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by lindy turner

This works really well at getting rid of heartburn - its one of my favorites -- this company has some really good products and they are all natural you can usually find them at a herb shop.

Not effective
by Jen

My brother has horrible acid reflex. He has tried many products, and says that this is by far one of the worst. He gets no relief from this product. This product was not worth the money spent.

The Search Continues
by monica

I've tried a lot of different heartburn medicines. This one tends to help a little, but it takes about 45 minutes to begin working. Even after 45 min. it doesn't completely relieve the symptoms. It's not as expensive as the more reputable brands, but you get what you pay for.

by Phil Young

I get heartburn after spicy and Mexican foods, and I need instant relief. With Acidil, I do not get instant relief. In fact, I do not get relief at all. This is a cheap product that does not get the job done.

Complete Relief
by Dave

Acidil is one of my favorite antacids. It comes in a convenient pill form so you don't have to swallow or chew any bad tasting medicine. It doesn't work as fast as some of the other products but it's much more reliable. I've never had to take more than one dose of Acidil whereas some of the others I've had to take several times before I had complete relief.

Doesn't work--at all.
by Francesca Muir

I've liked other Boiron products, but this one simply doesn't work. While it may work for "sour stomach," it has no effect on acid indigestion. For that, you need something more powerful than a homespathic remedy.

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