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Another Great product from Puritan Pride.
by Loveit9050

I started taking this about six months ago after I had been using yogurt. I really don't like the taste of yogurt, so this product does the same thing for my digestive track without the bad taste but with a good price.

Works for me
by Lorri

I have been taking Puritan's Pride Acidophilus Chewables for about 3 months now. I sometimes need to take anti-boitics and then it causes yeast infections for me. Since taking these tablets I haven't had one yeast infection. I started out taking 2 tablets with each meal for a week then tapered down to 3 a day, one with each meal. That seems to work best for me and they are chewable so they are easy to take and the taste isn't too bad. I will continue to use this product to promote intestinal health.

Cheaper than probiotic yogurt
by Paul

I had been eating Dannon's probiotic yogurts for about 3 months and see a great benefit in my digestive system's functioning. I was more regular and had fewer upset stomach irritability and such. They charge a premium for the probiotic yogurt so I thought I'd try these. I already swallow enough pills so the chewable is great. I think they work about as well as the live cultured yogurt in regulating my digestive system. Another good product from Puritan's.

Keeps my tummy happy
by jroma

I started taking Puritan's Pride Acidophilus Chewables about a month ago. I had been having some tummy troubles and my primary care physician suggested I start taking acidophilus. I told her that I didn't think I could stand taking another pill/capsule (I take a lot of vitamins and some prescription meds) and she told me that she thought there were some chewable tablets available. I checked the store and found Puritan's Pride Acidophilus Chewables. I was worried I wouldn't like the taste, but they don't taste bad at all. Since I've been taking them, my stomach has felt a lot calmer and painfree. I will definitely keep taking these and am so glad I found them.

A great way to stay on top of your digestive health!
by Nichole K

I take these to maintain healthy intestinal/digestive health! There seems to be so much emphasis on making sure you get enough probiotics in your diet. I was sure I wasn't, so I added this to my daily routine. I like to stay on top of my health and I know by adding this, I am.
Because it's from Puritan's Pride, I know I can trust it!

The Best Chewables I have Found
by Trudi Konzem

I totally enjoy the taste of these probiotics. I don't have any digestive problems. I have read a few books about probiotics and I take them to keep myself healthy and to protect me from experiencing any digestive problems. You don't have to wait until you experience problems to use probiotics, you will still benefit if you use them without any symptoms.

they dont taste too bad
by tinkerboooo

My doctor suggested that I take Acidophilus for my digestive system. I have had the weight loss surgery, Roux and Y bypass. I have a hard time getting the most from my food. Taking this gives my body a more acidic environment so that my digestive system functions better. My stools are more normal after taking this for about a week.

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