f Enzymatic Therapy Heartburn Free 1000 mg Reviews and Information

Heartburn Free 1000 mg

This patented product delivers relief from occasional heartburn, acid indigestion, and upset stomach.† Its key ingredient, orange peel extract (ROH10®), provides lasting relief without shutting down the production of stomach acid
Product: Heartburn Free 1000 mg
Brand: Enzymatic Therapy (More Products)
Size: 10 softgels
Dosage: 1 softgel every other day for 20 days
Retail: $29.95
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37 Customer Reviews

by Denise

I was advised to take this product for my acid reflux by my acupuncturist. I found this item did not work for me at all - I took the full dosage as the package directions read and never once did it stop my heartburn. I was disappointed with this product and it was quite costly.

by LizC

It relieved the heartburn, but unfortunately my blood pressure went up, so I stopped using it. I also notice that when I took it, my whole body seem to tasted 'orange' for a while, which subsided.

Very great product
by Tom

Being a sufferer of heartburn and indigestion, this product proved it can be just as if not more effective than prilosec and those top brands.

by Heather

I recently tried this product, and it really did work. Most other heartburn products you have to take a lot and eventually it works, but not with this. It works so great, I would highly recommend for anyone who gets heartburn, especially at night.

Feeling Great Again
by Jim

Heartburn Free has been the greatest product I've ever tried. !983 I was told I had a hiadle hernia and to cut out foods from my diet that causes heartburn. In the early 90's was put on Prilosec, then Zantec which I had to take every day or my heartburn would get so bad that I would be in pain for days until the pills would start working again. I took Heartburn Free as directed and 3 months later I am still Free from my heartburn. I see a lot of people saying how pricey this product is, but I would have spent much more on over the counter products. Going from Heartburn every day for 20+ years to NO heartburn for 3 months is Heaven on Earth.

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