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I have taken this product which has made me sick, very sick. I used to take Alove Vera gel which worked wonders. I thouhgt I would try this pill form so I could take it with me to work and travel. I had a headache, nausea, dizziness and constipation. I stopped this and within 48hours, give or take, I felt 100% better with none of the above symptoms. I cannot locate the email site or address to return the unopened bottles. There was also no packing invoice in the box when I received the pills. Does anyone know the address???? They order was $128.95 and I now feel that I am being RIPPED OFF!! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!! Use the liquid gel ALOE VERA which produces BETTER results and you will NOT get sick or ripped off as I have.


I have been taken Gastric Gold since last year. I cannot take the capsule form due to hard of swallowing. Therefore, I always break the capsule open and take the powdered form of the pill. I've just ordered new Gastric Gold several weeks ago, and found the taste is completely different. It tastes like BAKING SODA. Therefore, I tried other capsules and they all taste the same unlike the slightly sweet taste from before. I've tried to contact the company , but was unsuccessful. No live representative can be reached. The E-mail server was not found. Now, I am stuck with the product.

Discaunt for every body
by Maria Morales

Is a good product but when the economic problems was affected in the wallet to every body, is important the price for sale. my Retail price is $95.00 and free shipping.

Gastric Gold
by frank cohen

Greeat Stuff!!!

It saved my life!!!

No more harmful drugs.

I can eat again
by Tian

I was diagnosed with acid reflux and gastritis about six months ago. Eating a lot of the foods that I was accustomed to was out of the question. The doctor recommended me for Gastric Gold. I can now enjoy my food again. I don't have the bloating and the pain and the uncomfortable pressure on my upper stomach. I don't drink them every day now because I have seen improvement, but when my stomach starts to act up again I know that there is relief in sight. Thank you, Gastric Gold.

by Herman

Heartburn begone! While the price may not be very affordable, it does the trick. I take a tablet in the morning and a tablet at night and it seems to work fine. Food that would normally cause heartburn or discomfort hadn't been a problem since I started using Gastric Gold.

Enjoy Your Food
by Dave

This product worked great for me. I've been so used to just drinking Mylanta or Pepto that taking a small pill of Gastric Gold was a great change. I like that I can take it prior to eating foods that will normally upset my stomach and the upset is prevented. I can now enjoy just about any food without acid discomfort.

A Golden Product!
by Albert

Just recently I started to have some major digestive problems. My doctor recommended if I take precautions now that it would be better for me in the long run. He recommended me this and I have never been happier. The product is a little bit expensive, but you are paying for your health here which is a small price to pay. Two thumbs up and I recommend this to everyone. You won't regret it!

Gastic Gold Works!
by Denise Grier

I have had digestive problems for years; acid reflux, heartburn and irritable bowel syndrome. Having no health insurance to afford the very expensive prescription medications for these maladies, I bought Gastric Gold. Within weeks, my digestive problems seemed to have completely disappeared! Now Gastric Gold is an essential part of my daily regime.

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