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this works
by julie savill

I have suffered a lot with heartburn, especially after having my gall bladder removed, it seemed to get worse. I have tried a lot of products on the market but heartburn prevention really works for me.
I have been taking this product for a couple of months now and find it works quite quickly, though if i have been eating anything acidic it does not always take away the heartburn completely.

Good Product
by Taylor

I suffer heartburn nearly everyday because of my acid reflux, and needed something besides Tums (which doesn't work too well for me) to prevent heartburn. I have tried many antacids and nothing worked sufficiently enough. I took 1 capsule before every meal, every day and it worked very well. I would only get a very slight case of heartburn when I ate really acidic foods like orange juice, but wouldn't last long. I would recommend this to anyone that suffers from heartburn and has used other antacids like Tums, Pepcid, Maalox, etc and didn't find them to work too well.

Great for IBS
by Brandon

As a frequent sufferer of heartburn due to acid reflux and my IBS, I was in desperate need of trying anything preventative so that I could stop heartburn before it started. I used to take Rolaids and Tums, and I even tried Pepcid Complete, but most were too slow or had to be taken after heartburn already started.

In general this product works well to prevent all types of heartburn, but it still does not help with Taco Bell. In my case, Taco Bell wreaks the worst havoc on my system, so I'm not surprised that this won't stop the Bell's heartburn, but until I find something that works better, this will be my staple.

It worked for me
by Anne

I don't suffer from heartburn as a rule but when I eat certain favorite foods that are highly spiced, I take 2 Heartburn Prevention capsules with my meal. It seems to work much better for me than Tums, Rolaids or Maalox. I don't get the sour burps and if I do they don't last for a long time. I like taking natural products rather than chemicals to ease the occassional heartburn I get. I always carry a few capsules in a pill case in my purse for impromptu meals out, just to be on the safe side.

Dont dread spicy food again!!
by Theepa

Being an Indian by origin, our culture always cooks spicy hot food which sometimes results in severe heartburn and discomfort. Although there is well known Zantac and Tums which may give relief, Heartburn Prevention was the one which could fight against heartburn instantly. Don't know how it works differently though, but it sure does the job of relieving discomfort quickly.

Try this!
by Dave

I used to have pretty bad acid reflux. I would chew Pepcid Complete (which is an antacid drug combined with a base to neutralize acid) after every meal, as if they were after-dinner mints. Now, I just take Heartburn Prevention once a day, and now I almost never suffer from heartburn. When I do, it is not as bad as it used to be. Trust me on this. This drug works differently than Pepcid or Zantac, so if those drugs don't work for you, don't be afraid to give this a try.

Heartburn No more
by Phil Young

I take this heartburn prevention product before every meal, and I haven't had heartburn since. The only problem is that you have to keep on buying the product because there are only 60 capsules per bottle.

Great brand/product
by Cara

I love this brand of supplements! I tried this and other products and it works magically. It's easy to remember to take this pill because it doesn't have a bad taste. I noticed that even pains and cramps associated with my menstrual cycle were minimum while I was on the product. I don't know if that is related or not but possibly. The best way to stop something is to prevent it and Heartburn prevention does just that!

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