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Business owner
by Kerry McAuliffe

I am amazed at the renewed GI Tract health I have now after just one full bottle of Calmicid.

Business owner
by Kerry

This stuff is great. Not more than 8 months ago I though I was going to bite it from my stomach problems culminating in bleeding bowels etc. I have found complete releif and renewed GI tract health with this product.

by lucretia serban

very good product ,its working very it .

Gotta love it!
by Amorita

I took this while pregnant with my twins and also in the two years since. I will never go back to anything else.

Won't work for everyone
by Drew M

I'm very up in the air about this product, while it seemed to be the miracle antacid tablet the first few times I used it, the results have been less than stellar ever since. I've tried other brands before that didn't really work, so I give it some credit for appearing to have an effect, but I'll definitely keep giving it a chance as long as I have the bottle left.

Not so Good
by Brandy

This product does not really help. I do not like the aftertaste of the pill when you chew it. For me it seem to just add on to the reflux because of the very strong mint. My mother bought these for me and I ended up throwing it away and going to the store to buy something else. Does not work if you have moderate acid reflux.

Better products available
by Andrew

This product is a bargain but I have found that the more expensive heartburn medications work better. Pepcid AC blows this stuff out of the water. This may work for mild heartburn.

Number 1
by Dave

I have acid reflux and I have had it for over 15 years and it is horrible! I have tried other things that have worked OK, but with Calmicid it actually starts to heal the damage. I can sometimes go a couple of days without taking this and I never was able to do that with any other product. If something doesn't work for you after a couple of doses then it is time to try something else. But, for me this is number 1!!!

Not the one???
by Laura H.

Usually, I resist the urge to "just take something." However, the other day I just had to fix the horrible sensation, and I broke down and bought a bottle of Calmicid by Melaleuca. It never worked for me. The price was great. The product I think gave me more heartburn just kidding! I think that I will try papaya enzymes instead.

by Justin

The price of the product is not worth it. It works like any other antacid by using the calcium as a base to counteract the strong acidity in the stomach. I recommend using a store bought brand and buying it on sale or using a cheaper alternative on the site. As for it working fast, it is comparable to others.

skip it
by Patty

My sister tried this product not too long ago (she's been a life-long sufferer of heart burn). She has tried many different antacids and the only positive thing she had to say about Calmicid is that it was relatively easy to get down. It did little, however, for her heartburn issue. She has moved on to a new brand.

by devla

For the same price, you could get any of the other products such as Pepcid. I think that Calmicid does work, but only as well as some other products that I have tried. Cammicid does not have a great taste though.

Still have heartburn
by Sarah

Nope, I would pass on this one. The taste is mediocre at best. But it did noting for my heartburn, and that's what matters. Cost is high for this type of product. I would try something else.

Same as others.
by Shreyas Patel

For the price this product isn't worth it. It tastes bad and it works just like those other products like Tums and Rolaids. Those even taste better.

Its okay
by holly wilson

I used this product after my doctor told me about it. It worked fine, but I felt as if I could have gotten better results from other products. It was no more effective than Tums are, and is not worth the price.

Not the Best
by Julie Moore

I tried this product, as I frequently have heartburn. It did work, but it was no more effective than a product like Tums, and probably not as effective. I would try other things for a better value for your money.

Not The Most Effective Of Its Kind
by Chris Clayton

I specifically remember using Calmicid when I was touring America a few years ago. I concur with most of the opinions here. The product isn't quite as effective as advertised. I remember using it twice and the first time it was fairly successful in reducing my heartburn, the second time it did absolutely nothing and I ended up using something else. I'd recommend saving your money for something better.

Works good, and cheap
by Adam Paul

I've used this stuff when work got a bit harsh. My upset stomach was gone and I fortunately felt better. I recommend Calmicid to anyone

No help at all
by Maryann Virack

I suffer from severe acid reflux. I keep a supply of Tums on hand. The local supermarket had a special "Buy one get one free" promotion. So I thought I'd give Calmicid a try. It did nothing to ease my discomfort. I agree with Mr. Woodstock, save your money. After a few days of this product, I had to renew my prescription for this malady.

Yikes! I'm still burning
by R. Todd Woodstock

Sometimes I travel, due to my job and I tried this when visiting out of state. What a mistake! Save your money. There are plenty of other products that work, because this is not one of them.

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Calmicid AC
by dj

Just an FYI- Calmicid AC is now on the market and I've heard wonderful reviews! I just tried to order it and it's out of stock but will be available in September.