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by Barbara Shofner

I like these tablet a lot. They are much better than a popular brand you can get anywhere. I have acid reflux every day and they work quickly.

This product really works.
by Loveit9050

I have Acid Reflux disease and sometimes the prescription medicine I take doesn't stop the indigestion. So I take a couple of these and feel a lot better fast. It works better than Tums or Rolaids and the price is a lot better too.

Relief when you really need it
by Jeremy P

I absolutely, 100 percent without a doubt LOVE spicy food! I put extra pepper on my food and request some of the hottest meals on the menu and rarely do I get bad heartburn. However, when I do get heartburn it feels like a small heart attack and I like to know that I have this stuff around. I didn't buy them but borrowed them from my oldest sister last year. If I need to run down to the store and re-stock my medicine cabinet, I have absolutely no problem actually buying them the next time. The price is right and this is one of my favorite brands so there are NO COMPLAINTS!

Does the job
by Paul

I take this maybe 2-3 times a year on those occasions when I eat too much spicy or fried food too fast and get heartburn. The relief is almost immediate and long-lasting so I'm pretty satisfied. A friend with acid reflux started taking it on top of his Prevacid regimen and he says it helps with his heartburn.

This stuff works!
by Amie

I don't suffer from heart burn very often but when I do this is the best source for relief. The relief is almost immediate. Great pricing from Puritan's Pride is a bonus to this great product. As another bonus this includes calcium, which is so important for women. Love this product!

Heartburn gone
by extrawork

I used to have heartburn related to medication I was taking and my doctor suggested an over-the-counter med. Puritan's pride was on sale, so I went with it. My heartburn wasn't completely gone all the time, but I did notice a significant reduction, especially when I would lay down after a meal. If I forgot to take it, I definitely could tell the difference, so I know it did something.

Heartburn be-gone with money in my pocket
by Wendy B.

I suffer from Acid Reflux. My doctor prescribed medication for me, it worked okay, but even with insurance, I spent a fortune each month on them. Luckily for me, my insurance company wanted to stop paying for them, as it was only supposed to be taken temporarily. My doctor told me to try some OTC medications, which didn't do much. A friend told me to try Puritan's Pride Chewable Antacid with Calcium. I did and I was impressed. Before certain types of food I take it or sometimes just when I feel the heartburn starting. They work great. Not chalky, you don't have to drink lots of water with it, it's easy and works fast. I've been taking it for two months now. I just want to take this opportunity to thank my friend and my insurance company for stopping their coverage on my prescription.

Works Quickly
by rachel anderson

i love spicy food, but I get very bad heartburn after eating it. I have tried many OTC and prescription medicines and nothing seemed to work as quickly as I would like them to. A friend of mine recommended Chewable Antacid with Calcium, so I gave it a try. It worked almost instantly. Now I use this all the time

Instant relief for that guilty pleasure
by mdickon

My wife has acid reflux, every now and then we still want to go out and eat Mexican or Cajun. She takes one of these before eating and one shortly after we leave. Works wonders on reducing the chance of acid reflux pain.

Instant Relief
by Marlon

Though I do not have as serious a condition as acid reflux disease, I fall constant victim to minor heartburn, especially after a spicy meal. I have tried other products, such as TUMS, with minimal effect. However, I was recommended Puritan's Pride Antacid by a friend, and decided to try them after the next visit to the Mexican restaurant. After the heartburn started, I took a tablet and was completely take aback at how quickly the pain faded. I can honestly say that this is the most effective antacid I have taken.

Relief in a bottle!
by Kristina Richardson

I never had problems with heartburn until about a year ago. When I would just lay down, it would start in almost instantly. I got to the point of having to sleep propped up and on a wedge. It was uncomfortable and miserable still. I tried this on a friend's authority and I never have looked back. It's great relief and fast. I keep water at my bedside and these. If I have a flare up, it's at my fingertips for relief.

Works Wonders for Acid Reflux
by Lisa

I was recently diagnosed with acid reflux/GERD. Though I didn't have active symptoms of heartburn, my doctor said there was clear evidence of excess acid. Now Puritan Pride's Antacid with Calcium is a major part of my "cure," along with avoiding carbonated drinks and raising the head of my bed a few inches. My symptoms continue to fade, and the vitamin D is a wintertime bonus!

It works!
by Dave

It works. I had constant indigestion and even some reflux. I was "eating" acid reducers all day and kept acid reducers and Tums everywhere: bag, night stand, office desk, car. Just one chewable Antacid/day eliminated all of my acid problems from day one with no noticeable side effects.

What a Relief!
by Melissa

I had heard about heartburn before but never experienced it in all my years until I experienced it with a chili dog this last summer. Talk about discomfort! I picked up Puritan's Pride Antacid to ease my stomach. It did the trick. Now I keep some on hand at work, just in case my coworkers or I have heartburn. It's a must for my "emergency kit" at work.

No gritty aftertaste
by Cydney Taylor

This antacid with calcium works quickly to calm even the worst upset stomach. What I really like besides the taste is how they dissolve in your mouth and have no aftertaste.

fast relieft
by J

I suffer from heartburn about twice a month or so, and this product works great to almost instantly relieve it. It doesn't taste bad, and it contains calcium which is something that I need too.

its great product for my heartburn
by renuka

I suffered due to heartburn for a long time. I used several products, but they were of no use. When I started using this medicine, I found a great relief. I take it regularly after I eat. I don't have heartburn anymore. My hat is off to this product.

Heartburn gone!
by Lori R

My worst heartburn case was while on vacation, and a friend gave me Puritan's Pride Chewable Antacid with Calcium. I am not good with taking pills, and hate chalky tasting antacid pills. This worked great without the chalky taste, plus it has calcium added. I ran out and bought my own when I got home.

Chewable Antacid with Calcium 500mg
by Sandy B

I was very surprised that these chewables did the job but they did! They taste good and keep heartburn in check. The price is very reasonable and they are safe to take and the added calcium is a great plus. Highly recommend this product.

Fast relief with calcium!
by Tom

At age 10 I was diagnosed with acid reflux and have experimented with over the counter solutions for the last eight years. With Puritan's Pride Chewable Antacid I have finally found a cure that will not cost my an arm and a leg! These chewable tablets are fast acting long lasting. Every morning I take one of these tablets and I experience no heartburn for the entire day. Also, these tablets contain 500 mg of calcium providing even more benefits!

works fast
by Patricia

I was really surprised how fast these work. Relief was so fast that I could not believe it. I love them and would recommend them to anyone .

Great during & after pregnancy too
by Stephanie

I took these while I was pregnant with my son. They work great on heartburn and the extra calcium is definitely something you need when you're pregnant. The bottle is too big to carry around, but I just kept a few in a ziplock bag in my purse so I always have them handy. Now after my pregnancy I am nursing my son and I still take them. Calcium is important for women especially while pregnant and nursing. And yes, these do taste good!

by Jeff

This product really does help and is quite effective. It also contains 500mg of calcium, so you can't go wrong with that. It seems to work quickly and really provides relief.

Great when you are trying to conceive!
by Lori Strehle

I am very careful about what I put in my body, because my husband and I are trying to conceive a baby. That is why I love these chewable antacid tablets. They contain 500 mg of calcium...something my body needs anyway. They don't taste that bad either!

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fast relieft
by ahsan

I was very surprised that these chewables did the job, but they did! They taste good and keep heartburn in check. The price is very reasonable, and they are safe to take. The added calcium is a great plus.