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Prelief Acid Relief

Prelief is made from calcium glycerophosphate, a compound that is categorized by the FDA as being Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS). Use with acidic foods and beverages for more comfortable eating.

In addition, Prelief delivers a remarkable source of calcium; far more available to the body than calcium carbonate. Each tablet contains 65 mg of calcium.
Product: Prelief Acid Relief
Brand: AkPharma Inc (More Products)
Size: 60 tablets
Dosage: 2 tablets 3 times daily
Retail: $7.69
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20 Customer Reviews

Great product if you use it right
by Alyssa

I am sixteen years old and about a year ago I srted having severe acid attacks. I don't have acid-reflux, but occasionally my stomach over produces acid and causes extreme pain and damage to my stomach, intestines, and esophagus. I was put on Protonix for several months, which is a prescription antacid, which got rid of the pain but it would always come back about a month later. After losing my health insurance, I desperatly began a search for an over-the-counter medicine to prevent the pain from coming back. I was reading a health magazine and came across an ad for Prelief, so I gave it a try. It had done wonders for me. I have to take two pills three times a day in order which greatly prevents the pain, however it does not help at all when the pain comes back. I just simply have to remember to take these pills every day and my life is much less painful. I would recommend this product, but remember you have to take quite a few pills every day for it to work.

Good Price, Terrible Product
by A. Rush

My dad tried to use this product. He has always suffered from heartburn and stumbled across this inexpensive product. Boy did the price show it's value for this product. I also suffer from heartburn and acid reflux, however, after getting the word from my dad I would not try this product at all.

Didn't work
by Pattie

My husband has frequent heartburn and acid reflux and tried taking these to help with both. Even though they were cheap enough, they didn't provide enough relief for him. No matter what he tried, they didn't even seem to take the edge off. Even mild coffee blends still irritated him.

I just won't quit.
by Sharon

My husband suffers from frequent acid-reflux. He has tried many over-the-counter remedies, and sadly to say this is not one we will be purchasing again. While he did say that it took a slight edge off, it did not eliminate the reflux or provide 'comfortable eating' as it claims.

Prelief not so good
by Marianne M

I have had a problem with heartburn for a few years now. I love orange juice and tomato sauce so it killed me that I couldn't eat it often, unless I wanted to get heartburn. I usually carry antacid tablets everywhere I go, but I forgot them when I went on vacation. I stopped into the local pharmacy and saw Prelief. I read the back and it sounded like a great product. I was on vacation & I wanted to be able to eat whatever I wanted. I took Prelief as soon as I got back to the hotel. That night after dinner I still got heartburn. I took it over the course of the week and it still didn't work. I wouldn't recommend this product.

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