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It's... alright....
by Joel Santo Domingo

One thing I know about this product. It works. I have been diabetic four a long time and it helps with my blood suger, but the problem with it is the price. (expensive)

My dad's been borderline and is doing fine!
by Jae

My father was diagnosed with borderline diabetes this past autumn, and my mother, being a nurse, asked all of her collegues and some of her patients if they knew anything that would help supplement the medication he's taking. A few mentioned this, and since my family takes a few other Nature's Sunshine products, we thought we'd have him try this first. Well, the doctor congratulates him everytime he comes in on maintaining a healthy level, so I guess it works!

Grampa's Choice
by Colin

My grandfather takes this product. I've been in charge of his doctor visits and it has helped him a lot. He has been using it for 3 months now. Works as advertised and at an affordable price.

It's okay
by Zheng

This is not the greatest thing you can take. There are better ones out there. I didn't really feel a big difference in change when I took these. This product is also very expensive.

Great Product
by toddm

I am a borderline diabetic and I have to keep an eye on my sugar intake. SugarReg has helped me maintain an acceptable blood sugar level for the last 4 months. I highly suggest you try this product.

Safeguard for Sugar Level!
by jud655

I use this product as a safeguard for my sugar level. I am a borderline diabetic.As long as I take this product and watch my diet, I maintain a healthy balance..This is truly a safeguard.

Life Saver!!
by Shauna

This works fast! I'm pretty strict with my diet most of the time, but there are those few occasions (usually with family gatherings) where food and stress aren't so easily controlled. This product is great to take after a big meal to bring sugar levels down before they wreak havoc on the body.

Diabetes II?
by William Duong

I didn't know it until later in my life, but I actually developed Diabetes II from drinking too much soda and eating too much glucose. After taking this drug recommended to me by my friend, I can regulate my blood glucose levels, and ultimately, live a more fulfilling life. One where I don't have to watch what I eat! Thanks SugarReg.

Works Like A Charm
by Shannon

Diabetes runs in my family, and my blood sugar has started to spike several times in the last few years. My physician recommended these to me as a product that could help maintain a good sugar level, while not having to put me on medication. I take one pill at every meal, and they work great! I have had my blood tested at least one time every month in the last year, and my sugar level has stayed at a healthy level. As a small note, I always take the pills with a meal, because they do make me sick on an empty stomach.

No medication required
by cynthia

I use Sugar-Reg when someone's blood sugar levels first begin to elevate, before the levels are even considered a problem. That early elevation of sugar levels is a sign of future problems on the way. Sugar-Reg helps the body get back in balance and the results can be seen simply by testing the blood sugar regularly.

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