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Working So Far
by Chuck

I tried pricey brands but came back to this product. It seems to be helping me with gas, bloating and acid reflux. I had very productive BM after the first day of use.
My bottle advises consumers to refrigerate after opening.

by Brian

I bought this at local whole foods store and I rate is as high as Prilosec otc.

Brian Shurr
Diabetic Coach

Highly recommend
by Karen

We are big believers in acidophilus, especially when our children were younger and had to use antibiotics. It's a tremendous aide to replenishing good bacteria and preventing diarrhea. Nature's Bounty Acidophilus is sitting in our refrigerator right now - it tastes great and I recommend its probiotic qualities. I often recommend acidophilus to friends and relatives when someone says they're on antibiotics. For those who don't especially care for yogurt (which also contains acidophilus), this is a great option.

Pretty Good for the stomach
by Michele

I've used this brand before and it seems to do a good job of performing. I feel better and my digestive track is much more functional when I take it, although I've had a few brands that seemed to be a little bit more effective.

worked for me!
by Kyle

This stuff worked for me! I have acid reflux and have taken various brands of Acidophilus for relief. This brand works the best for me because the Acidophilus is in soft gels. I've tried the hard capsules, and the Acidophilus in those seem to be inert and ineffective. I've even tried liquid Acidophilus from an expensive health food store, and it doesn't work as well for me as Nature's Bounty brand.

You get what you pay for
by Marisa

As other reviewers have pointed out, I did not feel I got as high results from this brand as from the refrigerated acidophilus products. On the other hand, it was convenient and easier for me to remember to take with meals when I did not have to worry about refrigerating. A capsule can be packed to take with lunch outside the home, for example.

Not as good as Refrigerated Products
by Karen Wagner

I tried the Natures Bounty Brand of Acidophilus because of its less expensive price and the convenience of not having to refrigerate the product. I tried it for a two-month period. I did not get the excellent results that I did from the more expensive refrigerated probiotic products. I don't think that there are as many live, active probiotics in this product. Although more convenient to store and take than the more expensive refrigerated brands, I did not notice much if any improvement in the function of my intestinal system with Natures Bounty Acidophilus.

No difference
by Josh

I didn't really notice a difference after using this product. After using it for a couple of months, I didn't feel different. Just try to eat the right foods and you will be fine.

I think it helps...
by LKH

I started taking this when I was noticing that my digestive system just wasn't working the way it had in the past. I was cramping and just feeling overall crummy. I like this stuff and it is fairly easy to use. This one, unlike others, doesn't require you to make sure that you eat something with the pill, which is more convenient than some of the other brands (although, come to think of it, maybe they just forgot to put that on the label). One problem with Acidophilus, in general, is that you are supposed to keep the pills refrigerated. This can be a problem if you hope to take the pills with you on vacation or something. Overall, I think it works, but I'm not sure how much of that is wishful thinking. I felt better when I first started taking the pills, but have since stopped and pretty much feel the same.

Good company - solid product.
by will

I have occasional reflux and mild lactose issues, and I have being taking this product for 3 months to get the "good" bacteria that most milk products provide. Seems to be working, and I like that Nature's Bounty is a company that doesn't spread itself thin trying to market too many products. Softgels are always the way to go over hard capsules if quick absorption is your goal.

Important for your health!
by A. Bowles

Did you know that taking antibiotics not only kills the "bad" bacteria but also the "good" bacteria? This is why a lot of women will break out with yeast infections when taking antibiotics, because the "good" bacteria that usually fights the yeast is no longer there, causing yeast to work in overtime! I didn't know this and when I found out I was floored. he best way to put these "good" bacterias back in your body is by using Natural Brand ACIDOPHOLUS. There are 6 people in our household and EVERYONE in my family uses this, from my 16 month old all the way up. We use it especially when we are on an type of antibiotic. It also helps with yeast infections, too. We have tried several types of Acidopholus and have found Natural Brand to be our favorite.

Great Benefits
by Dave

This product has been very effective for me and is extremely easy to take. "Good" bacteria is being proven effective for reversing the effects of antibiotic treatments and regulating the digestive system back on track. Highly recommend for those who want this benefit.

by Justin

I had read in a local Newspaper that Acidophilus helped the digestive system, so I purchased some hoping to increase my overall health. Although these pills are not extremely expensive, I found that drinking the Milk with this enzyme saved time and money.
Not a bad product, but not necessary. Check with doctor for serious problems.

This Works!
by bunni

I usually pick this up at my local pharmacy and keep it on hand. I take this and yogurt to keep the occurrences of yeast infections down. I have found this to be very effective in helping me them under control. It's a brand I trust a lot.


Everyone in my family uses Acidophilus by Nature's Bounty every time one of our doctor's order's antibiotics for us to take for an infection. We no longer have to worry whether or not we are eating enough yogurt to prevent a yeast infection or gastric distress/diarrhea from occurring from antibiotic use.

Great Stuff!
by Annalisa

I used this last winter after I'd had the flu and thrown up for days. I feel like this product really restored the good bacteria in my stomach and had me feeling better in no time. I would really recommend this product.

This really works!
by mari hermann

This product has allowed my Dad to drink milk again! After years of suffering from lactose intolerence, he began taking this product and has never looked back. He used to have to be so careful about his diet and now he enjoys eating again with out the worry of stomach upset!

This stuff worked for me!
by Dana Todd

I have acid reflux and have taken various brands of Acidophilus for relief. This brand works the best for me because the Acidophilus is in soft gels. I've tried the hard capsules, and the Acidophilus in those seem to be inert and ineffective. I've even tried liquid Acidophilus from an expensive health food store, and it doesn't work as well for me as Nature's Bounty brand.

I Feel Better
by Kimba Wiggins

I bought this stuff at my local supermarket, because I was having digestive issues. Within a week of taking this product, I became regular. I haven't had a problem since. I highly recommend purchasing this product!

Seems to Help
by Michele Fair

I bought this for my boyfriend who has Crohn's disease, and he took one with every meal. It seemed to help his symptoms a little bit and aid with digestion. It must be kept in the refrigerator, but it is doing its job well so far!

2 Customer Opinions

by sarah

it helps

no change so far
by myra

I started taken this because my diogestive system is awful. I am hoping this will help. I have been taking it for about a week, no changes so far. I was hoping for better BM's. so I was wondering does anyone knows how long it takes to get in your system and work?