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So Impressed!
by Sandy B

I have been using this formula for about three months now. I am so happy that my after meal blood sugars don't go over 130 and my morning number has also come down by about 20 points. My A1c is now at 6.0. It used to be 6.8. I was so impressed that I gave my Mom a bottle. Within 5 days her after meal numbers went down from over 200 to about 140 and her morning readings were under 90. As a result, she has had to lower the amount of insulin she takes. Now my brother has also started taking this. It does work best to take it at least 40 minutes before a meal. As a side note, I do take extra biotin & chromium besides the Blood Sugar Formula

by Robert Y

Omg it works, myA1C was 9.2 before using the blood sugar formula.Now it is a 7.5 3months later. My doctor was estacic.Thanks for a great product,hope it keeps dropping.

Pretty Good
by Paul

Recommend this to any Type 1 person. Taken 30-45 minutes before meals and seems sugar is almost impossible to go over 120! You must lower your insulin dose or you will bottom out so be careful till you get used to this stuff. This formula combined with LOTS of exercise and I can almost take no fast acting at all.

Great stuff
by David Dean

Incredible. I have been very impressed with this product. Great company as well. Will take it for as long as I can.

by Carrie Darling

Metfornin make me feel malaise so I looked elsewhere. This product keeps me at 120 if I take it 35 minutes before eating a very low carb meal. I would much rather take this and feel good and have less neuropathy and blurry eyes. Its less expensive too.

BSF Works
by JEF

I noticed a small difference in FBG after 2 weeks. I am pre-diabetic, takes no meds, eat very low carb and walk 2 miles each day and am at a good weight. The difference has been 8-10 points drop in my weekly average. (95-85) My first and only Ac1 was 6.1. I hope to see improvement in the next one in 3 months. I find I don't have to be so obsessive about my carbs but still keep a low count. Maybe someone with higher numbers will have more dramatic results but I am thrilled. I absolutely recommend this product. I take 1 before lunch and dinner.

It works, for real!
by Alan Coleman

I have used BSF for a year or so. It stated to take 30 min. before meal, but for me I would take 45min to hour before meals and it work really well. Before, after eating my blood sugar would spike to 200-235. But after BSF now the same foods that would spike after an hour is now 115-140. I use no insulin, but I exercise and walk everyday. I even got off of the BSF for awhile for 6 months and symptoms came back, so I'm on them again with perfect results. I TRULY RECOMMEND 2 TYPE TO PATIENTS. Be Blessed, and Be Healed.

Blood SUgar Formula
by Laurie

I bought this and took it sporadically but didnt seem to notice much difference until I started recording my bood suigars and food religiously. I noticed firast that I could check sugars every hour and they would stagnant at a high level - and if I took 2 blood sugars - I could drop my blood sugars 40 to 60 points by the next hour. Still high, I went to a Doc who put me on insulin and still-- even after taking the slow acting stuff -- daily and the fast acting stuff each meal, my sugars will stagnate. A couple of Blood sugar pills and I will notice another - significant drop. I am working with the DOC , trying to get into an acceptable range but will continue to use this formula religiously as I feel it is a healthy combination with and withour diabetes . Hopefully - once I get stabilized, I can start losing weight and move into a positive direction. I would reccomend this product to anyone - but because of my weight I actually doubled the dose before seeing these kind of numbers.

Vitabase Blood Sugar formula
by Michael Pasarilla

This product produced a dramatic lowering of my blood sugar when first used. I have noticed that its effect has tapered off somewhat, however. But I will continue to use this product.

It works
by Jake King

I have been thrilled with this product. I used to take Diamaxol. Now, I take this and save about $60/bottle. Same results too.

Blood Sugar Formula SAVED me from Diabetes
by Joan E Wear

Over the past few years, I have been told I was 'pre-diabetic' at least 3 times.

I started taking Vitabase's 'Blood Sugar Formula' and continued to eat my daily dish of ice cream. Despite my love of ice cream, the BSF kept bringing my blood sugar levels down to where they soon were back in the normal range. My doctor was delighted and is thinking about selling Blood Sugar Formula at her office.

Let's face it, we are constantly inundated with emails and mail raving about one product or another, some of which most of us have purchased, but just how many have actually done one thing they claimed to do? So many companies prey on those of us who suffer from various maladies to make that almighty dollar, not caring about us at all.

VITABASE DOES TRULY CARE ABOUT US!!! Their products and prices Prove it!

Since I blessedly never did actually become diabetic, thanks to the BSF, I only take one pill a day, separated by 2 hours minimum after my perscription meds.

I don't know if it is necessary or not, but I keep it at least an hour away from the vitamins I take.

There was another company selling this same product (ingredient wise) for a WHOPPING $90 for a ONE month supply, whereas Vitabase, who seems to truly care more about their customers health by making sure their products are affordable, was selling it for around $12 a bottle, with many sales of 'Buy 3, Get 1 Free.' You really can't beat that! You simply can't beat Vitabase!

This is an Honorable group of people who make products you can really trust to work, and they don't try to rob you blind in the process.

Up Date On Results
by Ida

I have been on Blood Sugar Control for about 7 months now. I have a waking blood sugar of 91. My blood sugars no longer go over 130 and I have lost 40 pounds. The main thing that I like about this product is that there are no side effects. I feel great and will continue to take this product. Thank you again for making it available to the public.

by Joy Martin

30 point drop in the first month. I am excited!

Unbelievable company
by Fred Kemp

The product works, and Vitabase is THE best company I have ever ordered from. When they lost my package, they shipped me a replacement overnight and gave me a bunch of free product. They actually care about their customers. Their customer service is very knowledgeable too.

by SDS

I have only used the Vitabase Blood Sugar Formula for 2 days now. On the second day, my blood sugar was at least 150 points lower after taking the first pill for the morning and before my breakfast meal. I take the pill along with a cinnamin vitamin, but I have been taking the cinnamin by itself for months without any change in my blood sugar level. I will continue to monitor my blood sugar using the Vitabase product. But I am amazed so far.

It worked for me
by MGP

I was diagnosed with type II diabetes 3 years ago. I took the standard medication (metformin) and got the usual talk on eating correctly and losing weight. No matter what I did, my A1C was always 6.8 to 7.0.

I started to take Vitabase Blood Sugar formula six months ago along with my regular medication. I didn't expect an overnight change as your body metabolism has to adjust to it. Well yesterday I got the lowest A1C ever, 6.0. My doctor was thrilled even though I hadn't lost much weight. He said,"What ever you are taking, keep it up." Vitabase was the only change I had made to my regular diabetic medication. It works! I consider it part of my regular diabetic medication now.

Love this stuff
by Charles Cox

I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes in June of 2006. I followed my doctors instructions thoroughly, worked on cleaning up my diet, took an occasional walk and took my meds religiously. After 5 months, my blood sugar was down but not nearly enough to make the doctor happy. About that time, I discovered Blood Sugar Formula by Vitabase. I've taken it for about a year now. In April of 2007, my doctor lowered my dosage of Metformin by over 40% since my A1c test came back at 5.4. Another 5.4 A1c test in September prompted my doctor to lower again my medication. He’s puzzled about what’s going on in my body…. I am thrilled beyond belief. I believe that Blood Sugar Formula has helped my body naturally to process glucose and help keep my blood sugar down. Thanks Vitabase.

Extremely Pleased
by Ida

I just took the product for one day. I started with morning blood sugars of 278. The very next day my waking blood sugar was 194, granted it is still high but what an improvement. Durning the day normally I would run blood sugars of 200 to 235. Durning the first day I went as low a 117 and boy was I surprised. I feel better, my vision is clear and I will definetely continue using this product. Thanks for making it available to the public!!!!

Blind Faith by Value
by F. Benton

To date, I have gone through 4 orders of 4 bottles for 9 months.The effects are uyndecernable. I have had Diabetis 2 for about 4 years. My MD suggested Metformin. Being a die hard alternative medicine advocate, but very concerned of 300 readings, I took the poison for three months to get down under 200. I have tried several natural concoctions. no positives. The only thing that has worked, excercise 4x/week and one natural product called Glucomman (konjac root) by Natures Way. In 2 yrs. my A1C was respectively,11.8, 6.8, 7.2, 6.5. My weight 165 steady. I also take a vast array of vitamins. The Bood Sugar formula is a good VALUE if it works. The array of the formulation is excellent as vitamins go, so for the time being, I'll continue to take it for at least 1 1/2 yrs on hopes and BLIND FAITH.

Blood Sugar Formula probably helps some
by Allen Thompson

I have been taking Blood Sugar Formula for several months now along with the Diabutone my Naturopath recommends. While it is hard to separate out the effects, I do believe the product is helping regulate my blood sugar levels. This will be my third order of 4 bottles.

Worth a try
by Kyle

A good, innovative product. I tried the more expensive brands, and the Vitabase brand worked just as good. I take two before each meal and one at bedtime, and I can really tell a difference in my blood sugar levels when I miss a dose. I highly recommend this product to anyone with diabetes.

It really has helped me
by Stephen

Just as good if not better than the much more expensive Diabeticine(Diamaxol). I have been using Vitabase for about 4 months now. I was previously taking Actos and Byetta pen injections. It was costing me about $375 per month. I have been able to maintain normal blood sugar levels using Vitabase, along with diet and exercise. The cost savings is great.

Something is working?
by Chris

I was diagnosed as a pre-diabetic in May 2006. (A1c= 6.2) I started losing weight (lost 25 lbs), initiated a daily schedule of 40 min. aerobic exercise, and started taking Blood sugar formula along with cinnamon. Eight months later my A1c is 5.8. I do not know why my A1c dropped as it did. I also try to do 1000 push ups a week to build muscle tone and soak up excess glucose. What is interesting is that my HDL (good cholesterol) shot up 20% over the same period. All I know is something is working but I do not know what it is. I do not notice any side I am NOT interested in stopping...I have been given a second chance.

by andy

I have low blood sugar, and have used it as a dietary supplement. I would say that it definitely lives up to its claim about helping to stabilize blood glucose levels. My doctor also agrees.

by zach r

I bought this product for my father because he constantly has high blood sugar levels.

After taking this, it brought his levels down 20 points.

Great product!!

good product
by EF

A good, innovative product. May significantly help some diabetes suffers control their blood glucose levels. Great too, that it contains natural ingredients.

by JamesN

After taking this product my father who had a high blood pressure problem seemed to lower his blood pressure faster than expected. The doctor thought it was amazing at how fast it worked!

Not so great
by sandra

I have used this to help control my blood sugar levels and have not really noticed a difference. I don't feel any different, and my testing has shown no improvement. I cannot say I recommend this product.

Great product and value!
by Jeffrey Summers

I am a type I diabetic and I noticed better control of my glucose levels!

Blood Sugar Formula
by Cassandra Cooper

I have found this product to be extremely helpful in balancing my blood sugar levels. As a result, it helps me manage my weight. I have a history of PCOS with Insulin Resistance; this product has helped me manage the symptoms of these health challenges.

Blood Sugar Formula
by Earl Ramsey

Good product.

Blood Sugar Formula
by S Schmidt

With a change in other prescriptions meds which may have contributed to high blood sugar levels, this product sped up the recovery process. My blood sugar levels are closer to normal, and I worry less about every carb I eat now.

Blood sugar formula
by christel butler

Has helped keep blood sugar levels down. I especially appreciate not having to go to the health food store to purchase this item.

Blood Sugar Formula
by Kurt Chandler

It has good press, but I ordered it due to the ingredients. Another product has the same ingredients for much higher price. I tried ordering both and found no difference between them. I did not seem have the decrease in blood sugar that the other product advertised but my blood sugar has been lower. I was averaging 190 and now average 160, but the doctor says that is still too high and have also been taking additional metaformin. So I think the blood sugar formula has been beneficial, but since I am large I may need much more than I have been taking. The real reason I have been taking it because an Indian healer I work with says that juniper berries are good to heal diabetes and it has juniper berries. So I have been feeling better with lower blood sugar, but can't guarantee if it was the Blood Sugar Formula or what.

Blood Sugar Formula
by Sharon Williams

This product has helped my husband better than the prescriptions he took.

by Emma L. Walters

I have mostly been able to maintain my blood sugars quite well with my diet, with the exception of during the night. My blood sugars rise and they are higher than I would like them to be in the morning. For this reason I have tried Blood sugar formula and my sugars during the day have dropped dramatically. Over all, I am very pleased with this formula. I will be continuing to take it. Thank you.

this is working
by Dena

My husband has been able to significantly lower the dosage of diabetic medication and is hoping to be able to stop it completely someday.

useful cocktail
by Paul Merling

I have found this item useful in blood sugar control. I would recommend that one pause using it for 3-4 days every month and then start again. I have been satisfied with this item.

Blood Sugar Formula
by Art in Pa.

After being diagnosed with type II diabetes, and after trying several diabetic medicines, each with its own adverse reactions. I then decided I would try the natural course of action. I went on the Blood Sugar Formula, which did lower my blood sugar levels. However I also went on a mild exercise program and started to follow the GL diet. As a total package, my blood sugar levels have dropped dramatically. When it comes to diabetes, there is no easier, softer way.

Blood Sugar Formula
by Dan Moore

I have been using vitabase for about 4 months now. I was previously taking Actos and Byetta pen injections. It was costing me about $375 per month. I have been able to maintain normal blood sugar levels using vitabase, along with diet and exercise. The cost savings is great.

Blood Sugar Formula Manufactured by Vitabase
by S. D. Smith

Information is critical. It does not say anything about what effect each ingredient is supposed to have, and whether overall the formula is directed to having the body produce more insulin, or, to reduce insulin "resistance". Also a comment upon potency and effectiveness would be nice.

Blood Sugar Formula
by J. A. Martin

Unfortunatey, your Blood Sugar Formula had no positive effect on my blood sugar levels. I guess the positive side is that it did not have negative effects either.

Worth a try
by Maurice Pinner

Before taking this supplement I used to feel sluggish, as if my blood was not doing it's job. After 4 weeks, I started to feel more lively and needed less sleep. Now my energy levels are much better, I get almost no night cramp and my sugar levels are still dropping. I would recommend anyone with type 2 to try it.

Before some years
by dusan sekerka

Greetings from Slovakia.
Why I bought Blood sugar formula? Before ten years old I had acute pancreatitis. I was six weeks in hospital and I lost 20 kg. from my weight. Before 5-6 years old doctors told me that I have slightly higher sugar. Before one or two years I encounter on Techmedica ads on internet - but after some time I realized that they are very costly. I was looking for another product on internet and - I found Blood sugar formula with the same composition. Right now I use these product, I take one capsule daily without any medications and my sugar is ok. I recommend that product to other people, too. I think that product is very good and seller has very good behavior because he sells that product at fair prices.
Sincerely, Dusan

Blood Sugar Formula
by Beverley White

I tried the more expensive brands, and the Vitabase brand worked just as good. I take two before each meal and one at bedtime, and I can really tell a difference in my blood sugar levels when I miss a dose. I highly recommend this product to anyone with diabetes.

Good value
by Helen

I bought Blood Sugar Formula for my mama who suffers from diabetes II. She is on B.S.F for about two months. She said that she noticed a slight decline of her numbers, but for sure she has to keep using it for better results.
Good value for its money.

Blood Sugar Formula
by Richard J. Sentz

Value - great, effectiveness and quality - good.

Blood Sugar Formula
by Paul C

I am unclear whether it helped lower my blood sugar. Diet and exercise have the most effect, and it's difficult to do a controlled study of one person. The price is good, and as others have noted, it's the same formulation as Diabeticine, so no need to waste your money on that. Two of the bottles arrived with many broken pills, but I never pursued a fix with Vitabase. I'm pretty sure they would've sent out some replacements.

Worth Sticking With
by Bertha

I have been type II diabetic for a few years so it's taking longer to work in me. I have seen a little improvement at a time. My mother on the other hand, was pre-diabetic until she started taking this formula. She has had normal blood sugar levels since day 3 of taking it.

by William Pryor

It helps lower my blood sugar level.

Losing weight with Blood Sugar Formula
by Jay P

When I started taking Blood Sugar Formula, my blood sugar became more stabilized. It didn't cure me of Type II Diabetes, but it reduced the effects of it substantially enough, that I began feeling better every day. My thinking was clearer and I had renewed physical stamina. I highly recommend "Blood Sugar Formula."

Blood Sugar Formula
by Dan

I have been using Blood Sugar Formula for about 5 months along with some Cinnamon tablets once in a while. Way before I started taking this product, about a year ago I was tested at and A1C level of 8.3. I then went on a stricter diet and in 3 months my A1C was down to 5.9. This was before i started taking the product. I then started taking the Blood Sugar Formula and some Cinnamon capsules shortly after that and also changed my diet to a more normal diet and was tested 6 month later(45 days ago) and my A1C was now 6.7 which is much improved from the 8.3 reading almost a year earlier and basically eating the same as I was back then. It seems to be doing some good but I expected more change. I am willing to keep using the product to see if it starts working any better in the future. The price of the product is great but only if it works. I weigh around 360 lbs and I started out using 2-4 of the capsules at first as directed by the company and I am still using 2 capsules morning and evening religiously along with the cinnamon. I am not sure of what is happening really so more testing is needed.

Blood Sugar Formula
by marvin

It does make you feel full after eating some food. I haven't seen a significant drop of my blood sugar yet. I believe you have to take this product for more than 20 weeks to see a difference.

Very Satisfied
by Bob W.

Just as good if not better than the much more expensive Diabeticine(Diamaxol)

It really has helped me
by Jackie

My blood sugar not only gets high, but it goes very low sometimes too. This formula has helped me even that out, don't get those 'low blood sugar' episodes when I take it. Also I've found that I don't get yeasty anymore.
I gave a bottle to a friend who had worse symptoms than I, she said it helped her too, it took about 2 weeks before she noticed a difference.
I have noticed no side effects, don't feel sick or anything when I take it, just notice that I don't have those episodes or yeast infections. I've been taking it (when I remember) for a number of months now.
I'm very happy with this product and will buy more when I run out.

Great product, great price
by Nathan

Am very happy to find such an affordable product that actually seems to be helping. I will continue to purchase this product on a regular basis.

Wow what a deal!
by Bret Stevens

Did not realize that this is the exact same formula as Diamaxol which I used to pay $70 for. The product seems to work equally well.

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Wonderful critics! It seems we have discovered the cure of diabetes! Everyone seems to have extraordinary effects. Not me. I´ve been using this product for a long time now and it simply doesn´t work for me.

I have type 2 Diabetes
by Leigh B.

r I have numerous health issues and one is type 2 diabetes for 12 yrs.. I have tried almost every inexpensive and expensive regular medicine for diabetes. I was scheduled to pick up even more useless meds yesterday. I have tried 6 different other natural formulas. I received my order of 1 bottle ofthe Blood Sugar Formula yesterday. It worked within 35 minutes the first time I used it and all day today. I couldn't get my blood sugar any lower then 170 for 10 yrs. and now it is 98. This is the first time I ate a piece of bread and it didn't go to 190 or more.. I am back for three more bottles. I do feel alittle weak but its just I'm not used to my blood sugar being so perfect. You must eat something within 35 minutes and still watch your diet and exercise. My husband already told some of his friends about this great product. Thanks Vitabase