f Puritan's Pride Diabetic Support Formula Reviews and Information

Diabetic Support Formula

These high-potency tablets contain a synergistic blend of Chromium Picolinate, Lipoic Acid, Ginkgo Biloba, Coenzyme Q-10, and other nutrients.
Product: Diabetic Support Formula
Brand: Puritan's Pride (More Products)
Size: 60 Tablets
Dosage: 2 tablets daily
Retail: $39.95
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5 Customer Reviews

Does not work
by Arthur Black

Did nothing for me and way more expensive than the alternatives. At least it is cheaper than Diamaxol though.

Blood Sugar Levels Stay Regulated
by Barb Fleming

I got this for my aunt who is borderline diabetic, as many in my family are. She used to have blood sugar level changes a lot. After taking this, she has had no problems with her blood sugar levels staying at the right level. Of course, along with the proper diet and exercise, her doctor was impressed. It was after she added this to her daily medications that the instabilities settled, she attributes it to the Diabetic Support formula, thanks me constantly. I know she has told many she knows as well, who, she tells me, have had great results too from the easy to take, Puritan's Pride Diabetic Support formula, 5 stars indeed

No more high blood pressure spikes
by Alma Medina

My husband has had diabetes for a couple of years now. He started taking conventional medicine to control it, and it did. The problem is that the medicine had to be increased on a regular basis to stabilize it. I did some research and decided to try this formula. He has been on it now for a couple of months and his blood sugar does not spike uncontrollably like it used to. He has remained stable without changing his diet and he does not get the blurry vision he used to get because of the high blood sugar. Needless to say he will continue with this regiment.

Keeps the blood sugar level
by Mary M.

My husband takes this supplement since he was told he had Type 2 Diabetes last year. He says it helps him control his blood sugar levels, especially late in the evening, so that maybe he will not have to go on insulin if he takes this and sticks to his diabetic diet sheet. My husband says since he's been taking this Puritan's Pride Diabetic Support Formula, he isn't as shaky in the early morning and has less headaches at night, both symptoms his doctor said were related to his diabetes. A real nice and effective product for people with adult Type 2 Diabetes....it is 5 stars.

Regulates blood sugar for diabetics/ hypoglycemics
by Noah H.

My Mom has adult onset diabetes and started taking this supplement last year to try and better control her blood sugar, since she did not take insulin, but was only placed on a restrictive diet. She did, of course, check with her doctor first, and he okay-ed her starting the Diabetic Support formula, since she was regularly checking her blood sugar levels, anyway, and would clearly notice if any problems developed. She seems to do well on the support formula, along with following the prescribed diet, and still has not had to go on insulin, with her blood sugar remaining more stable since. As I have hypoglycemia ( low blood sugar ) I thought it would be fairly safe, as well as interesting, to see if it might work just as well for low blood sugar, so I started it myself last July. I have had problems since a teen with early morning and late afternoon dizziness and trembling, when my blood sugar drops drastically. Eating later in the evening so as to not go a full 12 hours without food didn't work to keep my blood sugar level regulated, and caused stomach upset, so I hoped the supplement might help. As the supplement is all natural, containing minerals such as zinc and chromium, which have been researched and found to help with blood sugar problems, I felt that at least it would do no harm. After two weeks on the formula, my symptoms were reduced by more than 50%, with no side effects that I could see. After taking the Diabetic Support Formula from Puritans Pride for almost 6 months now, I seldom have more than one or two episodes per month, cutting down from almost daily problems.