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Blood Sugar Balance

A special formula used as part of the diet to help keep blood sugar levels within the normal range. An effective Chinese herbal formula used as part of the diet for hundreds of years.

Calcium sulfate - Minimizes intestinal fermentation and yeast action, a factor in blood sugar stability.
Oryza seed (glutinous rice) - Includes starches that do not ferment in the intestinal tract. When combined with calcium sulfate, helps support proper acid base balance of both the intestines and blood. Provides sugars that can be stored in the liver and released as needed.
Anamarrhena root - Used for many years as part of the diet in China to help stabilize blood sugar.
Ginseng root - Traditionally used by the Chinese to support and stimulate proper gland function.
Licorice Root - The Chinese use licorice to stimulate, support, and harmonize or balance gland function. Its nutritional properties blend with the other herbs and it enhances this formula for optimum effect.

Unique Chinese Herbal Formula: Blood Sugar Balance is a unique and highly effective Chinese herbal formula used as part of the diet for balancing blood sugar that has been used in the Orient for hundreds of years. It is 100% natural.
Product: Blood Sugar Balance
Brand: Ridgecrest Herbals, Inc. (More Products)
Size: 60 Tablets
Dosage: 2 Tablets daily
Retail: $13.99
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3 Customer Reviews

Blood Sugar Balance
by Sandy

Diabetes has been in our family for years. My grandfather suffers from it and is on insulin. I have been borderline for years so I decided to try this product. It has been great and effective in keeping my blood sugar on target. I have more energy now than ever and I attribute this to this product. Would recommend to people but would also recommend to consult your physician if you are diabetic.

by Candice

My father is a Workaholic. That plus his diabetes makes for a horrid combination. He has been through many different drug combos and all create havoc with his blood sugar. I bought this product in hopes it would give him a helping hand in controlling his blood sugar with his busy schedule, and in the three months he has been taking this, he says his blood sugar has been real good!

Works well!
by Herman

My grandpa has been diagnosed with diabetes for a while now and ever since, he hasn't been the same person. Usually, every morning he would wake up to exercise at the park. After the diabetes, he couldn't. I bought Blood Sugar Balance to help him get his energy back and ever since, hes been back to his old self!