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Acid Redux 700 mg

Acid ReduxT is an all-natural proprietary blend of acid buffering agents that may comfort the digestive system and help promote proper body pH levels.

Body pH refers to the level of acidity or alkalinity of the blood or other body fluids. There is some evidence that suggests maintaining a slightly alkaline body pH is beneficial for health. An acidic body environment may negatively influence the body's absorption of protein and minerals, as well as interfere with the production of enzymes and hormones. Several conditions, including gout, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia and more, are believed to be caused or exacerbated by an acidic body pH.

Acid ReduxT includes a combination of alkaline substances that may promote proper body pH levels, which can be especially important for individuals whose diets are heavy in acidic foods and beverages (including soft drinks, coffee, alcohol, meat, cheese, bread, pasta, rice, ketchup, table salt, sweeteners and more).
Product: Acid Redux 700 mg
Brand: Nutraceutical Sciences Institute (More Products)
Size: 240 Capsules
Dosage: 2 capsules 1-4 times daily
Retail: $39.99
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16 Customer Reviews

by Jack

Works fast and does what it is suppose to do.

by Matt Harris

I think this product works very well, considering most OTC acid reflux meds are highly priced this product was more worth it.

Acid of any kind is bad
by Q

My mother had suffered from ulcers caused by acid reflux. She was told by a doctor to try some products and this one was one of them. She noticed improvement and continues to use it. I am pretty sure it works as my mother is pretty skeptical and if she endorses something its likely there is value in it.

Acid Redux
by rachel anderson

I have had stomach problems for about 2 years now. I have tried many OTC medicines. There's a few a like but Acid Redux is my number one. I can take it and feel great for hours. It actually helps my mood also. The price is a little high, but when you consider that it works, and works for hours it's worth it.

Acid Redux
by Brenda B.

This product is a great product. My husband has been eating rolaids like they are candy the last few years, but since he has started using redux, he has seemed to get his heartburn under control. He is very happy with Redux, he says they do work, and they work great.

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