with diabetic people in mind so its a great way for people with diabetes to get enough vitamins and still maintain a safe blood sugar level. This also helped to increase energy levels too.

Type 1
by Lois

My husband uses this in conjunction with his diabetes treatments. He is a type 1 diabetic and has to be extra careful how he cares for himself. He also works a lot and needs lots of extra energy that just isn't attainable from food. It also is not possible for him to eat as many well balanced meals as needed. Makes me feel better to know he is taking something that gives him the energy and vitamins he needs. Is also a lot better cause he doesn't wind up hospitalized as much.

Good for Type II.
by Shreyas Patel

I once had trouble getting enough energy from my meals because I had Type II diabetes. I used this supplement to help after my meals, and in the end it used to save me from getting too tired at work.

Excellent product
by Angel C.

My grandmother has diabetes and suffers a lot of problems because of it. She doesn't eat a well-balanced diet, she's overweight, gets sick a lot, and doesn't exactly have the greatest of health. She's been taking these for a little over a month now and I've seen a huge difference in her; she seems to be more happier. She's been sick a lot less, and has actually dropped some weight. All in all she seems to be more healthier than she was before she started taking these.

Nature Made Diabetes Health Pack Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement
by Kathy Herrington

My husband takes this vitamin supplement to help control his diabetes. It is less expensive that some of the other brands and works just as well. My husband has felt much better since adding this to his daily regime in his fight against diabetes. Another plus is that it is easy to find. I tell everyone about it. I have even mentioned it on an online diabetes support group that I am a member of.

Great product
by Henley

My stepmon has diabetes and she uses this product to control her diabetes. She used to end up being ill and having to go to the hospital, but now she doesn't. This product works quite well for her. I have seen her happier than she used to be. If you remember to take it every day, this product will be great!

Diabetes Health Pack Multivitamin & Mineral Suppliment
by Betty D.

I have been diabetic for several years. I started having very bad vision problems. After a thorough examination, my Dr. reccommended a special vitamin for diabetics. It was only available from their facility, & needless to say, was VERY expensive. I could not afford their price on my fixed income. I spoke with my pharmacist, & he reccommended this product. I have only been on it about 2 months, but it seems to be helping. I have more energy & some of the symptoms are a little less severe.

Very Helpful
by may

I have two uncles that are diabetic. They are really stubborn, because they can't eat on time. They say they are really busy. They are always on the run with their sugar on the low, almost fainting and all the reactions that they get. The family feels bad, so I started searching online and I found this product. The best that could have happened to them, they say that they love it and they feel great. If you want to feel on track, then try this I highly recommend it.

Great product!
by Christine M.

After struggling for several months to get my sugar under control, I decided to give this product a try. I was on oral medication at the time and the doctor was ready to put me on insulin to get it under control. I spoke to him about this product and he said to give it a try. After only a few weeks of using this product, my sugar readings are finally at an acceptable level! My doctor is very please, as am I! Thank you so much!

Diabetic Health Pak
by Patty

I have several friends who are fighting diabetes with insulin, oral medications, or diet control; or a combination of those methods. However, some of them have found some help by using the Diabetic Health Pack.
It seems to work best for those controlling their diabetes with their diets, especially for those who cannot always eat on time.

2 Customer Opinions

by Diania

I was a gestational diabetic and took these when I was...they were ok, it just seemed like a lot of pills

by Tammy Harrison

After reading the information for this product on your website, I will go out and buy this product! I have type 2 Diabetes and always feel run-down.