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Good for acid reflux
by Author

I love this product. It helps with acid reflux especially if you take it just before bed time.

Digestion Indeed
by Jess

First I chose this product (brand) since it is vegetarian. I was feeling better by the next day. I noticed a huge difference with certain items that I would normally eat. I felt that this product has made a difference in how I feel throughout the day. I would definitely recommend it for someone who needs digestive assistance.

by Wendy

I have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and I had done some research after being prescribed a popular medicine. I found that a lot of people had success taking acidophilus. This has totally worked for me. I am a firm believer that there is, 9 times out of 10, a natural alternative for certain problems and I seem to have found mine. Great product.

Awesome Acidophilis
by Christina Jadwisiak

When I was pregnant I was told to take this because with my last pregnancy I got really sick and was on antibiotics A LOT. A friend told me to take this to try and prevent yeast infections. I started taking it because I had already had some and it worked wonders. The last 3 months of my pregnancy I was on antibiotics 6 different times and not once did I get a yeast infection. I still take it over a year later. I highly recommend this to anyone who would like to prevent yeast infections.

Works Great!
by Dave

My wife originally took this while on antibiotics to prevent a yeast infection, but discovered that it works great for regularity. She has been constipated my whole life, and this is long-awaited relief. Works best if you vary your intake, take it every other day and switch between one and two pills. Also, keep it refrigerated, it preserves the bacteria much better. Also great for those concerned with overall digestive health.

Acidophilus aides in digestion and helps regulate good bacteria in the body
by Jenny

I took this product during my reproductive years, as I was often troubled by female yeast infections. It cut the incidence of having them regularly, and also it wonderful to take if one is on antibiotics. Antibiotics cannot differentiate between the body's good bacteria and the bad, so often the needed bacteria is also killed off during a course of antibiotics, both wide spectrum types and sulfa drugs. There is a very delicate balance in a woman's female secretions and any disruption of this balance may cause yeast or other fungus to take over. You can buy acidophilus milk and yogurt, but this supplement is much easier to take for those who are often intolerant of dairy products. Acidophilus is also extremely good for the stomach as it has it's own delicate balance of beneficial bacteria needed for digestion and acidophilus also helps maintain regularity.

by Savannah R

This is an excellent product for yeast infections. At one point in my life I had to take many antibiotics that depleted the natural bacteria in my system. I had to use this product for several months and was delighted in the outcome.

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by jee

I have use this product a long time, and never regret it. It has changed my life completely! Order today by clicking