f Enzymatic Therapy Whole Body Cleanse Reviews and Information

Whole Body Cleanse


Everything you need to cleanse in a convenient kit…including the fiber!
Supports detoxification for the whole body including the intestines, liver, gall bladder, circulatory and lymphatic systems.
- A gentle, non-stimulant laxative with a soothing herbal blend to promote healthy and comfortable bowel cleansing.
- Super Milk Thistle® to help eliminate toxins and support liver function.
- A unique fiber blend for safe and effective cleansing.
Product: Whole Body Cleanse
Brand: Enzymatic Therapy (More Products)
Size: 1 Kit
Dosage: 14 day kit, follow package directions
Retail: $29.95
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36 Customer Reviews

by christina

ive been on whole body cleanse for 6 days. i still have 4 more days and this hasn't done much for me. i do workout a lot and i try to eat well. i drink tons of water and i am still very disappointed in this product. i will complete it but i will not try ever again!

by rachel

This product was worthless for me. I did the 10 day cycle and only went to the bathroom 3 times. I was hoping this would help constipation but it was a complete waste of money.

First time cleanse. Very Happy!
by Dom

two more days left on this cleanse and I am thrilled with the results. For the past few months I have been experiencing extreme bloating on a regular basis. I also had low energy and was having a hard time jump starting healthy eating habits. I picked up this cleanse simply because of the price and luckily it turned out to be an excellent product. The bloating is GONE completely! I'm down about 6 pounds and it has really given me the needed encouragement to start eating healthy. I feel great and recommend this product!

Seemed effective for me!
by Tara

This was my first cleanse and I really like how regular I became. I had no idea I WASN'T regular until I started the program. I also didn't realize how bloated I was feeling until I stopped feeling bloated. I didn't lose any weight but I wasn't looking to lose weight either.

by Vona

For the prople who thnk that they can clean out their body in two weeks when they have abused it for many years, need to understand that when you read the directions and do as you are told ,things might work, . You might have to do a clean a couple of times in order to move all the crap that you have been putting in your body out. We clean the outside of your body why do people not help keep their insides clean. losing weight comes by eating right, no mcdonalds(hum that hamburger doesn't even go bad when left out for 6 months, I wonder how our body even digests it?) Think about what goes in your body and then watch for it t come out(research on that) Clean, Cean Clean and you will feel like a new person, no zits, sores, fatigue.and your body will function theway it is suppose to. Clean your Body today.

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7 Customer Opinions

Working so far
by Ashley

So far I havent forgotten to take any pills, you do need to follow the reccomendations for it to be as effective as you want it to be.
INCLUDING watching what you eat! Wish me luck, im going strong!

by Ashley

People that say it didnt or doesnt work it c/c you probably didnt take this product right... no alcohol, high saturated fats and no caffeine. And you dont always lose weight, it cleanses you digestive tract, liver, small and large intestine.
You have to take pills in the am and in the pm CONSISTENTLY

loved it great cleanse !
by jules

This was my first cleanse, and it really worked, I tried cleanses ranging from 50 to 100 dollars and never had good results, the price is great, and it works, must drink a lot of water for best results.

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