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lowers blood sugar
by Penny

This product lowered my blood sugar from 102 to 92 in a few months. It works!

excellent for diabetics
by Cynthia

My grandma's a diabetic, and after living with her for a few years, I have come to realize how serious the disease is. She suffered from retinopathy and neuropathy- where her vision and nerves were breaking down. She had trouble seeing and felt unexplainable stabbing types of pains in her arms. These diabetic vitamins helped her a lot after a few months (like 6-7). They made her feel more energized and lessened her pain without her having to take pain medication. Although they're a bit pricey, they're worth the results (and definitely cheaper than prescription medication).

diabetics wish come true
by Ricardo Gutierrez

My grandmother, being a diabetic and overweight, is always seeking solutions to reduce her blood sugar levels, but is also very tired and unable to do a lot of physical activity. I actually looked up this product and asked her to give it a try because of the MEGA potency of B-vitamins that protect nerves and maintain nerve sheath. I knew of the various diseases that the elderly suffer because of sheath destruction. My grandmother uses it and loves it. I'm sure that her nerves are functioning better because she is able to go on her daily walks without as much physical exhaustion.

Good multivitamin
by Kate

This is a great multivitamin for someone with diabetes. They are a great energy provider with no added sugar. They are a bit expensive but I think that they are worth the money for more energy and better overall health.

attention diabetics read this its great
by shannon

I use to be a very sick person. I never had energy and was always sleepy. I was over weight and unhealthy. My sugar was always too high because I never exercised because I was always tired. I have tried everything. When my wife brought these home I started taking them. In a week or so I could start to feel the difference. Now in the last couple of months I've lost about 20 pounds, my sugar is under control, and I have lots of energy. My wife is loving the energy and so am I.
Thanks, Completia

a great diabetic Product
by Kathy

When searching for vitamins for my diabetic hubby, one of the main things is of course no added sugar. But what I found to be great about these is that they contribute to nerve health. As my husband has neuropathy associated with his diabetes I found the Complete Diabetic MultiVitamin to be a staple in our household now.

completia diabetic multivitamin iron free
by barbara

My husband has suffered from very low energy for the past few years due to his diabetes. We have tried a variety of vitamins but nothing really helped much. When I came across these I thought I was just going to throw away some more money (they are a bit expensive) but after 3 months of taking these supplements he is like a new man. Slowly but surely he is getting his life back. Money very well spent.

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