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The Best For Me
by Raj

This stuff is awesome. I don't use it preventatively. Instead, when I feel heartburn coming on, I chew half a pill, then the other half 10 minutes later. This has worked to stop my heartburn every single time. It's a magical remedy. I get heartburn only once every week or two, so the price doesn't bother me much. I'd definitely recommend it. I have been using it for 6 months now, and will continue to buy this product and recommend it highly to my friends.

Not so great
by Kalvin

I usually do not get heartburn, so I tried these while in the throes of pain. They took about 15 minutes to kick in, but when they did I was only provided with slight relief. I had only taken a minimum dosage, but I'm a small person so I doubt that was the problem.

While I do not have much experience with antacids, I can definitely tell that these were not working very well. They did help, but look at the alternatives before you purchase these.

Mediocre at best
by Marlon

I felt that this product was only minimally effective in treating my heartburn. I have a very sensitive stomach and am very prone to heartburn, so I take my choice of antacids seriously. Having tried very effective antacids before such as TUMS and Puritan's Pride, I did not feel this was adequate in treating the pain associated with acid reflux. Also, for a tablet of this price it would be expected that it would be better at relieving heartburn, but Heartburn Stop, unfortunately, fails to meet this expectation.

Stops the Heartburn
by Jody H

This product is the best. I get very bad heartburn when I eat spicy foods and thats what I love, so I will continue to keep eating them. Now after I eat the spicy food, I take the Heartburn Stop pills and it doesn't appear. If you want a good heartburn stopper without getting rid of what you eat, these are the pills you want, and thats a guarantee.

by Sarah

I tried this product because it was an all-natural product, which I prefer. It wasn't that bad tasting, but I don't know if it worked the best for me. I suffer from heartburn frequently and while this product helped to relieve my heartburn, it did not get rid of it. I found myself taking the maximum dose and went through the bottle rather quickly. It is a little pricey and I will probably go with a bigger name brand that is more affordable.

Two Thumbs Up!
by Dave

I would definitely recommend Heartburn Stop to others. It was very easy to use, and taking it as little as 15 minutes before I ate would still control my acidic reactions. What could be easier than popping a little pill before you eat and not having to worry later if what you ate will aggravate you for the rest of the evening? Two thumbs up from this consumer!!!

Good Product for sure
by may

These heartburn pills are really good. When I first tried them, we were in Florida on a family vacation. I had the biggest stomachache, I felt as if I wanted to die. I got these pills and BAM! the heartburn went away. I definitely recommend these over any big leading brand out there!

I used to use this...
by Noah Bratvold

This is what I settled on for my acid reflux because it helped, but I than got a free trial of Prilosec OTC, which is now what I use, and it's a daily thing not just when you need it I love it, but this will also work if you prefer not taking a daily pill.

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