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by Jack

Works fast and does what it is suppose to do.

by Matt Harris

I think this product works very well, considering most OTC acid reflux meds are highly priced this product was more worth it.

Acid of any kind is bad
by Q

My mother had suffered from ulcers caused by acid reflux. She was told by a doctor to try some products and this one was one of them. She noticed improvement and continues to use it. I am pretty sure it works as my mother is pretty skeptical and if she endorses something its likely there is value in it.

Acid Redux
by rachel anderson

I have had stomach problems for about 2 years now. I have tried many OTC medicines. There's a few a like but Acid Redux is my number one. I can take it and feel great for hours. It actually helps my mood also. The price is a little high, but when you consider that it works, and works for hours it's worth it.

Acid Redux
by Brenda B.

This product is a great product. My husband has been eating rolaids like they are candy the last few years, but since he has started using redux, he has seemed to get his heartburn under control. He is very happy with Redux, he says they do work, and they work great.

The Ideal Antacid
by Ross

I've battled with heartburn for years, and have normally had to take multiple times of the recommended dosage of popular antacids like Tums and PepcidAC. With this, however, I can take the recommended dosage and feel fine for hours after eating. This product is truly a godsend.

by Sally

I am so happy to have found a natural product to deal with my heartburn. I started using this a few months ago, and it works better than the other products I have tried. It does not make me constipated as others have, and my irritable bowel syndrome seems to be better since I've been taking this. I'm also glad its not a powder form - easy to take.

Got to try this
by Elizabeth Schunzel

I have always had acid reflux problems. After my divorce I just could not afford prescription products for my condition. I tried this product, and to my delight it really worked. The only down side is that it takes a little longer to work than some other products. I have been using this product for about six months now and I take it every morning. It also helped with my irritable bowel.

Puts heartburn to rest
by DomZ

Redux has really been a godsend to me. I rarely go out to dinner and I have to watch what I eat because of my chronic heartburn. Now that I'm taking redux, I'm not worried at all. Redux has really given me my life back!

Very helpful
by Darla

My husband has bad heartburn after eating and he has tried everything. This product seemed to work the best for relieving the feelings. It took about a half hour or so but afterwards he felt much better.

Heartburn went away
by Alma

I was diagnosed with acid reflux and gastritis about six months ago. Eating a lot of the foods that I was accustomed to was out of the question. The doctor recommended Prilosec. Since I don't have insurance I decided to try this alternative. I can now enjoy my food again. I don't have the bloating and the pain and the uncomfortable pressure on my upper stomach. I don't drink them every day now because I have seen improvement, but when my stomach starts to act up again I know that there is relief in sight. Thank you

What a Relief!
by Christi

I never used to have heartburn until I got pregnant with my daughter. Anything and everything seemed like it caused heartburn. I suffered with it for awhile thinking it would go away after she was born--wrong. Although I didn't get it as often I would still get it mainly at night. I also noticed during this time I was getting sinus infections more often so I went to my ENT. I was very surprised to learn that most sinus infections result from acid reflux at night. My ENT prescribed medication for my reflux when it was bad and he suggested I take a more natural product before retiring for the evening to help reduce the reflux and improve my sinus condition. My ENT's advice has proven priceless. Acid Redux has kept my nighttime reflux to a minimum and my sinus infections are few and far between. I sleep better and my heartburn/reflux is now under control. This product has worked wonders for me.

Thank you!
by Dave

At first, I was apprehensive about delving into this, but as dinner's Fiesta Platter decided to rear its ugly head, I trudged onward. The taste of most antacids could be described as chalky and, in a word, BLEH. Not so with Acid Redux. I found them to be quite pleasing and I would definitely recommend these to anyone with a taste for not feeling like Mike Tyson has punched you in the gut on a bender.

Acid fighter
by christiana

I suffer from heartburn and so I am always on the lookout for whatever product will give me relief. I came across this
Acid Redux 700 mg. and ever since then have been using it. One thing good about it is that it gives fast relief and also the relief lasts longer for me than other products I have used. Overall, I highly recommend it.

by C S R

I have acid reflux that was being treated with nexium. Because I lost my insurance, I had to hunt for a more affordable solution to this problem. I ran across this product and decided to give it a try. It works JUST AS WELL as the name brand prescription medicine. I was very impressed.

Recommend Highly
by Kathy

I have a hiatal hernia and wishing not to have it repaired surgically, I went on the hunt for natural product to control my acid reflux. I tried ALL the high priced prescriptions first. I came across an ad for Acid Redux 700 mg. I and a magazine decided to give it a try. It worked so well, I gave up the high priced prescriptions. My daughter uses this also because she drinks a lot of soda.

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