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by Denise

I was advised to take this product for my acid reflux by my acupuncturist. I found this item did not work for me at all - I took the full dosage as the package directions read and never once did it stop my heartburn. I was disappointed with this product and it was quite costly.

by LizC

It relieved the heartburn, but unfortunately my blood pressure went up, so I stopped using it. I also notice that when I took it, my whole body seem to tasted 'orange' for a while, which subsided.

Very great product
by Tom

Being a sufferer of heartburn and indigestion, this product proved it can be just as if not more effective than prilosec and those top brands.

by Heather

I recently tried this product, and it really did work. Most other heartburn products you have to take a lot and eventually it works, but not with this. It works so great, I would highly recommend for anyone who gets heartburn, especially at night.

Feeling Great Again
by Jim

Heartburn Free has been the greatest product I've ever tried. !983 I was told I had a hiadle hernia and to cut out foods from my diet that causes heartburn. In the early 90's was put on Prilosec, then Zantec which I had to take every day or my heartburn would get so bad that I would be in pain for days until the pills would start working again. I took Heartburn Free as directed and 3 months later I am still Free from my heartburn. I see a lot of people saying how pricey this product is, but I would have spent much more on over the counter products. Going from Heartburn every day for 20+ years to NO heartburn for 3 months is Heaven on Earth.

Subsides the burn.
by Sharon

My husband suffers from frequent acid-reflux, and as a result we have purchased many different potential remedies. Heartburn Free was actually an alright fix. The price for the dosage is a little steep, and we are currently looking into a prescription, but this is worth a try!

Works Wonders
by Kyle

Amazing product. It has reduced my heartburn so much during the past few months that I feel a lot better now. I had terrible heartburn and was taking Pepcid and other OTC medicines but nothing helped me as much as this one.

good one
by Arvinder

This product is great in every aspect. The burning sensation which was a great concern for me after I ate anything spicy is gone now. I can enjoy food of any kind and of any amount because of this product. I am using it for 15 days now and results are incredible. Thanks to Heartburn Free 1000 mg.

Helps somewhat....
by Mark

Heartburn Free has mildly helped stop the acid feeling in my stomach. I have found other products which seem to work better such as PrevAcid and Prilosec. I use Prilosec because Heartburn Free was not quite enough. It did help to ease the pain, but not completely stop it.

Stops the burn
by ed

I suffer from frequent heartburn, and this stuff stops it cold. I've tried a lot of other treatments that cost less, but heartburn free simply works better and faster. I would have given it a higher rating if it wasn't so expensive.

My Neighbor Swears by it
by AJ Goldberg

My neighbor, who's in his fifties, had chronic heartburn. If we were going to hang out, it meant absolutely no eating food [unless I wanted gruel and spring water]. With Heartburn Free, we've been able to go out a lot more often; he takes the pill, and heartburn isn't a factor. It's a bit pricey, sure, but I'd rather enjoy a lifetime of eating what I want instead of a few extra dollars in my bank account.

by Kevin

I was diagnosed with CPD and acid reflux and prescribed multiple medicines that I was told I would probably have to take for the rest of my life. I actually had asthma brought on by gas entering my lungs relating from heartburn and an irritated esophagus. I stopped the prescriptions and took Heartburn Free and had immediate relief. Slight symptoms returned twice in over 2 years and were easily treated with only two capsules each episode. That was over a year ago. I'm not advising anyone to follow my example, but I had to share my experience with the wonderful product.

OK, But Not Cheap
by LKH

My brother started getting fairly terrible heartburn about a year ago. His doctor started him off on a prescription product, which he promptly discontinued because it was costing him too much out-of-pocket. Then he started taking "the purple pill," which worked OK, but still resulted in a few symptoms of heartburn. A friend recommended this one and he said that it works pretty well as a preemptive solution. He liked that it was only required to be taken every other day and that there were very few side-effects and a lot of relief. However, for Christmas he got a bunch of Prilosec from Costco, so he's decided to switch back for the time being.

Works Fast!
by Jill S.

This is the only heartburn pain reliever my husband will use. He suffers from chronic heartburn and he raves at how fast this enzymatic therapy works. He gets fast relief and is able to eat anything his heart desires. I have recommended this to my brother in law who suffers from acid reflux. He also has had great results from Heartburn Free.

Contains the Grease
by Robert

I took the recommended dosage of this and no longer experienced that burning, uncomfortable sensation in my stomach every time I eat fast food or fried food. I don't have to worry about what to order anymore when I go out.

Eat what I want!
by drew.amp

I had a serious case of heartburn after I would eat any spicy foods, however this has taken away my heartburn. I can finally go to eat out with my family at our local Mexican Grill! I do not know what I would do without this pill.

Works Wonders
by Tami

I tried every product for my heartburn, some work but don't last long. So I tried Heartburn Free 1000mg. This product works good in 30 mins, (before I eat food). So far, no heartburn for me. It's expensive but it's worth it.

by Dave

I have been taking Heartburn Free for a long time. The only medication that equals it is Nexium (prescription). I can't praise it enough. I call it my "Miracle Pill". Without it, I would be back in the hospital taking IV fluids ever so often. I also have reflux (GERD), and I can't think of anything that burns so bad. I wish the manufacturer would find an easier way to package it. A bottle would be great.

Heartburn Free 1000mg
by carol1560

I always get heartburn from eating chocolate in the evenings. I tried other brands, but this one seems so much stronger. I works well and I will continue to use this product and it is easy to obtain.

Heartburn Free...
by Dan the way to be. This product works like magic. I always get heartburn after I eat spicy foods (which are my favorite) so I've started taking Heartburn Free an hour before I eat. So far, it's been 100% completely effective. I haven't suffered once from heartburn since starting to take it.

Excellent Heartburn Relief!
by Erika Gunther

My mom has had heartburn almost her entire life. Her friend recommended this product to her a few months ago, and she has been using it ever since. She's found that it definitely does the trick for her. She's so happy to have found this product.

It worked for me
by Bethany

When I was pregnant, I had bad heartburn. I tried everything over the counter. I bought this. I thought the price was high. But I didn't complain when it worked wonders for me.

Works! not during pregnancy
by dee

I suffer from heartburn and reflux and it reached its peak during pregnancy. I asked my doctor but I could not take this during pregnancy. After I gave birth I started taking this product and it was wonderful!! It took a while for it to work but it was lasting comfort for me especially at night when I think the heartburn was the worst.

Work in less than 30 Minutes
by Phil Young

Heartburn Free is the number one heartburn reliever and preventer. I take it before all my major meals and I have not gotten heartburn since.

Not A Quick Fix
by Christy Ward

Heartburn Free is okay if you take it a few hours before expecting heartburn. But, who can predict a heartburn attack? Also, if you puncture the tablet before swallowing, it will work faster but not on a severe case of heartburn. This product works only if you have a mild burn, not worth the effort to wait for it to work, by then your heartburn has subsided anyways.

Heartburn free!
by Angel C.

My sister uses this product for her everyday heartburn and indigestion after trying lots of products which didn't work. After eating hot or spicy food she takes this and experiences no heartburn or upset stomach whatsoever. I've known her to have an amazingly sensitive stomach which always reacts to her daily spicy food consuming but with these pills she's able to enjoy the food she loves with no painful indigestion.

Feels much better
by Mindy

Ever since I had my first child, I have a terrible time with heartburn. I heard about this product through my grandmother and thought I would give it a try. Although it is on the pricey side, it did work for me. Especially when it hits night.

Fiance swears by it.
by Jessica

My fiance gets terrible heartburn at least 5 times a week. We used to go through Rolaids and Tums like candy. We even had to buy the fruity flavored versions so it wouldn't make him sick of eating them! But this kept his heartburn away for the entire night, even if he took the pill a few hours before, which was something the Rolaids couldn't do. Definitely appreciate this product, and now my fiance can enjoy pasta again!

Great product
by Blueberry

This is an amazing product. It has reduced my heartburn so much during the past few months that I feel a lot better now. I had terrible heartburn and was taking Pepcid and other OTC medicines but nothing helped me as much as this one.

This really works!
by Melissa

I had been suffering with heartburn for 3 years, and taking a well known prescription for it. Nothing seemed to help. On my many searches on the web to find relief, I came across this wonder drug and decided to buy it. After only a few days of taking it, to my surprise my heartburn went away. After 3 years of suffering and wasting my money on the no good prescription, I found my relief in this great product. Now I don't worry about eating any foods anymore.

Perfect choice for heartburn
by hari

I had heartburn for a couple of years and tried a number of products available before I finally stuck to the Heartburn free. It completely removes the burning sensation in the chest. Works good and definitely worth it. longer
by vmvdmd

Painful indigestion kept me awake many nights and turns just didn't give me the relief that Heartburn Free did. It took merely 2 weeks for me to sleep soundly without that unsettling feeling. I firmly believe it is worth the price.

The Fire is Out
by Stacy

There is nothing worse then having heartburn and not getting any results. I got this as a free sample and tried it. I was amazed that it put the fire right out and I was able to go on with my workday

by holly wilson

I used this after my mom told me about it. She swears by this product and after using it I can see why. It is highly effective and made me feel as if I had no heartburn to begin with.

made my life better
by Barb Braunschweig

I have had acid reflux for over 1 year and did not know what to do. I tried heartburn free and had relief within a couple of days. This product made my life better and I feel great.

Amazing Product for Heartburn
by Brenna

I had a customer come in that was literally scheduled for surgery due to complications from severe heartburn. She had tried all the major prescription and OTC products and nothing helped. She came back 10 days later to tell me she had canceled her surgery and finally felt good again. She bought one more box to have on hand-just in case, but has rarely even used it. It seems pricey, but most people feel better after one box. Highly recommended.

This kicks!
by Dani

This is one of the best and longest lasting heartburn remedies I know of. I would not be without this in my medicine cabinet. I gave some to a friend who was rich in pharmaceuticals from the doc for her unrelenting heartburn - even she, an allopathic believer, is never without it. The best part is the product is pure!

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