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Sugarlor lowers and stabilizes blood glucose levels for up to 6 hours by mimicing the function of insulin, thereby reducing insulin resistance while increasing the functions of the metabolic and endocrine system. By taking Sugalor 10-15 minutes before meals, you can prevent your blood sugar levels from spiking after meals. It alo controls hunger and appetite caused by unstable blood glucose levels.
Product: Sugalor
Brand: Arizona Pharmaceuticals, L.L.C. (More Products)
Size: 100 Tablets
Dosage: 1 tablet
Retail: $29.99
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5 Customer Reviews

by yjy


by Donald Morgan

I received the sample pack of Sugalor yesterday, and I tried it today in place of my regular meds. My blood sugar spiked after every meal. 198 after Breakfast and 178 after dinner. However, my sugar after lunch did drop to 104 and an hour later to 91 . It is not as effective as Metformin and Metformin does not give me diarrhea.

by Robert Cappelloni

I took Sugalor for three weeks, it raised my sugar from 116 to 178, and gave me the runs. It was a waste of 19.99, Live and Learn.

by Robert Cappelloni

It was the biggest waste of money. Live and Learn

Did the opposite for me
by Andy Scotland

I took Sugalor for 2 weeks and it sent my blood sugar way high and not lower, mine started at 7.6 mmol/l before taking it and my level increased to 19.8 mmol/l after 2 weeks, it increased by 4.2 mmol/l after taking each tablet within 45 minutes. I fasted for 12 hours first to get my base level (7.6) before starting the test, I ate high fibre foods and Veg + Fruit, no fats no sugar intake at all during this test. I am not on Insulin but undergoing Diabetes testing, not over weight and 50 yrs old with nio family history of Diabetes at all.