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Colonix Fiber

The Colonix Intestinal Cleanser fiber supplement cleanses the colon of accumulated toxic build-up and prevents the formation of new build-up through the use of herbal dietary fiber. Continued use of the Colonix Intestinal Cleanser keeps the digestive tract from getting clogged up with mucus, toxins and metabolic waste. It helps keep the colon clean and waste matter moving freely and efficiently. It helps to absorb toxins in the colon by creating a spongy, gelatinous mass in the bowels. By swelling and absorbing fluids, it breaks down and moves toxic waste matter stuck in the folds and crevices of the colon. Fiber also helps maintain a healthy intestinal flora. A clean colon inhibits harmful bacteria and parasites from surviving on human waste.
Product: Colonix Fiber
Brand: Dr Natura (More Products)
Size: 360 grams
Dosage: 1 Tablespoon
Retail: $28.50
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5 Customer Reviews

good but expensive
by Lee

This product does work. It takes a few days of feeling bloated, but does work and isn't too rough on your system. It made me a lot more regular. I would recommend it if you feel you need a cleanse.

My Colonix Review
by healthy1

I just completed my first kit of the Colonix cleanser and was happy with the results overall. I had some pretty gross bowel movements during the time I was on it but I wasn't brave enough to snap any photos. If you're considering the program, there's a pretty good review posted on http://www.ColonCleansingBlog.com, someone posted a daily journal complete with photos. Good luck with whatever you decide on doing!

Great Job!
by Gina

My husband and I were going to start a diet, but before that , we wanted to use a colon cleansing product. First, we read reviews on a product called colonblow (bought online). It was completely useless! So, we decided to try something else when we came upon this product. It worked great for us! We got the result we were looking for and were happy.

Cleaning It Out
by William Duong

I had some problems with my digestive tract, possibly because of something I ate. My doctor recommended this as a noninvasive way to alleviate the problems, and within a few days, it worked. All you need is to take it in a drink, and let it do the rest. You don't need to do much else - its relatively cheap, and does its job well.

Nothing beats a good cleaning!
by Amanda Tresidder

If you have problems with constipation, this very well could be the possible solution! A great thing about this product is that it really cleans your intestinal track and removes the build up in your intestinal and colon walls. As for the taste, I gave it an overall rating of 4.5 just because of taste. I must add however, that this product, when mixed with juice, tastes much better than any fiber product that I have used. If you are thinking about colon cleansing, this should be your first choice. Don't waste your money elsewhere!