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Great for Yeast Infections
by M B

For any woman who has ever suffered from yeast infections, especially recurrent ones, you should know that Acidophilus helps prevent them. You can take Twin Labs Super Acidophilus to help prevent yeast infections. It works by keeping the yeast that you have in your body balanced and not over grown. You can also take this along with your antibiotic if you tend to get yeast infections as a result. Twin Labs has a great product.

A better alternative
by Brian

Acidophilus in its traditional liquid form is another one of those things I was force-fed as a child, and even if I hadn’t been, anyone can tell the stuff tastes awful. So later in life, I was delighted to see the emergence of this invaluable probiotic in a neutral pill. If you want to boost your immune function and reduce colds, the best defense is a good offense.

Perfect choice for women!
by Julie

I love TwinLab's Super Acidophilus! I know many people use this daily as a supplement, but I use it in a different way. I take this each time I have to take antibiotics. I was advised by my pharmacist to take acidophilus each day about an hour after taking my antibiotics to reduce the chance of getting a yeast infection, and it works! I have tried many different brands over the years, and this is my favorite! No bad smell or aftertaste and they are small and easy to swallow. I keep a bottle in my refrigerator and use it when I need to. I can boast that I have never had a yeast infection in the 16 years I have used acidophilus, and I have actually gotten well faster while using the Super Acidophilus product along with my antibiotics. I recommend this to any woman!

Womens Health
by Jill S.

Super Acidophilus works wonders for womens health! Reoccurring yeast infections can be a real problem. I talked to a professional at my local health food store. She suggested I try TwinLabs Acidophilus. I was so tired of eating yogurt with live cultures that this was worth a try. It helped my body heal fast and it supports women's health and well being.

A Keeper!
by Dave

I've been taking Super Acidophilus for about 5 years. I started taking it to prevent urinary tract and yeast infections, and it works very well for both. It also keeps me regular. But even better, shortly after I started taking it, my cholesterol and triglycerides went from dangerously high to very healthy. My doctor couldn't figure out why, as I hadn't made changes to my diet or exercise, and I wasn't taking statins. In the last year, I've read about several studies that suggest that probiotics can lower triglycerides. I recommend it to all my family and friends. I take one a day. I miss days a lot, and it still works!

Helps untie your system
by Sammie F

I first started using this product after taking antibiotics that caused stomach pain. I didn't realize what a benefit it would be to help repopulate my stomach with positive bacteria. After taking the product for a couple days my stomach pain lessened and stopped and my body became regular again.

Good for nursing mothers
by Jo

My obstetrician suggested I take these when I contracted thrush from my nursing baby. The first brand I tried, I had to throw away because I did not know to refrigerate it. When I went back to the health food store, I recognized this brand and purchased it. I noticed a difference in how I was feeling almost immediately. I now take acidophilus with my second baby in order to prevent thrush and so far it seems to be working.

Maintain good bacteria
by Jill

TwinLab continually produces great products and this one is no exception. I cycle acidophilus before and during antibiotic use as well as taking it periodically at other times. It helps balance out my system, and prevents a variety of infections.

Great for yeast infections
by Julie Moore

I take this whenever I am on an antibiotic, and for a week or two afterward. It really helps. Before I started this, I got a yeast infection almost every time I took an antibiotic, and now I rarely get them. Anyone who has gone through the trouble of a yeast infection knows that acidopholous is well worth it's money, and this brand comes from a very reputable company.

Essential for your digestive system nowdays
by Candace Gibson

Nowdays, with all the antibiotics we take and antibiotics in our food, we need something to replace the friendly bacteria that is lost in our system. More and more people are having digestive problems these days. Acidophilus is a good source to help deal with those problems. This will help with IBS symptoms and make digestion more normal.

Got Candida?
by Niki Hause

Acidophilus is one of the best supplement for someone suffering from a yeast overgrowth. Often times, the yeast is thriving in the sysytem because the good bacteria in the stomach have been destroyed, usually because of taking to many anti-biotics. Taking Acidophilus can greatly improve the impaired abilities of the stomach by replenishing the good bacteria that will in turn deter the yeast from growing. This supplement should be taken when any prescription medication is swallowed to ensure protection to the stomach lining. This will aid in healthy disgestion, regular bowel movement and most importantly a healthy immune system. The presence of good bacteria in the digestive system is one of the most crucial factors of a healthy immune system. This product can help you with that. Also consider powder forms. They must be refridgerated, otherwise the bacterias die. Do not believe it if it says it does not have to be refridgerated.

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