Triple Cleanse 21 Day Digestive Health Program

Three-step digestive health formula designed to support healthy bowel function and colon health.
Colon Prep -- calm and prepare for cleansing
Colon Flush – eliminate unwanted toxins
Colon Renew – helps beneficial flora flourish

This 21-day, three-step digestive health formula is designed to support healthy bowel function and colon health. Stress and poor eating habits may negatively influence the balance of beneficial bacteria flourishing in the intestines. As we age, the body becomes less resilient and often requires additional support to maintain healthy colon function
Product: Triple Cleanse 21 Day Digestive Health Program
Brand: GNC (More Products)
Size: 1 Kit
Dosage: 21 day kit, follow package directions
Retail: $29.99
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3 Customer Reviews

Triple Cleanse
by CWms

Umm, so far I have yet to see a major major cleanse. But I am only half way thru the program. On my own I have had more of a movement than this. However, I remain optimistic-we'll see.

by Barry Wirchin

This product is falsely advertised and a complete waste of time and money. They only effect I felt during the entire three weeks was when a peppermint taste repeated on me during the first week. During the second week when I expected to "cleanse" all I felt was constipated and ripped off. Bottom line? The only thing that got cleansed, was my wallet--of $32.00!!

Helped me a lot!
by rosie

Like a year ago I was diagnosed with serious bowel problems and if i don't take care this issue with this digestive health program my problem will be worse, (hemorrhoids and if bleeding, hemorrhoids infections). Thanks to Dr. Daryananni's recommendations today I feel better and use this product 3 times a year. It WORKS very well for preventing painful colon problems.