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Great product if you use it right
by Alyssa

I am sixteen years old and about a year ago I srted having severe acid attacks. I don't have acid-reflux, but occasionally my stomach over produces acid and causes extreme pain and damage to my stomach, intestines, and esophagus. I was put on Protonix for several months, which is a prescription antacid, which got rid of the pain but it would always come back about a month later. After losing my health insurance, I desperatly began a search for an over-the-counter medicine to prevent the pain from coming back. I was reading a health magazine and came across an ad for Prelief, so I gave it a try. It had done wonders for me. I have to take two pills three times a day in order which greatly prevents the pain, however it does not help at all when the pain comes back. I just simply have to remember to take these pills every day and my life is much less painful. I would recommend this product, but remember you have to take quite a few pills every day for it to work.

Good Price, Terrible Product
by A. Rush

My dad tried to use this product. He has always suffered from heartburn and stumbled across this inexpensive product. Boy did the price show it's value for this product. I also suffer from heartburn and acid reflux, however, after getting the word from my dad I would not try this product at all.

Didn't work
by Pattie

My husband has frequent heartburn and acid reflux and tried taking these to help with both. Even though they were cheap enough, they didn't provide enough relief for him. No matter what he tried, they didn't even seem to take the edge off. Even mild coffee blends still irritated him.

I just won't quit.
by Sharon

My husband suffers from frequent acid-reflux. He has tried many over-the-counter remedies, and sadly to say this is not one we will be purchasing again. While he did say that it took a slight edge off, it did not eliminate the reflux or provide 'comfortable eating' as it claims.

Prelief not so good
by Marianne M

I have had a problem with heartburn for a few years now. I love orange juice and tomato sauce so it killed me that I couldn't eat it often, unless I wanted to get heartburn. I usually carry antacid tablets everywhere I go, but I forgot them when I went on vacation. I stopped into the local pharmacy and saw Prelief. I read the back and it sounded like a great product. I was on vacation & I wanted to be able to eat whatever I wanted. I took Prelief as soon as I got back to the hotel. That night after dinner I still got heartburn. I took it over the course of the week and it still didn't work. I wouldn't recommend this product.

by Kevin

Helps Neutralize Acidy Foods. Use it when you eat and be comfortable after. Prelief is a dietary supplement, not a drug. Prelief helps neutralize acidy foods to keep you comfortable afterward. Now you can enjoy tomato sauce, coffee, orange juice and all kinds of other acidy foods, it worked great for me!!!

Still searching
by Kristie Wright

I have tried many OTC heartburn relief products. I took this as directed and still suffered from heartburn. I will say the heartburn did not seem like it was as bad, but it was still there. It might work better for a person who has an occasional bout of heartburn. I won't buy it again due to the fact that it did not rid me of the heartburn.

Still Burning....
by JJ

I picked this product up one day, hoping it could replace those other bad tasting antacids. I took it as directed 3 times a day. With some foods it did help a little bit. But, when I ate my favs, like, oranges or any citrus fruit, it didn't help at all. Some other foods it didn't help were onions, spaghetti sauce and ginger flavored foods.

No Relief!
by momof2

I took these for my heartburn and had no relief. I was really disappointed. I was counting on taking something natural for my heartburn, but I now have returned to my prescription medicine.

Not much good
by Jessica

I have tried other products that worked much better. This provided very slight relief from heartburn and was not very easy to remember to take. If you want something that works quickly and you don't have to take it before you eat, this isn't for you.

Highly Recommend It
by Dave

This medication is great! I tried Rantidine but it did not quite take care of the problem. With this medication I feel no heartburn at all. I only have to use it once a day! I HIGHLY recommend it. It is worth every penny!

I've had better
by Jill S.

I was hoping that Prelief would be a cure all for my heartburn. It did seem to help some but I have tried other products that seem to be more effective for me. Also, the dosage can be a lot to remember throughout the day.( 2 tablets 3 times a day)

Mixed Reviews
by Denise

I bought Prelief hoping that it would be a natural solution to the heartburn that I get from tomatoes and other acidic foods. Unfortunately, it did not work for me. However it has provided some relief for two of my family members who have tried it. I won't be purchasing this again, but it may work for some people.

Prelief Acid Relief
by Dorene

Anytime I eat anything spicy I get heartburn. I started taking this a few months ago and it really helps. It works fast and is natural. My Husband and I both love it!

Horrible Product
by Jody

I think this product actually made my heartburn worse. It's great that the manufacturer is trying to solve a very real problem with a natural solution, but if it doesn't work, what's the point? Prescription options and Tums are the only things that have worked for me.

Worthy Contender
by Erik

While there are, indeed, many products in the field of acid neutralization, Prelief is the all natural alternative. I was somewhat skeptical at first, as I tend not to trust all natural supplements, but this truly won me over. My wife and I love our spicy foods and occasionally suffer from the unfortunate experience of heartburn. We both have tried many different products (prescription and non); some are effective, others are useless. In my opinion, Prelief definitely is a worthy contender out there. I definitely recommend this to those of you out there searching for a healthier means to treat your heartburn.

Terrible Product
by Christy Ward

DO NOT buy Prelief if you are looking for an antacid product. First of all, it plainly tells you it works best if taken with acidic foods. Acid is what you are trying to get rid of! So, why would someone eat more acidic foods? Makes no sense, product simply does not work. Seems to me they are trying to give you acid indigestion just so they can claim to get rid of it!

Natural and Effective
by Ellisha

I really like the fact that I could get the same heartburn relief with this product that I get with my prescription. I love that it is natural and it seems to work fast!

All Natural Approach to annoying heartburn
by Candace Gibson

This was an all natural way to deal with my heartburn and it works as well as over the counter products for me. No chemicals, and all natural is the way to go.

Good, Natural Heartburn Relief
by Michele Fair

I always try to stick with products that contain the least amount of synthetics as possible, yet work as well as those most commonly found in drugstores. Prelief works great for me, and I make sure to take it every time I eat something acidic or spicy. This prevents the pain of heartburn, and the product is gentle and safe to use.

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