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by sherry

I believe Acidophilus is necessary anytime you have to take antibiotics. It puts the good bacteria back in your system so you can naturally ward off infections and bad bacteria. Would recommend this product for anyone to keep their digestive tract in balance.

by betty

I have been using Acidophilus fofr about 7 months now and can really see a difference in my stomach!

Does More Than You Realize
by Tanya

I use this product to prevent canker sores in my mounth. I kept getting them, because I love to eat hot, spicy foods. Someone told me that taking this daily would prevent them. She was right. I haven't had one since I started taking it.

Won't be without it!
by Theresa

My daughter and I both use this and I just recommended this to my mother. We all have a higher tendency toward yeast infection because of diabetes and nothing else seems to help. My daughter and I use this daily to prevent the yeast infections. Yogurt just doesn't do the trick for us. Personally, I take one every day unless the doctor puts me on antibiotics for something and then I will take three because otherwise those will give me yeast infection every time. If I don't, I have to have the Dr. give me a prescription yeast medication and that costs $13.00 for one pill. Why pay that when this works just fine. Like the title ways...We won't be without it!

A relief for me
by pat

IBS runs in my family and all the extra trips to the bathroom was very inconvenient, especially at work. I always made sure I knew where the bathrooms were when visiting or shopping. I read about how this would help with diarrhea and decided to give it a try. It didn't take long to see results. It has cut my worries over not getting to the bathroom in time while out or working and and that relieved a lot of my stress over it. I still carry Imodium in my purse for those more stressful days when I need extra help. I highly recommend this product.

You can't go wrong with this!
by Cady

Great product! When eating things like yogurt isn't enough, but you don't want to resort to messy medicines or creams, this product will help you out! Cleared up the yeast infection fast and also helped me maintain digestive "regularity"!

Helped my dog
by Dave

No laughing - My dog has had digestive problems and chronic diarrhea for quite some time. After trying about six types of medicine for dogs, I decided to try this, and to my surprise it worked! He's a much happier pooch, and I'm a much happier pet parent without a vet bill for once!

Yeast fixer
by Jenny C

My mom had been struggling with a yeast infection for a month. After taking various anti fungals, she tried Puritan's Pride Acidophilus. Her yeast infection cleared right up! Boy was she glad! She now takes it for maintenance and prevention.

Keeps My tummy In Balance
by Victoria

When I was preparing to travel to Mexico, I expressed to a friend that despite practicing excellent hygiene and choosing my food carefully, I almost always experience an annoying case of traveler's diarrhea.

My friend also travels a lot, and she recommended that I try taking acidophilus supplements about 2 weeks prior to my departure. I took her advice (with some skepticism) and Lo and Behold, not once did I experience diarrhea on my last trip!

The supplements worked so well that I have made them a part of my daily routine. I have noticed an improvement in my -ahem- digestive functions, much more so from the supplements that the yogurt, which I also tried.

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Relief In A Bottle
by Gala

I am in love with this product! It is a multi-tasker Yeast infection...goodbye. Diarrhea..goodbye. I take this daily morning and evening! I have been using this Natural Acidophilus for 3 years and I will not be without it.