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Blood Sugar Formula

Blood Sugar Formula is specially formulated to help maintain normal blood sugar levels.

Contains essential vitamins, minerals and herbs (including bitter melon, gymnema sylvestra, and guggle) that have traditionally been used to regulate blood sugar levels.

Blood sugar formula contains all the antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, herbs, and amino acids traditionally used to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Each ingredient in our blood sugar formula is carefully chosen for its unique properties and its positive effects on blood sugar levels. Included in the formula are Chromium, Bitter Melon Extract, Juniper Berries, Gymnema Sylvestre and much more.
Product: Blood Sugar Formula
Brand: Vitabase (More Products)
Size: 60 Capsules
Dosage: 1 Capsule 3 times daily
Retail: $14.45
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57 Customer Reviews

So Impressed!
by Sandy B

I have been using this formula for about three months now. I am so happy that my after meal blood sugars don't go over 130 and my morning number has also come down by about 20 points. My A1c is now at 6.0. It used to be 6.8. I was so impressed that I gave my Mom a bottle. Within 5 days her after meal numbers went down from over 200 to about 140 and her morning readings were under 90. As a result, she has had to lower the amount of insulin she takes. Now my brother has also started taking this. It does work best to take it at least 40 minutes before a meal. As a side note, I do take extra biotin & chromium besides the Blood Sugar Formula

by Robert Y

Omg it works, myA1C was 9.2 before using the blood sugar formula.Now it is a 7.5 3months later. My doctor was estacic.Thanks for a great product,hope it keeps dropping.

Pretty Good
by Paul

Recommend this to any Type 1 person. Taken 30-45 minutes before meals and seems sugar is almost impossible to go over 120! You must lower your insulin dose or you will bottom out so be careful till you get used to this stuff. This formula combined with LOTS of exercise and I can almost take no fast acting at all.

Great stuff
by David Dean

Incredible. I have been very impressed with this product. Great company as well. Will take it for as long as I can.

by Carrie Darling

Metfornin make me feel malaise so I looked elsewhere. This product keeps me at 120 if I take it 35 minutes before eating a very low carb meal. I would much rather take this and feel good and have less neuropathy and blurry eyes. Its less expensive too.

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2 Customer Opinions

by soulin21@yahoo.es

Wonderful critics! It seems we have discovered the cure of diabetes! Everyone seems to have extraordinary effects. Not me. I´ve been using this product for a long time now and it simply doesn´t work for me.

I have type 2 Diabetes
by Leigh B.

r I have numerous health issues and one is type 2 diabetes for 12 yrs.. I have tried almost every inexpensive and expensive regular medicine for diabetes. I was scheduled to pick up even more useless meds yesterday. I have tried 6 different other natural formulas. I received my order of 1 bottle ofthe Blood Sugar Formula yesterday. It worked within 35 minutes the first time I used it and all day today. I couldn't get my blood sugar any lower then 170 for 10 yrs. and now it is 98. This is the first time I ate a piece of bread and it didn't go to 190 or more.. I am back for three more bottles. I do feel alittle weak but its just I'm not used to my blood sugar being so perfect. You must eat something within 35 minutes and still watch your diet and exercise. My husband already told some of his friends about this great product. Thanks Vitabase

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