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Keep your intestinal flora happy
by Debra Pearlstein

I have been using Acidophilus Pearls by Enzymatic Therapy for about 3 years. I had discovered acidophilus long before that and use it every day to keep my intestinal flora in balance as it kills off the bad bacteria and keeps the good.
I found this brand to be better than the others because it does not have to be refrigerated like so many others which is great for traveling and when I am away from home. Also, they are extremely easy to take.
My problems with indigestion and bloating have decreased considerably since taking this. As long as I remember to take it regularly, I maintain good intestinal health.
I also had the beginnings of a UTI and the pearls helped to clear it up.
I couldn't recommend this brand or this product more highly, and I buy it regularly.

by Brandy

This is a very very good product. I started having stomach problems and getting sicker more. I started taking these and it helped. It is very portable, reliable, easy to use, and you don't have to eat a bunch of yogurt or swallow a huge pill. I would recommend this to anyone, and will keep buying this as long as I need to.

Easy, Small, and Portable
by Eric R.

I started using this product last month and noticed a change in my resistance to sickness (I used to get sick every month) and my immune system never felt better. This portable pill is easy to hide in your purse or pocket and can be taken anywhere. I have stomach problems, and this product helps my digestive system.

Very portable
by Marna S

These are great mainly because they are portable and need no refrigeration. They are very useful in helping build up your stomach's good bacteria. If you have stomach problems I would highly recommend this product. They would not be suitable for small children because they are not chewable, are round and must be swallowed.

great product, easy to swallow
by Kimberly

These are great at preventing yeast infections when taking antibiotics. Especially when you are nursing and don't want to fight with thrush. These pills saved so much heartache, I just wish I knew about them when I was nursing my last child. I tried other acidophilus pills that were huge, hard to swallow and just didn't seem to help anything. Then I found these. They are small, so easy to swallow, and really work. This is a great product I highly recommend.

Great Product!
by Dave

I began taking these on the advice of my nutritionist. In addition to a few other dietary modifications, I have definitely noticed a difference in my resistance to infection (a paper cut for me would become infected). Besides the obvious benefits for my digestive system (which are wonderful), they have done wonders for my immunity.

Great product
by Karina

My son was very prone to yeast infections and diaper rash, these helped tremendously. They are also great when you use antibiotics to help prevent yeast overgrowth. They're small enough to be easy to swallow, even by toddlers.

Very convenient
by suz

I tried this product because I was looking for a good pro biotic to help out my digestive system. What I love about the Pearl is that they don't have to be refrigerated. This makes this product great for people on the go or those that travel.

Tiny but works like a charm
by Angel C.

I bought these last year for overgrowth of yeast and just to keep up with my natural flora. I figured these little pills were better and more convenient than eating yogurt everyday. After 1 day of using them, the yeast problem was under control and I felt super relieved. For being that small, these pills sure do work and they work fast. Highly recommended!

I love this!
by holly wilson

This has become a staple in my household! This product works wonderfully and is well worth the price. It is easy to take, and the best part about it is you can take it anywhere with you since it does not require refrigeration.

wonderful product
by Angela

I have tried a few types of Acidophilus and I love the pearls the best. I have never been good at taking pills but these are the easiest things I have tried. I have to deal with chronic yeast and this is such a nice and simple product to use.

Why can't more supplements be this convenient!?
by Renea Champion

This is the most amazing supplement I've found yet! I have a very hard time swallowing pills, and the size and shape of these go right down! I just started using them, and before I used a powdered Acidophilus product, and these are so much more convenient! No refrigeration needed, super easy to swallow, and a high quality product.
Definitely highly recommended!

by tasha

There are not enough positive things to say about this product. I began taking it while pregnant, to boost my good flora. As someone with issues at times with constipation, and also someone prone to yeast infections, I rely on foods and certain supplements to assist with both. Not only did this product keep my bowl movements smooth and happy; I also did not get a single yeast infection during my pregnancy.

Easy to Swallow Tiny Capsules
by Carrie Russell

Very easy to swallow, and doesn't require refrigeration, how much more convenient can you get? I use a refrigerated product at home, but take Acidophilus Pearls with me when I travel. I love Enzymatic Therapy products!

Great product--Easy one a day
by brenna

This is a great product for people who travel. Does not have to be refrigerated, so it is great if you are on vacation or on the road a lot. Another big plus is they are tiny pills and you only need one a day. So, they work well for anyone who can't swallow large pills. I always have them on hand if I have any digestive problems and they often help. Great product!!

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