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by Mary

This product really helps. I have been suffering from IBS for years, and this sure does beat eating yogurt.

by Aileen ZH

These pills are GREAT!!! I was having a lot of sinus problems, so I did a search on google on how to relieve them. I found an article that led me to these pills. Ever since I've started taking these pills, my sinus problems have gone away. I used to wake up with a sore throat and stuffy nose. I was also waking up about 15 times a night because of my sore throat, but not anymore. Now I sleep just fine, and when I wake up no sore throat or stuffy nose! I take 1 pill in the morning and one pill at night. At first I was only taking one pill, but then my sore throat started coming back at night -so now I take two.

Worked for me!
by M

I started taking Acidophilus a few months ago after starting a new medication that upset my stomach. I especially felt very sick after eating. My boyfriend suggested that I try acidophilus because it had helped him when he was having a similar reaction to a medication, so I bought a bottle of Natrol's. It did work very well! I didn't feel sick after eating anymore and it was much less expensive than other brands. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find Natrol's brand of Acidophilus anywhere off the internet and while I have adjusted to the medication, I still like it for the benefits it offers.

Really Works
by jcarr

My husband has been using this for over 1 year to help with IBS. Since using, he has not had the re-occuring pain and bowel problems. This definitley helps keep the digestive track feeling well, and keeps the good and bad bacteria in check.

by Dave

Acidophilus is absolutely essential for my acid reflux and IBS. As long as I take it faithfully every day, my digestive tract stays happy and calm. I have an awful lot of chronic sinus drainage into my stomach and intestines from allergies, and this product keeps the beneficial bacteria count up and functional.

acidophilus for immune system
by Laura

I started using this acidophilus to boost my immune system and rebuild the good bacteria in my colon. I don't like to eat a lot of yogurt because I'm watching my weight, so taking these capsules is a perfect solution for me.

They've worked great. I've noticed that I don't have any bowel problems now since starting with these.

Good for healthy colon
by Nihility

I really recommend Acidophilus. It keeps intestines and colon very healthy. I have IBS and it helps me cope better with the discomfort and pain I sometimes experience.

Woman's best friend
by Valerie M.

Being one who hates dairy products, I was seeking out a good probiotic formula in pill version to keep my digestive tract (which leads to every other part of the body!) healthy, not just healthy but REALLY HEALTHY.

These pearls are very easy to swallow and provide a nice amount of acidophilus for daily maintenance.

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