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Works fine
by William Butch

Seems to work well.

No more stomach ache
by clint

This has helped me stop having an upset and irregular stomachache.


This product was great when my daughter was small she had alot of tummy issues and this product helped straighten her stomach out. It even relieved her of the constant loose stools that she had.

Prevent Yeast Infections
by allie

Acidophilus is great to help prevent yeast infections. I have taken it three times a day when I have been on antibiotics and have been able to avoid yeast infections. These wafers taste great and the price is comparable to others on the market. I always have a bottle of Acidophilus on hand just in case.

A true believer
by imsteenie

I had never heard of Acidophilus before our vet recommended it for my dog's intestinal problems. I went to the health food store to buy it and realized that it was recommended for a great number of different ailments. The next time I had digestive problems, I decided to try it out and was surprised at how good it tasted and how well it worked. I hate taking medicines containing artifical ingredients, so this has been a great replacement for stomach medicines. I've also started using it in combination with antibiotics to prevent yeast infections, as these wafers are much more convenient than eating yogurt every day. I will no longer go without having Acidophilus in my house!

Great when taking Antibiotics...
by J

My son is on an antibiotic for a sinus infection and has had a very upset stomach. I wanted to replenish the helpful bacteria in his digestive tract (and he will not eat yogurt), so I purchased these Acidophilus Chewables. His stomach upset is completely gone. I highly recommend these for anyone taking an antibiotic.

Chewable and affordable!
by T. Danger

I really like American Health's Vitamin C chewables, so I decided to give these a try over the liquid acidophilus supplements. They are more palatable and easily taken than the powders and liquids.
What a good value! Some probiotics cost more than 3 times as much and and aren't as easy to take anyhow. I am glad that I managed to find these supplements to assist keeping my body in stasis.

Prevent Yeast Infections
by Laura

If you are like me and suffer from frequent yeast infections you should DEFINITELY get some of these. I take just one a day (It says 3 times a day) but as a preventative method I take just one each day and it has worked great to prevent yeast infections. I tried lots of other prescription medicine and it worked when I had one, but this works to keep me from getting them. They taste great, are easy to take, and are very reasonably priced!

Big Improvement!
by Dave

I am just starting on my second box of Acidophilus Chewables and I can't tell you how grateful I am that I found them. I have suffered for years with what I believe to be systemic Candida infection and have tried liquid acidophilus to no avail. This one works! I've seen a big improvement in just a month and will keep taking them until I'm back to normal at last.

Acidophilus is fantastic!
by Jessika Abramson

For a period of time, I was experiencing terrible heartburn nightly. I believe that it can be attributed to my poor diet and the iron supplements I was taking at the time. A friend recommended taking acidophilus to help with my heartburn and acid reflux, and I was eager to find anything to stop the awful heartburn. I visited my local Whole Foods Market and purchased the American Health brand of Acidophilus Chewables in the Strawberry flavor. Not only did the chewables help me get rid of my heartburn, but they taste like candy and are very gentle on the stomach (HUGE plus for me!).

Great tasting.
by Amanda Tresidder

We finally found one product for the whole family when we came across the Acidophilus chewables. They are easy for the kids to take. I also enjoy the flavor and decided that this would be the one product that would suit the whole family and not just the kids.

Acidophilus Chewables

My 7 year old daughter suffers from frequent respiratory infections and has to be placed on antibiotics several times each cold/flu season. The antibiotics would always upset her stomach and used to cause her to suffer from bouts of gastric distress and yeast infections. Until I found Chewable Acidophilus for her to take whenever she has to be placed on antibiotics. Now, I make sure I have a these in the house at all times, so she doesn't have to suffer the way she used too and she loves the there's no argueing about taking them either.

Great tasting chewable
by Candice

These Acidophilus chewable are one of my cabinet staples. As a young women I suffered from yeast infections from time to time and was looking for anything I could take to try and prevent them. These were perfect! Not only do they taste great, they are easy to take. I do not like the taste of yogurt so these really do the trick!

Wonderful wafers
by nikki counts

Love the taste! I take a lot of supplements during the day and it's so nice to not take one more pill. This is like my reward, I chew it up after I've taken everything else. I do keep it in the refrigerator to try to keep the acidophilus happy.

Acidophilus Chewables
by Khalilah Murarsheed

I take the Acidophilus Chewable wafers everyday to replace good bacteria for optimum health. The Acidophilus Chewable wafer has a good taste to it. I had loss a lot of the good bacteria in my body due to over using antibiotics. The Acidophilus Chewable wafers is the best product.

No More Pills!
by Brynn

After completing a cleanse, and knowing that I needed to put the good bacteria back into my system...It was so nice to not have to swallow another pill! These even tasted pretty good, and I knew they were doing their job when I could eat cheese again without upsetting my stomach.

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